grey hawk

June 16th, 2015

We gather up our gear, and on the 12th of Patchwall, we make our way to the ruins. Upon arrival, we begin drinking our potions; Gonoan and Beltin grow to large size with impressive muscles and Sanna can now see invisible. The plan works flawlessly, the golem manages to breathe its poison gas on Gonoan and Beltin but manages to do nothing else before being beat down. As we catch our breath, Sanna notices the ogre mage standing on top of the tower watching. She immediately throws 3 scorching rays at it and it falls. Beltin spider climbs the tower, sees the ogre mage laying on the ground and notices another ogre at the rear of the tower. He calls out ogre and the team moves to climb up. This level has debris everywhere and large holes in the floor. Everyone makes the climb easily except Sanna who falls on her pretty little ass. Beltin breathes acid on it and in return, it throws a javelin at him but misses. It calls out in a strange language and moves at us. Gonoan charges it and cuts it down. Pike begins searching the mage and notices its eyes opening and shocks the crap out of it with his lightning gauntlets. Then we hear large creatures moving around below us. Gonoan peaks down one of the holes in the floor and sees 5 ogres moving up a makeshift staircase towards us. Sanna moves up to the the doors on the lower level and throws a lightning ball at the group moving up the stairs. They all die instantly. Beltin moves up to the hole and yells at Sanna for killing them all. Pike finishes searching the ogre mage and finds a greatsword, and chain shirt. Obregon moves in to the door and looks around, spotting another group back a ways and another couple of ogres even farther back. Gonoan jumps down and runs in their direction. Sanna throws another lightning ball, killing the closer group again which irritates Gonoan. The last 2 run away. We search the area, finding their lair and a large stone chest. It is not trapped and Gonoan manages to open it. It is filled with assorted coins. As we begin to tally it up, we hear something moving our direction. Gonoan runs at it, shouting “Sanna, you won’t get it this time!” It appears to be a half-fiend or half-dragon. Beltin moves up and breathes acid at it. Obregon puts 3 arrows in it while Sanna tries to figure out what it is but can’t quite get it. Gonoan chops its legs out from under it and then takes off its head. After searching it, we find a breastplate+2, heavy shield+1, and a Morningstar+1. The chest contained 2300 cp, 1700 sp, 300 gp, 4 gems, 2 bottles. We search the rest of this level and eventually find a large trapdoor in the floor. We pause and take stock before opening it. It’s extremely heavy but we work together and manage to pull it open. A worn stair case descends in to the darkness. It circles down and down and down; we pause at the first landing and Sanna activates the detect secret doors wand. Approaching the second landing, we spot a gate recessed into the ceiling that will likely drop behind us. There is also an illusion on the far wall. We grab some stone from above and place it under where the gate would drop to hopefully keep it from sealing closed. Will this work?

June 2nd, 2015

We go home to rest. Sanna reads over the ledger we took from the cultists and finds a hand written receipt for the bones of Bluto from Ladav Idnorsea. It was delivered just days ago from the Bandit Kingdoms. Upon waking the next morning, we get ourselves ready and head back to the coaching company. On the way we hear about a commotion at the market. Someone’s head and fingers were put on displa but were quickly removed, it was supposedly Fids. We check out the area around the coaching company and decide to send Sanna and Beltin inside with Sanna doing the asking. Pike, Gonoan and Obregon take up places around the perimeter. Sanna walks in and asks for Garvent and Beltin comes in behind her. He is not in quite yet but they invite her to wait. Beltin begins asking about shipping products to various areas as a cover. A group of adventurers comes out of the inn and begin looking around. Gonoan and Pike hide themselves to keep from being noticed. The adventurers look at a coach pretty carefully before boarding, though there is no driver yet. Inside, we hear that Garvent is late which is unusual. After a half hour of waiting, the clerk tells Sanna that it doesn’t appear he is coming in. Sanna leans in close, kisses her and passes her a platinum piece and asks for his address. The clerk is unable to give that information but says that it takes him about a half hour to walk to work and he comes from near the green dragon inn. This is also near where the cultist house was. Meanwhile, the driver arrives at the coach and checks it out before climbing to his seat. They ride off. Beltin approaches the clerk and asks if she knows who he is. She thinks she may know and he assures her that he is who she thinks. That she should know he works with church of st Cuthbert and the night watch. He wants to know where Garvent lives and it is vitally important that we find him. She asks if she can verify his identity with the watch and he assents. She sends a page who returns and gives her the ok. She gets someone who can lead us there as a couple of the city watch show up to talk to Beltin. They ask about Fid and he tells them we followed the bounty posted. We follow the guide to the cultist’s house which has obviously been vandalized since last night. We begin canvassing the neighborhood but learn nothing new. We go to question Galamog again and ask where Garvent was sent. Beltin gives him the stare and he says that he is the go between to the forces in the ruins and will likely be heading to warn them somehow. He doesn’t know where he would go or how he would get there. We decide to see Tenser later in the day and tell him we discovered who desecrated Rigby’s body. In the meantime, we do some shopping. Obregon goes to the magic store and orders a couple of items. He notices a green ring which the shopkeeper says has a symbol of Zagyg on it. He believes it is an apprentice of Zagyg’s ring and might have some other powers(+2 vs saves, traps in ruins, knock 1/day). Obregon buys it, suspecting it may be the green ring we are looking for. Beltin gets a couple of potions from the mages guild to restock. That afternoon, we try putting the green ring on the statue we found in the ruins. Gonoan approaches the statue which grows large enough to hold the ring as he gets closer. When the ring is placed on it, it recedes into the wall and a hole with a ladder appears where it had been sitting. The ladder goes down 20’ and opens in to a 20×20 room. This room is lined with bookshelves full of very old arcane books. There is a pedestal in the center of the room with a book on it. There is a cloth book mark running through it with a ring tied to the end of the book mark. The book appears to be of Boccob. Sanna pulls off a random book and reads through it. She then detects magic in the room and the pedestal(strong permanency, baleful polymorph), book(Blessed book of boccob, locked, 12500gp) and ring(of sustenance 2500gp) are magical. She determines that knowledge checks in this room are easier than normal. She also tries to unlock the book with Zagygs key to no avail. We leave the room and remove the key which causes the room to close. We go to the mage’s guild to meet with Tenser. Sanna and Beltin go in to meet with him. We share what we learned about Vokos and Rigby and the other cultists. He is grateful that we accomplished that task for him. After leaving, we wait around town anticipating the attack. Rigby will be buried on the 8th of patchwall. Beltin meets with Eritae the next day and shares our adventures with her. She has people watching the ruins and there is some activity going on. They appear to be getting supplies somehow but they can’t find how. The war tower has contained only standard creatures. Ogres have been seen around the tower of power and she suspects an ogre mage is involved. She offers a free raise dead if we investigate. The iron golem is still around and seems to be healed by an imp of some sort. She doesn’t believe there is an imminent attack anymore since we defeated the general. She feels we are good at gathering information and blocking the cults plans. She suggests that destroying the ruins would be beneficial to the region. She also believes we are strong enough for the tower of power and would like us to be the heroes of the city. Sanna takes Narebos hand to the mages guild to have it identified. It is +3, intelligent, and chaotic neutral. They are unable to determine anything else about it other than it has other powers and won’t activate until certain things happen. We gear up for the tower and to face the iron golem. Off to the tower of power we go.

May 19th, 2015

There is a long hallway with 3 doors on the left, one on the far end of the right wall and an archway in to a dining room. Sanna rushes in, sees 2 cultists in the dining room and hits both with scorching rays. Beltin drinks a potion of bulls strength and moves to the dining room as well. Gonoan runs in and hits the nearest cultist with his axe. That one begins casting a spell and Beltin recognizes him as Galamog. Gonoan hits him and splits him down the middle before the spell can go off. The other cultist casts a spell at Gonoan, causing him to go blind. Obregon steps in and puts an arrow in him. Nat moves in next to Sanna while Pike runs up and stabs the caster through the kidneys. His lifeblood gushes and he falls. Beltin heals Gonoans blindness and then we head down the stairs. This large underground chamber has a round platform in the middle and a raised dais on the far end with a sarcophagus emblazoned with the bloody skull of Iuz. There is a lone cleric muttering while inscribing symbols on the platform. He finishes speaking as we enter and the sarcophagus begins to open. Pike moves up and puts a bolt in the cleric’s abdomen. A skeletal hand is rising from the coffin and we see it is a skeleton but it has internal organs and a grotesquely long tongue. Beltin and Gonoan move up and hack the cleric to pieces. Sanna casts a blast of electricity at the skeleton. Natauru attempts to turn the skeleton but fails and exclaims that is tough to turn in this room. Obregon moves in and hits it with 2 arrows. The creature rushes Gonoan and smacks him with his hideous tongue to no obvious effect. Beltin hits it with acid breath and moves around behind it. Gonoan chops it like a tree 4 times and it falls to pieces. Obregon and Pike begin searching the room. Nat checks the fallen so we can take captives while Sanna uses detect magic around the house. Gonoan keeps watch and Beltin goes outside to let the Arachnians know we have secured the building and thank them for their assistance. The center platform tests as magical and has several effects emanating from it; unhallow, circle against good and zone of truth. The cultist has splint mail+2(4500gp), heavy mace, scrollM, and a silver unholy symbol of Iuz. We go upstairs and find Vokos and an unknown female equipped the same as the one below. We also find assorted coins worth 134 gp, and a mummified hand on a leather cord (hand of glory, 8000gp). The 2 on the first floor are equipped the same as the others and we don’t find anything else of interest. Galamog is the only one left alive and Nat stabilizes him. We take him in to the basement within the zone of truth . We wake him, Beltin intimidates him and we interrogate him about why he wanted to silence Fid. They feared Fid knew they had killed Bluto since he had his boots. They are an independent cell and don’t know anyone else. There were 7 members of the cell. Galamog spied on merchants and nobles. Zirelle was in charge of the household itself and had a list of cell members. Asher spied on boccob and the city guards. Sarunsen was a carriage driver. Vokos threw the acid at Rigby and is a priest of Iuz. Garavent (not in the house) works in the Able Carter Coach company and all of their info was funneled through him. They were looking for Bluto Sanspite to turn him in to an undead creature which we then killed. Fid appears to have no connection to this group. They don’t know any other cells. Garavent would likely be able to add more information on Fid and his activities. We contact the nightwatch and turn Galamog and the others over to them. We warn them about the spells on the basement and turn over the notes and unholy symbols. Obregon, Pike and Beltin go to the Able Carter Coaching company looking for Garavent but he wont be in until morning. He is in for a bad day!

May 5th, 2015

Beltin begins stripping Fid of his possessions as Pike and Obregon make their way over to join him. The rest of the party hangs at Fid’s shack. We take a Rapier, boots, studded leather, cloak, shortbow, arrows 20, and a potion. We store his stuff in our haversacks and Beltin picks up Fid and flies him back to the shack. Pike and Obregon make their way back and then begin searching the shack. Pike spots a hooded figure several building away peek up and cast a spell and then climb down. Pike opens the chest and finds Fids old clothes but also a secret compartment underneath the chest. Opening the compartment reveals coins, jewelry and gems. Beltin flies off after the hooded figure and sees them pull their hood off and it turns out to be a foreigner of some sort. Natauru also heads off after the stranger. Beltin drops down in front of him and asks why he was spying on us and casting unknown spells. The stranger walks around him and keeps going. Beltin puts himself back in front again. The stranger attempts to punch Beltin but he shrugs it off and so the stranger walks around again calling for help. Beltin follows and takes up the call for the watch. At the same time, Pike and Obregon finish searching the shack but find nothing else of value. They empty the compartment and the party heads out before others show up. We decide to head to the abandoned thieves safe house with Fid. Obregon heads off to try and find Beltin. Meanwhile, Beltin and the stranger enter the nightwacthman’s stand. The stranger claims to be a merchant named Galamog, and feels he should be known. The Nightwatchmen do recognize Beltin and write down the incident but do nothing else. Galamog leaves in a huff. Obregon grabs Beltin and they head to the safehouse. Beltin heals Fid just enough to awaken him. We begin to question him but he appears to be deaf. Beltin uses his healing to reverse it. Then he tells us that he steals the items on consignment and only works through middlemen and doesn’t know anyone else. The Black Razor is likely on its way to white plume mountain with cultists of Iuz. He doesn’t know anything about Laurus Racknian but if he gets the razor he will likely be able to unlock its potential. He does not know who he stole it from or for. Sanna shoots a lightning ball in the outer room and threaten to use one on him if he doesn’t talk. He still doesn’t really give us any answers and then Obregon notices the watch responding to the explosion. We knock out Fid and move in to the sewers. We then wake him up and continue to question him. He tells us of the Seekers who like to acquire strange items, specifically the demon box this time. We knock him out again while Pike and Obregon head to see Tiira and find out where she wants Fid delivered. She sends a couple of guys with us to collect him. They put him in a small box and tie it shut. They take him to a warehouse and add the box to a room full of similar boxes. We go to meet Tiira and collect our reward. She asks us to see the items we took off of him. She advises we don’t keep the boots as they belong to Sir Bluto Sanspikes and his rogues may come after them. She does offer us 2000 gp or a magic weapon. She pulls out a large case which we take. We go home and open the box, inside is Narebos hand a really awesome looking Greataxe. A +3 intelligent weapon with other abilities we can’t ascertain. We don’t know anything else yet so Sanna picks it up and attempts to communicate with it. It does nothing so Gonoan takes it up and it damages him. As we are trying to figure it out, Nat returns and says he followed the merchant to an underground safe house where the cultists are hiding. Vokos is there and they have a summoning circle they appear to be using within a day. We ask logistical questions and make a plan of attack. While we make our plans, Beltin goes out to meet with the Arachnians and see if they would like to help. They send 6 warriors with us and we have them set up a perimeter to prevent escape. Pike and Obregon scale to a second story window and make their way in. The first bedroom is unoccupied so they move in to the hallway and check the next door. Pike hears someone moving around so sneakily opens the door while hiding and shoots the cultist inside this room but it doesn’t kill him. Obregon steps up and hits him with 3 arrows, taking him down. They move to the next door, open it silently to find another cultist. Pike hits him with a bolt, spinning him around. Obregon plants 3 arrows in him as well, killing him. They check the remaining room and no one is in there. They sneak down the stairs and open the front door for the rest of the party. Cowabunga dudes!

April 14th, 2015

We make our way home and Elaine immediately heads to her room to take a bath. We pool our loot and sell it for 1,673 gp, 7 sp. We begin discussing what to do next. We talk about opening a storefront for the Order. We are leaning towards waiting in town for a bit, anticipating the attack on Greyhawk. The next day, Pike, Gonoan, Obregon and Beltin head out to the thieves guild safehouse where Pike last saw Tomas Radic. The signs have been changed and it has been boarded up and it’s pretty dilapidated on the inside. We look around, but don’t find anything interesting. Obregon can verify that a few people have been through here but no one is present now. We leave and Pike notices that we are being watched by a member of the beggar’s guild and a people’s constable (a wing of the thieves’ guild). The constable is hanging posters for Fid “Quickfingers” Dulamin, wanted for theft; 1000gp reward. He has pulled off several burglaries and robberies. We know Fid from when we rescued him at the underground arena. Pike is livid and determined to find Fid and bury him. We begin asking around and find that he has stolen some legendary items; warhammer(Whelm), sword(Black Razor), and possibly others. These are believed to be from White Plume Mountain. We try to track who has paid for the posters but no one wants to give names. We begin to move around town attempting to gather information on Fid. Meanwhile Sanna, Nat and Elaine head to the mage’s guild where Sanna talks to her contact and relays our most recent information up to the clay golems chamber. She also passes the vial of healing water to him. Then she researches the shield and the control panel. The shield is very old, from the Cairn Hills, unusual metal, could have been used as an actual shield, and the magic is likely older than the city itself. The healing water will likely have lost its magic by now. The rest of us are beating the streets looking for info on Fid. We learn he had been active quite a while ago, was arrested 3 times but escaped each time. We decide to attempt to have him scryed upon. We learn he is on a roof top at a table eating and his loot is near him. He is outfitted pretty well since we saw him last. He seems to be in a poor part of town, on a dead end alley, probably the River Quarter above where an old woman lives. Pike and Obregon go to meet with Tiira and the rest of us head out to the River Quarter immediately and begin canvassing for a 2 story building with a shack on the top. There is one person already talking to Tiira, a homely female rogue. She is being promised a better reward than advertised for being a member of the guild. We notice her looking at Pike. We step forward and Tiira is dismissive of Pike’s wanting to take a bounty. She does tell us that Fid has been a thorn in the guilds side for a while. She offers a magic item or gold for his capture, dead or alive. She has also not heard from Radic and doesn’t care. We are not allowed to keep the stolen items and she gives us a list. They head back to meet the rest of the party and on the way notice several people following them so attempt to hide. Obregon detects them trying to trick us into thinking they all walk on when one stays behind and tries to climb up a building but falls. We take a different route and lose them. We begin moving around the River Quarter looking for the building Fid is on. We find one that meets the description. It has the dead end alley, its’ 2 stories and has a shack on the roof. Obregon climbs a building across the street to be overwatch, Pike sneaks up the stairs and Beltin spider climbs up the opposite wall. Gonoan waits at the bottom for Pike’s signal while Sanna is off to one side of the building. Pike checks the stairs for traps and finds a tripwire at the top of the stairs. He moves over it without disturbing it and signals to Gonoan that it’s there. He sneaks over by the door but doesn’t hear any noise coming from inside. He signals Beltin to move up the wall and checks the door for traps but finds none. He moves to open the door and hits a tripwire and hears a bell tinkling inside. Pike steps in and sets off another trip wire and the ringing of another bell. There is a bed, table and chest in this room. Fid has his armor on and is carrying a rapier; he appears ready to bolt past Pike. He immediately tumbles past Pike and jumps across to the next building where Obregon is but takes a hit from Beltin on the way. Pike attempts to jump across but doesn’t quite make it and is dangling from the roof. Beltin moves down and back up the other side, spitting acid as he comes up. Gonoan charges up the stairs and jumps across also. Obregon hits him with 2 arrows while Sanna and her posse begin moving around the building. Fid runs and jumps over to the next building, booking it away. Beltin takes a fly potion. Pike follows Fid and Obregon puts another arrow in him, causing him to fall. Beltin flies to him while Gonoan jumps back to the shack. Fid is captured.

April 7th, 2015

AS we continue, we notice a lot of gear driven mechanisms around. They appear to be rust free and well maintained though this area does not seem to be well traveled. After a while, Gononan feels we have climbed about 50’ and it begins to look more familiar. Further on, we see a number of chambers that have been sealed off and magically guarded. Sanna believes breaking the magical wards will summon something to defend it. After wandering for a while, we determine there is only one exit. This large portal appears to be filled with a jet black shimmering liquid. Pike takes a closer look and believes it is not actually a liquid. Sanna thinks our presence may be causing the shimmering and if we touch it, it would ripple like jello. Pike finds 2 little holes about the size wands near it, and surmises that the would act like a keyhole. Sanna studies it with detect magic and the artificers monocle. She thinks it is survivable and moves you somewhere else. Beltin walks up and sticks his hand in it. It feels like thick mud when all of a sudden a claw comes whipping out of it but misses Beltin. He immediately backs up and nothing else comes out. We begin healing ourselves and trying to decide what to do next. We are leaning towards opening one of the sealed doors. Pike checks out a few and can figure out that there is a dead wizard buried in each, different ages but mostly nefarious. We will not be opening these at this time. Gonoan walks up to the portal and sticks his arm in and the claw rakes him. Pike, Sanna and Obregon ready actions to attack it when it appears at which time Sanna and Obregon each hit once. The claw hits Gonoan twice. He attempts to grab it and succeeds, moving in to the darkness. Pike runs up and jumps in to the portal, taking a shot at the creature but misses. Beltin calls for a sunrod to be activated and steps in but cannot see anything so steps back out. Obregon casts darkvision on him. Gonoan attempts to pull the creature out but fails. The creature then manages to pull free. Pike hits it but it doesn’t seem to do any damage. Beltin goes to step in again but the creature is in his way. Gonoan manages to grab the creature again. Beltin steps in and tries to hit the creature but fails. Gonoan attempts to move it again but is unsuccessful. Pike moves around and tries to shock it with his gloves but it does no damage. The ghoul attempts to escape but is unable to. Beltin swings again, connecting but doing minimal damage; its almost like it has hardness like an item. Pike moves back in and looks at the floating disk on the back side and it looks vaguely like a floating shield. He then pushes his arm through the other side and feels cool dry air. Obregon casts darkvision on himself and sticks his head in to see what is going on. The ghoul attempts breaking Gonoan’s grip again but fails. Beltin switches crystals and attempts a hit but misses. Gonoan succeeds in moving the creature against its will but apparently it cannot physically leave this area. Pike moves out the far side of this area and sees a large chamber filled with weapons of war. There is an umbilical cord connecting the glowing disc to the wall. Sanna moves in to the darkness, while Nat moves up and attempts to turn the creature resulting in its attempting to flee. We pass through while it cowers and Pike pulls the plug which then retracts in to the disc and it becomes a shield. Beltin attempts to put his arm back through the portal but it has turned solid. We detect magic around the room but nothing out in the open glows. There are some safes and cabinets but Beltin warns against looting until we determine where we are since if this is Greyhawk we would be stealing from our city. . We move around this huge chamber and are able to tell it is part of Greyhawks defenses and that people have moved through here in the last 24 hours. Most of the traffic moves up a main staircase. We follow the tracks and come to a set of grand double doors. Pike listens but hears nothing so opens a door onto a long hallway. We keep moving and come to another staircase going up. It feels like a dungeon now with heavy locked doors along the way. Pike stops to listen and can hear people behind them. It sounds like these people work here and haven’t slept well due someone named Noblok keeping them up. We go up yet more stairs and we begin to see windows. Upon looking out we can tell we are in the high quarter, likely in the grand citadel. We confidently walk out and are not stopped. Homeward bound…

March 24th, 2015

Pike believes the creature will attack the first person through the door. Beltin spits acid at it but it doesn’t appear to have any affect. Sanna cast ice storm around it but it has no affect either but does make the area around the golem dangerous to us. Obregon fired 4 arrows but couldn’t get a clean shot due to the storm. When the storm fades, Beltin moves up and hits for some damage. Sanna casts blast of ice at it and it appears to do damage. Obregon charges and hits it solidly. A beam of energy shoots down from the ceiling and repairs the construct. It then swings twice at Beltin, smashing him once. Pike goes up the stairs and sees what appears to be a magical control panel. Obregon buries two arrows in it. Beltin hits it once while Sanna throws an orb of electricity, both of which cause damage. Gonoan takes a mighty swing and it falls. Pike fiddles with the panel but is unable to make it work. Sanna checks for magic and it lights up as does the water in the pool and the doors. Upon further examination, she believes that Zagyg built this himself and it is beyond our abilities to understand. She checks the water in the pool and believes it will heal upon submersion. Beltin volunteers to test it, disrobes and gets in the pool. Slowly, his wounds close. Sanna and Pike begin to play with the knobs and levers while the rest of us take shelter on the stairs. They begin to decipher the different panels and are able to close the doors we came through. We sleep well and wake refreshed. Obregon and Sanna fill vials with water from the pool. We open the other door and walk for several hours when the hallway ends at a complex looking door. There are parts hanging on the wall that look like they may work together to open it. Pike looks them over and decides to try knock instead. It fails to open the door, so he sits down and works out how to put the parts together. Gonoan works the pump that Pike built and the door begins opening. It sounds like there is liquid on the other side. He keeps pumping and the sounds of water stop. Eventually, the door pops open and the strong smell of sewage comes forth. Sanna believes that this is one of the many secret projects Zagyg is rumored to have built. We enter the sewer and the stench is horrible. Obregon looks around and notices that some serpentine creatures have moved around this area avoiding the sewage so we decide to do the same. As we move ahead we come to a 4 way junction and decide to go straight ahead towards where we hear a whirlpool. As we approach, the fetid grossness in the whirlpool begins to coalesce and move toward us. Elaine hits it with a magic missile, Pike puts a bolt in it and Obregon plants an arrow in it as well. Beltin hollers out to just move past it while he and Gonoan keep it busy. Sanna, Elaine, Pike, Obregon and Natauru begin to escape though Pike and Nat get ill due to the overwhelming stench. Suddenly, another elemental appears ahead of the fleeing members and slams Elaine to the ground. The original one hits Obregon twice for some heavy damage. Beltin spits acid at it and yells for everyone to go through the gate behind us instead. Pike and Obregon do just that, while Nat casts sanctuary and takes a step. Sanna moves next to Elaine and casts Flame Strike at the new elemental. It in turn attacks Sanna and smashes her to the ground also. The original attacks Beltin and hits once. Beltin hits it back. 2 human faced serpents appear out of sewer tunnels. Gonoan turns to attack one and falls under its charm. It orders him to attack the elemental which he does and hits twice. Nat moves up and stabilizes Sanna. Pike shoots at the original elemental but misses. It attacks Beltin but fails to hit while the other moves to join. One of the Nagas moves toward us. Beltin hits the original one again as does Gonoan after which it disintegrates. Pike and Obregon put shots in the second one. It moves up and hits Beltin. The naga moves up and says “you have weakend it, we will take over from here, please leave”. We begin to move away while Beltin keeps its attention. The elemental hits Beltin again while one Naga has summoned a horde of rats and the other tells us to leave as they have had trouble controlling these creatures but now that they are weakened, they can handle them. We withdraw and with Beltin’s fast healing get some health back; Sanna and Elaine wake up. Where to now?

March 10th, 2015
Ready'reat 6, cy597

We begin heading down the passage to the left again. Gonoan feels we are in a very unstable area and should not go any further. We turn around and choose to continue down the original tunnel.
This stays pretty straight for quite a ways and Gonoan feels we are over 150’ down and that we are on a path towards the tower of magic. Obregon determines that it has been at least 25 years since anyone has traversed this area. We decide to stick it out and see where we come out. After a short ways we come across a T junction with a hall leading straight towards the tower of power and one directly away from it; we continue towards the tower of magic. Pike moves out in front to scout ahead with Nat. The tunnel becomes cavernous and opens into a large cavern where Pike smells a stench of waste. They move on and hear some movement from above. They immediately hide and 4 trolls drop down from a crevice in the ceiling. The rest of the party hears the movement and begins to head down the hall at a run, fearing the worst for Pike and Nat. Pike decides to attack the nearest troll from hiding, planting a bolt in its chest. One charges Beltin, hitting him with a claw. Another troll moves up and attacks Gonoan, hitting with a claw as well. Gonoan hits the front one twice with his axe. Nat moves away while Beltin hits 3 of them with acid breath. Sanna casts a lightning ball on them; we can smell their hair burning and 2 of them fall. Obregon plants 2 arrows in one and smacks it with an alchemist arrow. We can see a couple of their wounds close and they run away, pulling themselves into the crevice. Beltin spider climbs up the wall and along the ceiling to the crevice and enters. The rest of the party runs up underneath. Beltin sees another adult troll and several young in addition to the 2 who ran away. Gonoan tosses up a grappling hook that the rest of us use to begin climbing. 2 of the troll moms move between us and the young, who move towards a hole at the back while the other who has burst in to flame, stops, drops and rolls. Gonoan climbs up while Beltin moves forward and hits 2 with acid. Sanna climbs up and tosses another lightning ball, killing 2. Obregon moves up and kills the last one with 2 arrows. Pike climbs up and immediately finds a chest in an alcove and opens it revealing 12 potions. He searches it further and finds nothing else. A quick look around reveals only trolls sleeping areas. We regroup and move back on to the path. After a while, we reach a door with purple smoke coming out around it. Sanna taps her magely knowledge and infers that this is the same as up above. Sanna attempts to touch his Zagyg’s key to the door but cannot even get all the way up to it. Natauru brings up the dungeon master as someone who can overcome Grandfather Magic’s spell but does not actually want to use him. We head back to the T junction and head north. After 100’, it turns east. Another 100’, it turns south. At 200’ the tunnel widens to 15’ from 10’. Obregon notices evidence of Vroks and what was likely a battle with them. After we spend a couple of hours walking, we come upon a set of huge iron double doors with no handles or hinges. Elaine casts detect magic and it detects as difficult to read. Pike searches for a means of opening but finds none so casts knock at it and it swings open. The door is 3’ thick and opens on a massive chamber with a pool of murky water with steps on either side of the room to a bridge 20’ high and a 50’ high ceiling. The murk in the water draws together into a large muddy creature that peers menacingly at us…

February 24th, 2015

Beltin spits acid at the undead bullette while Elaine shoots it with a magic missile. Sanna pounds it with a lightning bolt. Obregon puts 2 arrows in it while it tries to bite him. Gonoan freaks out on it and hacks it to pieces. He then digs through the remains, finds nothing and pulls one of its teeth. Obregon looks around and can tell that orcs and a vrock or 2 have been around down here. The rest of the party climbs down to join us and we start down the tunnel. We come across part of the passage that is worked stone which ends in a large chamber of rough rock mostly covered in mud. The vrocks footprints end at the edge of the mud. There is a small passage off to the left that does not go through the mud so we head that way. Gonoan hears a rumble and all of a sudden 4 creatures burst out of the ground around us. They are large with a maw on their back, 3 eyes and 3 arms. They move around blocking the exits and surrounding us. Gonoan moves closer to one and Pike moves away. Beltin and Sanna prepare to be attacked but we all hesitate as they could have hit us already but didn’t. One speaks and says “we smell food on you; gems and gold. Feed us and we will let you go, otherwise we will eat you and everything you carry”. We decide to close ranks and give them nothing. We prepare for battle; Sanna casts flame shield on us all. They reappear with 2 next to us and 2 blocking the exits. Pike gets off a sneak attack for massive damage on one. Both near us bite Gonoan but take acid and electrical damage for doing so. Beltin breathes acid on them as Obregon puts 3 arrows in the most hurt one. Sanna arcs lightning between the closest 2 and Beltin breathes acid on them. Sanna casts shout at them. One of them starts to retreat but Gonoan hits it as it goes and it disappears. The other 2 resurface next to Sanna. #2 strikes at Gonoan, hitting 4 times. The other 2 hit Sanna and try to push her into the deep mud but fail. Gonoan hits his again with Pike hitting it as well. Obregon kills #2 and hits #3 once. Elaine shoots #3 with magic missiles while Beltin steps up and smacks it with his morningstar. Sanna moves back and casts evards black tentacles which fails to capture either creature. Nat pours a sure serious potion down Sannas throat. #4 moves up and bites Sanna while 3 does the same knocking her out. Gonoan hits #3 twice and with Pike’s deadeye shot, it disappears. Obregon hits #4 twice and Elaine cries out, hitting it with magic missile. Beltin heals Sanna who then crawls away out of reach. #4 sinks out of sight, though Beltin gets one last hit in as it vanishes into the stone. We heal ourselves up while waiting to see if it resurfaces. Whew, that was close.

February 10th, 2015

Pike and Obregon begin searching the rooms. The bedroom has nothing of value, neither does the kitchen or either pantry. We return to the door across from the conference room which opens onto a hallway with a door on the east wall a ways down. Pike checks the door, finds it has a very nice lock but manages to pick it anyway. It opens onto a hallway with several doors on the right and a chair at the end of it. Pike begins checking for traps along the hallway but finds none to the first door. It is locked and he picks this one also. It is a bedroom with military style cleanliness though appears to have not been used in years. We find nothing of interest. We move to the next door and it is very similar and equally boring. The 3rd door holds the same while the chair in the hall holds no secrets. We check the remaining doors on the other hall with no new results. We head down the main hall again which opens onto a large chamber supported by 2 large pillars. There a several tables clustered together across from 2 large cold fireplaces. There is a door immediately inside as well as doors around the outer edge of the room. Huddled around the tables are 12 figures in robes staring at golden objects. Obregon realizes that they are skeletons but they are not moving as of yet. The golden objects are a belt buckle, bracelet and a small chalice. Pike checks the first door and hears something skittering inside. Gonoan steps forward and opens the door. This room is filled with animal cages; along one wall are zombie hawks and the other has skeletal war dogs. They open their own cages and move towards us. Beltin steps in and breathes acid on the hawks killing all but 2. Sanna walks up and destroys half the dogs with an electric shout. Pike shoots a hawk but it does not hurt it. Gonoan moves in and kills one of the hawks as Obregon shoots and kills the other. He then shoots and takes out one of the remaining dogs. The last 5 dogs then attack, one immediately falling to Gonoan’s axe. They all fail to hit but we hear the doors in the large room open and zombie’s begin coming out. At the same time the skeletons at the tables begin to stir. Nat steps forward and attempts to turn them, apparently his god is with him as all of the skeletons crumble to dust and all but 4 zombies collapse in to piles of goo. Pike shoots one of the remaining zombies for minor damage. Elaine hits the same one with magic missiles, killing it. She has finally lost her monster killing virginity. Gonoan kills the 2 remaining skeletal dogs with ease. Obregon shoots and kills 2 of the last 3 zombies. The lone zombie survivor begins to move our way. Pike puts a bolt in it and Obregon finishes it off. We begin searching the area and after a while Beltin spots a group of adventurers coming down the hallway. They hold up their arms and declare they do not want to disturb us. Beltin tells them to just move on then and they back off. We finish searching and find NOTHING! What a let down. We decide to head down a few levels to the cell near Atolomyr’s quarters. On the way, we realize we never explored the bottom of the chasm off the stairs where we saw the large creature on its back. Pike and Beltin step off and feather fall down while the others climb down with ropes and climbing gear. Beltin can see the creature, which vaguely resembles a large lizard, seems dead but its eyes are moving. Sanna believes it is a bulette, a magical creature that burrows underground, and is difficult to hurt. Pike moves to the exit of the room from where he can smell water and mud. Obregon finishes moving down and the creature begins to move, flipping itself over. It now appears to be undead. Beltin climbs the wall with spider climb, Gonoan drops down and Pike tumbles past the creature to be near him. Scary!


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