grey hawk

Oh the baby demons
October 23, 2018

Ignus hits one with 3 rays, but fails to kill it. Three creatures attack Pike, hitting once. Another hits Gonoan once. Obregon hits one 3 times as Pike teleports behind them and shoots one in the back. Brunj casts a spiritual weapon on the hurt one, but misses. Beltin hits the injured one, finally dropping him. Gonoan swings at the one in front of Beltin, hitting twice. Sanna summons 2 air elementals and Ignus tries to hit one with a hold monster but it fizzles. The creatures start attacking, hitting Gonoan once. 2 miss Pike and 2 miss Beltin. Pike hits one with his sword and releases the magic missiles in to it. Obregon hits Beltin’s 4 times as Brunj’s spiritual weapon misses again. Beltin finishes his off and smacks another right between the eyes. Gonoan hits another twice as the air elementals whiff a bunch. Sanna hits one square with an electrical orb but it takes no damage. Ignus casts magic missile on Beltin’s. The 4 remaining creatures attack but only manage one hit on Gonoan. Pike activates the rod again, blinding everyone besides himself. Obregon fills Beltin’s with arrows causing it to drop. Brunj moves in and misses one as his spiritual weapon misses too. Beltin misses twice due to blindness but Gonoan manages to get one hit in on his. Sanna and Ignus start discussing what they can do. The three demons attack but can’t seem to connect. Obregon slays another as Brunj swings wildly. Beltin hits twice and Gonoan hits once more. Sanna kills one with an orb while the elementals flail uselessly. Both creatures attack Brunj again but miss. Pike scoops up his crossbow while Obregon finishes off one of the others. Brunj misses some more. Beltin hits the last one squarely and it sags to the ground. Ignus dispels the darkness and we begin to search the room. Suddenly A’anji says she can hear something coming our way so we scramble to meet whatever it is. Beltin moves up, spots them and covers them in acid. Ignus follows and drops a fireball on their heads. Pike keeps searching the room as Sanna moves up and uses cold arc lightning. Obregon moves and finishes off one with 2 arrows. Gonoan moves up as does the remaininng demon who misses him with a claw. Beltin smacks it twice, killing it. We return and finish searching the room, and find raw meat pieces and brains from some poor creatures but nothing of value. We return to the assassin’s bunk room and rest there.

Rooms, rooms and more rooms
September 25, 2018

Obregon starts tracking and finds the seekers came from the side and mostly from the northern area. We move around from where they came from and see a number a doors leading to different types of rooms. At the first door, Pike finds it locked. He picks it easily and opens it, revealing a medium sized room decorated with utilitarian furniture like a dorm room. Obregon starts searching the room as Pike looks towards the next door. There is some noise from down the hall and 2 more tyrg are coming at us. We begin to prepare and Sanna puts an acid fog in their way. We hear them change direction and can tell they have moved back towards the main hall. Brunj casts bless. We move to adjust to the new direction they are coming from. They pop out from the far hall and Beltin hits the first with acid. Ignis gets both with a fireball. Sanna catches the first with an orb, dropping it in its tracks. The second does its sonic howl but fails to affect us this time. An elven woman with a long bow appears from a corner further down accompanied by a tiger and shoots at Gonoan. Brunj moves all the way up and sends his spiritual weapon to hit the woman and Obregon then shoots her 6 times causing her to hit the ground. Beltin runs up to the tyrg and hits it once as Ignis moves and hits it with magic missiles. Sanna hits its twisted visage with a couple of orbs and its body sags to the ground. The tiger is trying to drag its master lady away. Sanna turns invisible and moves to the lady and attempts to see if she is alive. As she is trying, the tiger attacks her. Beltin moves to the woman while Ignis casts hold monster on the tiger. Sanna pours a cure light wounds potion down her throat. We strip her gear and find MW dagger, comp long bow, 40 arrows, studded leather mw, ring, amulet, cloak of elvenkind, gauntlets, quiver of ehlonna. Pike ties her up and Brunj wakes her up. We move the tiger to the barracks room. Pike shows her his seeker ring and assures her that her tiger is safe. Gonoan kicks her in the stomach and says that is for shooting at him. Pike apologizes and she says just because we got this far, doesn’t mean we belong here. They talk for a bit and she doesn’t understand why we are here and Pike feeds her his conspiracy theory about why we are here. She is the trainer for the tyrgs and pike offers to reimburse her. He tells her of the octych and she knows her master knows something of it but won’t take us to him. We decide to tie her up and leave her with the tiger. Sanna tells her to look us up if she is looking for a group to join. We lock her in and move on. The next door is locked and Pike picks and it opens onto a room with a silver painted wall and ruined furniture lying in a heap and moldy pillows in a pile along the wall and everything is covered in a layer of dust. Gonoan steps in and nothing happens. We search the room and find a secret door on the east wall. Pike figures out how to open it and opens to an identically sized room without the paint or debris. There is a slab that appears to be able to move to the other room and a stack of pillows which looks strangely nice and fluffy. We move back out to the next door, which Pike opens and it’s another silver painted room with another concealed silver room. We move to the next block and check those rooms out, We continue to find rooms that are all similar until we reach one through which we can smell the tyrg kennels. This area appears to be able to hold about 4 of the smaller tyrgs. We search the room but find nothing of interest. The next room looks to be a training room for the tyrgs. There are large chains attached to the wall, with practice dummies jutting up from the ground and some empty crates. On a shelf are 5 exquisite whips which we take. The next room is a sumptuous bed chamber. We search it and it definitely seems to be the trainer’s quarters. We find nothing of value. At the end of this row of chambers, is a large still pool of acrid bubbling fluid. The floor to the south is stained and pitted. Beltin moves up to the edge of the pool but doesn’t see anything else of interest.

What a torture it is
October 9th, 2018

Obregon lets us know that no one gets very close to the pool of acid so we skirt it and move a little further east until it dead ends at a hall leading south. It goes a little way down and dead ends, so sanna pulls out the detect secret doors wand and finds a hidden door. Pike gets the door open and there is a south facing dark hallway that turns in to stairs going down. We head down said stairs and there is a low mound of refuse at the bottom with a 5’ tall violet mushroom growing out of it. We are discussing what to do about it when Beltin spits acid on it, destroying it. There is a tunnel going up to the northwest and one to the south. There are boot prints going both directions so we look south. The passage changes direction often and at weird angles. To the northwest we can see a couple of doors. We decide to check those out first. Pike picks the lock on the first and opens it revealing 3 hammocks, a table and chairs with knives and chains atop it and a padlocked foot locker on the floor and another door. There are 3 humans sitting at the table who appear surprised to see us. Beltin sprays the room with acid. Obregon moves over and shoots one twice, killing him. Pike shoots another twice, dropping him as well. Sanna finishes off the third with an orb. We search the room and take 5 MW daggers, a chain shirt of shadow silent moves, slippers of spider climbing, 2 potion bottles and 2 other daggers of venom off each. Pike opens the foot locker and finds a suit of chain mail +2, merciful nunchakus, ring of protection +1, cloak of resistance +1, scroll cure serious, and a scroll dimensional anchor. We open the other door and there is a short hall to another door. Pike checks and opens it to reveal on oddly shaped torture chamber complete with iron maiden, rack, cages and all other necessary accoutrement. There is a burly semi-conscious human male in one cage, a humanoid female in another and almost dead human male in a third. Sanna and Pike rush in to the room. Pike goes to the dying male’s cage and opens the lock and asks Brunj to heal him. He then opens the woman’s cage. Sanna believes the lady is a githyanki. Pike opens the last cage. Brunj uses the cure serious wand on each of them. The one that was almost dead starts gibbering and slobbering, obviously insane. Pike talks to the brute and he asks us to get him out of here and comments that we don’t look like we have been down here long. He doesn’t know the others that are in here with him. He volunteers to help us if we can get him out of here. Beltin starts talking with the githyanki lady whose name, A’anji. She came to our plane and was captured because she was weak and low on spells. She says this is a tough place to be, they are very powerful. There are four of other doors off this room, one of which is worse than this one according to the brute and could have demons. Another door may go to the torturers room. Beltin gives both the brute and the githyanki a bastard sword and a dagger. The brute gets the clothing from one of the assassins and leaves to make his way out. I’anji chooses to accompany us for now. There is movement behind one door. Pike opens the door to the “worst room”, turns invisible and starts heading down this zig zag hallway. At the same time, Gonoan goes to the south door and listens. Pike comes to a room covered with blood and viscera. A bunch of small demonic looking creatures are in this room and look towards where pike is lurking invisible. Gonoan doesn’t hear anything at the door so Beltin asks for Pike and we realize he went through the door to the worst room and we move off after him. Pike pulls out and activates the rod of wonder, causing the entire area to become dark. The creatures move towards him, but can’t seem to hit him. Beltin comes charging up and spits acid at them but they take very little damage. Gonoan charges and swings, hitting once. Sanna casts chain lighting, doing only a little damage to most of them. Damned demons

Lions and Tyrgs and Bears, oh my
September 11th, 2018

There is a mournful howl coming from the south and we can hear something splashing through water. Pike hides as a horrid looking quadruped comes charging around the corner. Sanna casts web slowing it down but not stopping it. Obregon starts shooting and hits 4 times. Gonoan charges it and smacks it once as Beltin hits it, and him, with a line of acid. The creature collapses but now we hear something coming from the east. Ignis readies his bow. We ready for combat. Another of the same creatures comes creeping down the hall and Obregon hits it twice as Ignis shoots it once. As it approaches, it lets out an unearthly scream but doesn’t seem to affect us. Ignis hits it with 3 scorching rays. Obregon starts shooting and hits 5 times, dropping it in its tracks. We look over the carcasses and they seem to have been crossbred. Obregon does find another set of tracks from something even larger. We decide to track it off to the east. As we walk, we pass small hallways off to the north but stick with the beast’s tracks. A little ways down there is a tapestry on the south wall of a huge lifeless city with a great cupola jutting above the skyline. The sky crackles with lightning and a wolf like visage and a stern human profile pictured within. We continue on but can hear the sound of beings ahead readying for battle. Sanna calls out get ready, Sanna is coming. A larger version of the last 2 creatures begins squeezing down the hallway at us. Beltin spits a line of acid on it while Sanna tosses a lightning ball on top of it. The creature squeezes its way towards us and screams, stunning everyone but Beltin. Beltin swings twice, hitting once. The creature bites him in return. Obregon picks up his bow and shoots it twice. Pike tosses a lightning bolt down the hall, catching the Tyrg and 2 warriors coming up behind it. Ignis tosses a fireball, killing 2 warriors and injuring the rest of our foes. Beltin breathes acid again, hitting the creature and killing 2 more warriors. Sanna tosses another lightning ball, killing the last 2 warriors and damaging the tyrg. It bites Beltin again. Obregon shoots it, hitting 5 times and it collapses in a heap. We search the bodies and find they are members of the seekers. They are carrying MW bastard swords, MW light crossbows, +1 bucklers, +1 chainmail, amulets of natural armor +1, 2 potions (cure moderate) each, and a black surcoat with the seeker symbol. Why are there seekers down here and why attack us?

Beyond the curtain
August 28th, 2018

Obregon moves up a bit and searches for tracks but finds none. Pike searches the pillar of the lithe man and Obregon the one of the nobleman. They find nothing of interest. We move towards the raised area. As we mount the stairs towards the dais, the warrior on the throne begins to move and appears to be an iron golem. It wields a crystal sword in its left hand and a whip of tightly woven feathers in its right. As it begins to animate, the seating begins to fill with all different sorts of creatures, approximately 60. Some are angelic or earthly while others are demonic or ethereal. Those of goodly intent shout encouragement to the party while those of evil shout trash talk at us. Beltin spits acid at while Obregon goes gatling gun on it, hitting twice. Ignis throws a lightning bolt at it which does no damage but slows it. Pike shoots 2 bolts at it but they both bounce off the iron body. Gonoan charges it and despite a tremendous swing, his axe slides off its greaves. Sanna hits it with an electric orb as it stands and spews a cloud of fire on Gonoan. Beltin moves around it as Obregon moves up a bit and hits 2 more times. Pike fires again but still can’t penetrate it. Ignis casts resistance on Obregon and Gonoan hits it one big time. The golem swings its whip at Beltin who dodges. Beltin gets in a good hit as Obregon hits it 3 times, destroying it. We try to take the weapons but they are bonded to the golem’s body. We begin searching the area and find nothing of interest. Brunj yells out that there is someone behind him and turns away. Beltin and Gonoan take off his direction with Gonoan arriving first to find a frail elderly man. Beltin learns that he is Arley the weaver and he made the curtains. He is looking for some missing items; tapestries and rugs and such. He has some things he could trade for them. He tells us that though he is the only one on this level there are seekers on the level below. He offers magic items for the return of his belongings and we say we will keep our eyes open for them. We finish our search of the dais and using the wand of detect secret doors find a secret door behind both statues. Pike checks one and gets it open revealing a narrow room with absolutely nothing in it. Using detect magic reveals nothing but we do discover that the other statues do appear to be constructs as well. Pike touches the foot of the wizard statue but nothing happens. Gonoan suggests using a rope and pulling them over but we convince him that it isn’t really necessary but we agree to let him know when it’s time. We head to the stairs down to the lower level. The stairs curl around to the south and end in a rough cave entrance. There is a large hall to the south and areas opening off both sides, part is cavernous but the rest has been worked. Dungeon delving anyone?

Rooms, rooms, rooms
August 14th, 2018

Obregon tracks but they have been obfuscated but nothing appears to have traveled within 10 feet of the curtains. He then shoots the curtains with an arrow and it goes right through. Ignis casts detect magic and sees strong illusion magic behind the curtain. We decide to check the adjoining 2 rooms and the first one is lit by 4 everyburning torches and has a colorful pile of cloth swatches on a table. There is spinning wheel and loom with different types of material on one side and an oversized bed on the other. Ignis takes the comforter off the bed and we take the torches and put it in one of the portable holes. The next room contains 2 magically lit lamps and many beautiful tapestries (10) and 2 of them glow as magic. A 3’ x 8’ black velvet style with a naked female humanoid carcass depicted upon it with a sense of profanity coming from it. The second has several different types of magic on it and keeps changing as it is viewed. It shows as shadow conjuration and then changes again. The third is partially damaged and has a large brown stain obscuring the image. We take down all of the mundane tapestries and put them in the hole along with the lamps. The next room has 7 rows of shelves and drawers. These are neatly labeled but have been ransacked. The next room has a simple bed and dresser covered by a light layer of dust. The mattress has been slashed open and the dresser gone through. The last room has a 5’ wide marble pedestal, with several magnifying glasses handing around the pedestal. There is a human skeleton near the writing table next to the pedestal. Unlit torches are in each corner. There is an alabaster fertility idol under the body which was of a rogue based on the deteriorated gear. Upon further inspection, we find a brooch which is a brooch of shielding. We go back and thoroughly search each of the other rooms and find nothing else but do come across a cracked wooden mask in the pedestal room that we somehow missed the first time. The room with the shelves are labeled as: offering chamber west niches, offering chamber east niches, 1 each saying guest chamber a, b, c, d, e and exit chamber. We cut between the 2 sets of room and in to the north area and turn east. We go a little ways and come to the wall. To the south we can just see the curtain and to the north we can’t see far enough to the north wall. When we come to the north wall, we turn and come to a set of doors. Pike opens the door and though it seems to be a guest chamber but is empty and unused. We search the room and find a trapdoor in the floor. It opens on to a ladder going down about 30’ and Beltin floats down and lands in a passage that goes to the east. The passage ends in an empty chamber. This empty chamber has a door on the far end. We don’t find anything in this room and the door opens on to a set of stairs leading down. Suddenly spears come flying out of the wall behind us, hitting everyone but Pike and Beltin. Beltin uses his healing to remove the poison that was on the spear tips and a few potions later everyone is hale and hearty. Brunj points out that we may want to complete the first level before descending and we agree. We go back upstairs and continue down the north wall. Beltin opens the next door and this room has a man sized bronze statue equipped with a spear pointed towards the center of the room. In the middle is an old blood stain on the floor. Ignis detects magic and the blood has faint abjuration. We move on to the next room, and Beltin opens the door again revealing a sumptuously appointed bed chamber with a bed, dresser, desk and benches. Two of the walls have barely perceptible frescoes remaining on them. Detect magic reveals nothing. The next 4 rooms are about the same. The 5th has frescoes of servile women on furs around a fountain depicted with lava and a burning scaled hand reaching forth. The fountain appears to be identical to the one in the main room. The furnishings in here are in better condition than further east. The last room is in the best condition. We thoroughly search each room and can deduce the frescoes once showed a great arena with several rows of onlookers looking towards the center. The other is a stone throne at the top of 7 stairs and is empty. We go to the curtain and Sanna and Pike use mage hand to lift the curtain up so we can see under it. We see several pillars that look like different male figures with faerie fire on them which is lighting the area. The busts are all different and in different styles. Sanna believes they are male scions of Maurer, one is nobleman in robes, then a scowling warrior looking north, a scholarly man deep in thought, a lithe man in fashionable dress with a dreamy expression, a sneering regal man looking up as if above all others, and a beggar who looks off at an angle towards a stone throne up 7 steps with a large construct sitting in it with 2 other statues flanking the throne. We know there is illusion in here but we are unable to determine what is real and what isn’t’. Sanna pulls out the staff of the magi and slowly advances towards the curtain and nothing happens as she approaches and passes underneath. The rest of us join her but Brunj. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Obregon's horror
july 31st, 2018

Gonoan steps up and peeks through hole and sees another wall that matches the original stonework with a simple wooden door. Sanna looks at the symbols and the left one denotes magical danger and the one to the right is an open palm behind a bumblebee which denotes Bigby. Pike blinks and passes through the wall. He checks the area and finds no traps or other doors. The door is a normal dungeon door and doesn’t look to be locked. We discuss ways to get through the wall and Gonoan begins to chisel away at it. Sanna realizes she can use the staff of the magi to cast passwall so we do that. Beltin opens the door and it opens into an empty circular room with 9 shallow holes equally spaced along the periphery. Obregon checks the floor and no one has been in this room in ages. He steps in and immediately walks to the nearest hole and drops his bow and quiver inside. Beltin asks what the hell is he doing. He appears to be charmed so Beltin grabs him and pulls him out of the room. Sanna dispels the magic on him and he immediately calls his bow back to his hand. He begins rocking while sobbing on his bow. Ignis dispels the magic in the room and Sanna and Pike search it but find nothing else. We return to the room with the candles. Pike walks to the eastern door and as Gonoan enters the room, he causes one of the candles to go out. Most of us just stand and let Gonoan take care of it except for Sanna who hits it with an orb of force but doesn’t quite destroy it. Gonoan hits it once, causing it to disintegrate. Pike moves the eastern candle to the north door and then opens the eastern door revealing a long hallway with doors about every 15’ along the south and to the north it opens onto the large room we started in. So we try the first southern door and it opens on to a hall which turns west after a short ways. After the turn, it continues another 40’ or so and dead ends. There is a door on the north wall not quite at the end. Pike checks the door while Sanna attempts to find secret doors with the wand. There are no secret doors and the door is deemed safe. However the door is stuck so Gonoan and Beltin shove it open. This 10’ room is covered by chaotic ink scrawlings and is oddly free of dust. Ignis looks around and can tell that this has been penned by an insane scribe but with some time should be able to read it. Sanna and Ignis begin working together to translate and transcribe the writings which are obviously a complex and illogical magical theory. After a short while they lose track of the writing and give it up. We return to the hall with the many doors. In the first door, is a room lit with 2 everburning torches and containing a half dozen rugs on the floor and a door on the far wall. Ignis casts detect magic and a silk carpet with geometric patterns and a gold pin with the word Aelen sewn beside it glows. Ignis is able to identify it as a carpet of flying but the pin is unclear. There is a door opposite this one and it opens on to the large original room. In this area there are black satin curtains which bisect the large room. There are a number of ivory pillars in front of the curtains. There is also a purple faerie fire effect around the curtains lighting this area.

Beyond the doors
July 3rd 2018

And appears in a 20’ wide corridor that runs east and west. Silhouettes of humanoid shaped creatures are creeping along the walls towards him. They appear to be undead since they do not have a heat signature and are approximately 40’ away, coming from a large open chamber to the west. There is a pool of lightly glowing water on the far end of this chamber. On a raised stone surface in the pool is a large chalice glowing with a glistening aura. The south wall of the corridor has a couple of alcoves with doors. Pike looks at the doors he just passed through and sees handles on this side so he pulls them and the doors swing open easily. He then rushes to the closest door in an alcove. Gonoan steps in to the room and looks towards the undead and he feels a wave of evil pass over him. He charges and hits one with his axe. Obregon moves in and shoots the same one twice. Sanna steps out and tosses chain lightning, destroying the first one and damaging the rest. Beltin moves in to the room and spits acid, hitting 3 of them, though the damage is not as much as it should be. The creatures just stare at us and Sanna falls to the ground. Ignis runs out, takes one look at their hideousness and falls to the ground. Brunj steps up to Sanna and exclaims that she is dead. Pike searches the door for traps but finds none. Gonoan buries his axe in the chest of the one in front of him. Obregon uses arrow storm and kills all but one. Beltin averts his eyes and after moving up, takes a swing at the last undead but misses. It tries to catch Beltin’s gaze but fails and as it tries to move away, Beltin hits it doing just enough damage to take it out. Obregon runs over to Ignis and finds he is dead too. Pike uses the detect magic wand but gets no auras other than our magic items. We decide to check out the fountain and as we are moving we notice how immense this chamber really is. We see the aura go from glistening silver to green. Pike can tell that the chalice is magical but the water itself is not. It is amber in color and hazy which between the glow and the haze makes seeing the bottom impossible. Obregon can tell that the humans have moved around this area and some have even sat on the ledge. Beltin sticks his finger in the water and after a moment some grotesque looking gold fish come after his finger. As they reach his finger, the water feels like it is getting warmer and he yanks his finger out. He then jumps on the pedestal and climbs the 20’ and grabs the chalice. He jumps back down and the chalice continues to glow. We put some fresh water in the chalice and pour some down Ignis’s throat but nothing happens. So we try it with water from the pool but it doesn’t do anything either. As we decide what to do, Pike goes back to the door he searched and opens it. Behind this door is a round room with 4 doors and a lit candle in front of each. The doors are painted with reds, purples, and oranges and depict a fighter in a waiting stance as if for a charging enemy though none are apparent. He picks up the candle at the east door and holds it near the door but nothing changes. He waits for a moment and then his candle goes out. The fresco warrior comes to life and charges him. The fighter has a bastard sword, a shield and chain mail. Pike hits it with a lightning bolt and starts blinking. The warrior begins swinging but can’t connect. Pike relights the candle and puts it back. The fighter keeps swinging but can’t catch the elusive Halfling. Pike leaves the room but the fighter follows as Obregon arrives at the door to check on him. Obregon shoots it twice and it vanishes, reappearing on the door. As we go to pack the bodies away, they suddenly start awake. We can’t tell what happened but count our blessings. We go in to the room Pike just left and cause the candle to the west to go out. That warrior charges and Obregon starts filling it with force arrows and it poofs out, reappearing on its door. Pike opens the western door and there is hall heading west for 10’ and turns north. He spikes the door open and moves down the hall. After the turn, this corridor continues about 25’ and then turns to the west again with a door near the corner. Pike opens the door and it reveals a sharp odor of decomposition from this 20×20 stone chamber. The torchlight in this room sparkles off the sharp tines of metal sun symbols on each of the 4 walls. Pike knows these symbols are identical to those worn by seeker mercenaries. This must be the lair of the Bodaks so we search it but don’t find anything of value. We do grab the 4 everburning torches before we leave. We go around the corner and it opens back up in to the immense chamber. There is another hall leading to the north east which ends in a wall made from different stone from the rest. There are 2 arcane symbols carved in to the wall and there is a hammer and chisel on the floor and a fist sized hole in the wall through which is pure blackness. Back to the doors or check out the wall?

New adventures begin
June 19th, 2018

Pike and Brunj go to see Kellick in his tower. The manservant opens the door and after a moment, allows them entrance. Pike says “Hey Kellick, we visited the ruins and broke them”. He asks how we did that so Pike tells him the tale. Kellick shares the details of the items we left with him: deck of many things, cursed lesser metagmagic rod of quicken, bag of devouring, crystal hypnosis ball, cursed headband of intellect +6, periapt of foul rotting, vacuous grimoire, belt of giant strength pink lace that emits erotic moaning, beserking sword, and a cursed backbiter spear. He mentions that the star shape of the gaming table from this room was interesting. Pike determines that it is the symbol of the seekers. Pike leaves the items with kellick until the party can decide what to do with them. The 21st of Sunsebb dawns clear and chilly. We go in search of the Arachnians to see if we can help with their goal of maintaining the balance in the region. They tell us that things seem peaceful and we succeeded in holding the evil forces at bay. She does believe that the people need to know more of what’s going on as there are going to be consequences to the ruins disappearing. Sanna shares the details of what happened in the god trap. They ask if they can share this info with Eritae and Beltin says she has already been informed. They don’t have anything specific we can do for them so we move on. Sanna and Ignis go to the mage’s guild where Sanna asks about Bronwin but they haven’t heard anything of her. Beltin and Obregon see Eritae and ask about any more information since last time. She hmms for a moment before telling us that it would be best if we were out of the city for now and using our skills elsewhere. That there are certain parties that are not real happy about cleaning up after the “children’s” messes. The church of Boccob especially feels we should make ourselves scarce and that we should follow the guidelines from Mordekainen. Point taken and we return to the rest of the party. We decide to begin by pursuing the lead near Mauer Castle. Obregon and Sanna go in to the statue library and do some research. Gonoan knows there are gnolls in the area and rumors of fiends nearby as well. House Mauer was founded by the acolytes of Slerotin and they ruled from the castle. Many adventurers have tried to infiltrate the castle but most have not returned. The seekers have been rumored to have been here and at least one of them has been in the castle. There was a party of adventurers, including demon-handed Tumerast, that had discovered a sloping passage under the castle and came upon a set of unopenable doors. There was an encounter there and Tumerast used a new grimoire, tome of the black heart, to see his way through. He set up camp and spent his time trying to dig down in to the lower levels. 25 years ago Mordekainen learned of this and took several companions to try with the key of portals and make their way through the doors. They slew Tumerast and his follower and looted much treasure. We gather our provisions, our horses and our sensibilities and begin our westward trek towards Castle Mauer. We travel for 9 days before coming to the area around the castle and encounter a huge wall of brambles which resembles a maze. We make our way around it via the road rather than dealing with them. The day is chilly and rainy with some light snow mixed in as we come in to sight of the castle. It is late morning and could become difficult terrain should the snow continue to accumulate over the next several hours. We get closer to the castle and find the sloping passageway that we believe ends at the unopenalbe doors. We make our way down this granite hall, and pass 2 dead gnolls on the way. Brunj can’t tell the cause of death, as there is nothing obvious. Obregon can tell that there have been humans and another type of creature which he can’t readily identify based on their tracks. Suddenly it clicks and he is positive that it is undead. We keep walking for almost 10 minutes where the passage t’s to a short hall to the north, which dead ends, and a longer one to the south. There is an 8 pointed star engraved on the floor and the end points are hollowed out as if something belongs there. Sanna steps in to the alcove to the north and uses the detect secret doors wand and finds nothing. She then puts the octych in the northernmost point of the star and it seems to fit in snugly. She then tries to pull it back out and it comes out freely. We try the octych in each spot to see if something different happens, but nothing. We move down the long hallway and finally it opens in to a small but grand room with large double doors on the other side. Each door is 4’ wide and the floor is scratched in front where others have tried to force them open. Obregon can tell that the humans and undead have passed through the door. We can’t see any obvious means of opening the doors. Sanna knocks on the door and no one answers. Gonoan kicks the door as pike moves out of the room and up the hall. Sanna holds the octych to the door and still nothing, which is what also happens when they try to push them open. Pike activates the blink ring and phases through the door…

O'town, my town
June 5th, 2018

June 5, 2018
We are walking towards the walls of Greyhawk. As we enter the city, Gonoan splits off to head to the green dragon inn. Pike and Brunj veer off to report in to his various peeps. Sanna and Ignis are off to the mage’s guild with Elaine’s body. Beltin and Obregon are going home. Sanna and Ignis arrive at the Mage’s guild and meet with her old contact who tells her that Tenser is at the green dragon inn. She says she wants to report that Elaine was dead and to arrange funeral rites for her. She also shares our story up to the battle with Iggwilv but says the rest is just for Tenser. Elaine is laid out in a special room and the appropriate steps are begun. Beltin and Obregon arrive home and find the house unmolested. Obregon goes in while Beltin walks around until he finds one of the street kids. He finds a few, but they have nothing of interest to report; no sightings or anyone skulking near the house. We suddenly begin to hear a sound like we’ve never heard before. It sounds like a horn and then there are others that join it as well as loud voices. Beltin starts asking what the horns are for and ordering civilians off the street. One man recognizes Beltin and tells him the horns are an indication of a magic affect and they are to keep their eyes open for what it may be. Obregon joins Beltin and several members of the town militia in looking around. We come to a corner near the market and there is a large group of people gathered and some of the watch giving information. It seems something is coming from castle Greyhawk across the sky. Beltin and Obregon spider climb up a tall building and can see castle Greyhawk itself, floating in the sky, in what looks like some sort of bubble. It’s moving somewhat towards Greyhawk but won’t actually come over the city. The wagon and skeletal horses from the main foyer of the Tower of War are flying around its circumference, keeping things away. There appears to be some sort of energy connecting it to the earth but then it pulls away in to the sky and slowly disappears. Sanna drags Ignis along to the green dragon inn in an attempt to catch Tenser. When they arrive, they see Rikard talking to Capt Galanz (who we know is Bilarro). He walks past them on the way out and says have a nice day. Gonoan says Galanz told him everything. Sanna says didn’t you hear the horns? Castle greyhawk has floated away and disappeared. She tells him to meet back at the house and rushes up to Tenser, who is playing dragon chess. She tells him about our last battle and the castle ripping away from the ground. Tenser is nodding along when Ignis taps her on the shoulder and says that this isn’t Tenser, it’s just a figment. They go home. Gonoan tells us that Galanz says he had not been to the ruins and likes to hear the stories. Galanz says something went wrong in the castle but it didn’t make sense based on what we did. He doesn’t know of anyone who had delved in to the ruins as far as we had. We hear people yelling outside about losing their livelihood and that the ruins are gone. Then we hear a tap on the upstairs window and one of the spider women is there. We let her in and she tells us of the castle’s disappearance but they aren’t exactly sure what has happened to it. We fill her in on parts of what went on. They are trying to find out what this may all mean and what is needed to maintain balance in the region. We discuss our plans for the next day and get some much needed rest. The next day we head to Nulligan’s and the market to sell and buy our stuff. We do find the staff is worth 300k gp. Sanna keeps the staff and begins paying off the rest of us for it. We hit the potion shop and restock. Beltin and Obregon head over to the church of St Cuthbert. They are escorted to Eritae and she says there are a lot of things going on and wonders if we were involved. Beltin says maybe and shares everything that happened while we were in the ruins. She says that some people no longer even have memories of the ruins, as if it never existed. Certain landmarks have also disappeared from around the area. She says the church of Boccob likely knows more and just hasn’t shared with her. The ruling oligarchy has not met yet so there are some things that she can’t tell us at this time. She tells us that Mordekainen has pulled in his old allies and gone away and hasn’t been reachable. No one knows what he is up to and he has a reputation as a meddler and will work with anyone to maintain the balance he believes should be. Beltin asks about the ruling oligarchy and is told that they select new members based on need and they discuss what Beltin could bring to the table. We take our leave and head back home. Sanna goes to the mage’s guild again and finds that Tenser is still unavailable and Mordekainen hasn’t been seen in a while. She then stops by the church of Boccob and asks after the mages. The high priest says that they knew the castle leaving was inevitable according to the signs they read. If someone knew the castle well enough, they could likely teleport there. She asks about the creatures in the castle like the dwarves and kobolds but they don’t have any good info yet. When we reconvene, we decide to go out and investigate the site for ourselves. We head out the next morning to where the ruins used to be. We know there are a lot of adventurers heading out and setting up camps around. The gorge is gone and it now looks like just rolling, forested hills. We do see that Mordekainen is there and floating in mid-air. We call his name and he turns and nods at us. We gather near him and see many others that are debating moving nearer. Sanna shares the story of Iggwilv and the god trap. He seems terse and questions how we failed to take care of Bilarro. He worries that he will be causing strife and harm in other places. He tells us to stand down and leave Robillar to him unless he returns. The reason the castle was built here is a conjunction of ley lines and they should still be here. He doesn’t want them to be tapped by the wrong people. He tells us of a place that has a spot for an octych, he doesn’t know exactly what it does or how it works but may give us something to think about. It lies beyond the unopenable doors. Sanna has heard of a place around Maure castle and that the seul probably had a hand in making the octych and the sulatryn is a name associated with them. Now to plan our next move…


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