grey hawk

Seekers and dragons
December 13th, 2016

Pike goes to visit Kellick with Obregon and Brunge accompanying. Kellick is polite but abrupt about dismissing them for a private chat with Pike. Kellick takes Pike into his trophy room, The deck of many things is there as well as what looks like some type of handle made from clay. Kellick shows Pike a new acquisition, a ring. Pike expresses interest in what the handle is and Kellick tells him that he found it while adventuring with Tiira and Auric. It appears to be part of the protoype of a rod that was broken in to many parts. The ring is from a secret group of beings called the seekers. He believes that Pike has abilities that would be of use to this group he belongs to. They are the seekers and he is wearing a ring that looks like the one in the case, though newer. Pike agrees to meet some of them and Kellick asks the other 2 to wait. Pike is offered the ring and puts it on. Obregon decides to head home rather than wait, so Brunge goes as well. Kellick tells Pike that they will want him to keep a journal of his journeys with interesting finds included. They go to Gelds Maps, and Lazaryn Geld is there and wearing a seekers ring as well. The back of the shop is very splendid and full of journals and items which would be of interest to treasure hunters and adventurers. Geld leans in and whispers to Kellick that Pike seems to divulge a lot of information but he does believe he would be trustworthy. There are more members in another room, and they are Farlindell, Nestle a pale blond haired man, and Stillwar a dwarf. The seekers consider The scarlet brotherhood, and The silent ones, as enemies. There are many other members and they are known by their rings. Pike is expected to keep a detailed journal and to archive it annually. He is presented with a blank, thick journal. He returns to the house and tells the rest of the party that Kellick had something to show him. We have a ceremony the next day to receive our reward for killing Laurus Racknian. His head is mounted on a spike and revealed to the hundreds of people in attendance who are thunderstruck. We are presented with our coin in an elaborate sack by the head of Greyhawk, as well as a certificate noting that the order of the Shadow Phoenix is being recognized for this feat. We are introduced and cheered individually. Pike declares he is donating his share to the orphanage and begins to scope out a mark to pick pocket. He sees a 2600 gp bracelet that he likes and tries to snag it. The mark catches him and he begins to act drunk and claims he was just admiring it. The person looks skeptical but walks away without making a scene. Obregon notices him getting in to something but not exactly what. The crowd disperses and we make our way back to the ruins. Vexia awaits us in the top of Zagig’s tower and we tell her to meet us in the welcome chamber. We are able to make it back to the gaseous teleporter without incident. We have Pike attempt to figure out the wind trap and he locates the trap and knows it needs a word or phrase to deactivate. Sanna finds a ring of runes that Pike attempts to decode successfully. We get through the wind chamber and to the reception room and meet Vexia. She asks where to and upon learning that we want to explore the other side of the cavern, she tells us there are only deep black holes she believes lead to the underdark. She warns us that the red caps may have been setting traps for us so we decide to pass the promenade in gaseous form. We arrive at the cavernous area and move to the left which we had not previously explored. The walls here glitter with crystals and stalactites stab down and there is a large one that meets a massive stalagmite. We see the holes and Beltin floats over a hole which is very deep, hundreds of feet down. Obregon tracks around the hole and can tell that something like a dragon or aberration has been through here as well as humanoid undead. Beltin floats around and notices that the northern most hole does not go down nearly as far and then slopes toward the north. We regain our corporeal selves and decide to explore that hole. We spider climb down about 40’ and notice light coming from a side cavern and a larger cavern ahead of us. The main cavern contains a number of statues as well as stalagmites and stalactites. The walls are striated with silver and red. Arrayed around the floor are stone drow, driders, deep gnomes, umber hulks and giant spiders. The light is coming from a glowing ziggurat. This appears to be the answer to Vexia’s riddle. Elaine points out that the side chamber could be something dangerous. Pike moves up to the side cavern stealthily and sees this rooms walls, floors and ceilings are encrusted with thick beds of rock crystals, and here and there tiny patches glow as if on fire. He checks the ground in front of him, finding nothing and keeps moving forward but still finds nothing else. He returns and we decide to move toward the ziggurat with caution, Obregon attempts to tell what has been moving around and can tell that the creature moves between the exit and the ziggurat. We begin to move forward cautiously, eyes downcast in case of gaze attacks. The ziggurat’s first level is a vertical 30’, the next 2 angle inward and each rise 10’. A steep staircase rises to the apex upon which is a vertical, smokeless flame. There are also braziers of brilliant flame in the 4 corners of each level. We begin to approach and notice a large creature lying to one side that may be asleep. Sanna believes it is a cross between a dragon and a basilisk. Sanna shoots a disintegrate ray at it but misses. A large shadowy neck detaches itself from the side of the ziggurat and stretches forward, with over-large glittering eyes, the depths of which promise death. Obregon shoots at it, hitting it 6 times. Beltin breathes acid at it to no effect. Brunge moves up to the creature as Sanna hits it with a disintegrate ray, doing massive damage. Gonoan runs up to the creature as well. The creature gazes at Brunge but he avoids the gaze and then it begins to fly away. Gonoan and Brunge take attacks at its back, both hitting. Pike moves up and so does Obregon who puts 2 arrows in it, causing it to plummet to the ground.

Death and disintegration
November 29th, 2016

We close the door to this room and Obregon searches the room. He finds a secret door near the rear of the room but nothing else of interest. He manages to figure out how to open the door and it opens to reveal a mostly empty room with a few gnawed bones in the corner which have obviously not been disturbed in many years. He searches it thoroughly and manages to see through an illusory wall covering an adamantine coffer on a narrow shelf. As he picks it up, 3 green beams shoot out and 2 hit him, dealing a massive amount of damage. The coffer is disintegrated in the process. We do a little healing, spike the door and rest until morning. Pike awakens and Beltin heals him a little more. We begin to make our way out and decide to cut through the rooms off the promenade but it doesn’t go through the way we thought so we retrace our steps. As we make our way over the promenade, the redcaps spot us. We make a break for it and manage to get across without being scathed except Beltin who accepts some magic missiles while dodging some magic stones hurled by the redcaps. We make it back to the teleportation chamber. We cross when the gale force winds begin again; knocking Beltin off his feet and against the wall. We manage to extricate him and take our potions of gaseous form to reenter the hole. We come back out in the tower of magic. We move through the tower in gaseous form to avoid danger. Even after resuming our normal forms, we escape the tower without incident. We return to Greyhawk on an overcast 28th of Ready’reat. The guards refuse us entry with the creature Gonoan is carrying without a cage or leash. Obregon heads to Lord Henway’s estate to gather a way to transport the creature. He is escorted to Lord Henway who greets him warmly and is excited to hear about at least one of them being alive. He provides Obregon a collapsible cage to carry it in. We return directly and give him not only the living one but also the dead one. He is a little bummed that we weren’t able to bring Laurus Racknian back alive but gives us 2500 gp as a reward for the return of the Aurumvoraxes. We move towards the church of Boccob and ask after Riann. She has us put Sanna’s body in a special chamber and asks us to leave while she prepares. We find another priest to heal Pike. Obregon asks for a checkup since he hasn’t felt right after being disintegrated. He appears to be fine. After everyone is medically sound, we go shopping and restock our supplies. Pike checks in with the thieve’s guild and eventually Tiira shows up. He pays his dues and updates them on our adventures. He shows her Laurus Racknian’s belt and tells her how he killed him. She tells him the reward is 6000 gp but comes from the city not the guild. Beltin suddenly feels weird and notices his skin begins to melt off so he goes to the church of St Cuthbert and gets cured by Eritae. He then pulls out Laurus Racknian’s head and shows it to her. She asks where he was and if we knew what he was doing. He fills her in on what we found. She also asks about Iuz and his disappearance. She is concerned that his followers may act erratically and may mount an attack on the ruins to try and free Iuz. He leaves the head and she says we will get paid, most likely within a day. Pike meets with some clerics who answered his ad. Brunge is a half orc cleric who catches Pike’s eye. He is non-denominational and Pike tells him that we need him to destroy evil, do some healing and bust heads. They agree and shake on it and Brunge is coming by the house the next morning. Beltin heads to the diner and checks in with the owner. The owner tells him that a lot of the clerics, wizards and wealthy are hiring bodyguards and moving their valuables but he is not sure why. Also, Tenser has retired to his tower and Mordekainen hasn’t been seen lately. Sanna and Elaine compare notes about the ethereal plane though neither remembers much from their death experience. Sanna dismisses Brother Justin from service. Gonoan heads to the Green Dragon Inn and talks with Rikard, relaying tales of our battles. At some point Kellick comes in and after looking around approaches Gonoan asking after Pike. Gonoan says he is in town and alive but not sure exactly where he is. 7.785.56 gp

Brains with legs
November 18th, 2016

Sanna suddenly begins to feel her throat close up and Beltin jumps forward to heal her but it doesn’t work. She realizes that she needs water to breathe and takes off for the pond below the balcony. We follow her and help her get in to the water. She can now breathe normally underwater and lets us know that she is under the effect of a water breathing spell and it will last for several hours. Pike, Vexia and Obregon return to the lab room. Pike manages to salvage a jar and collects some of the mucous in it. Obregon finds there is a head band (intellect +4) and ring (protection +2) on the lich. He removes them carefully and rinses off the slime. He puts the crown in the portable hole and Pike tries on the ring. Nothing obvious happens. They come back to the rest of us and after a few hours, Sanna’s breathing returns to normal. We head back to the lab room and search it. The north door opens to reveal several chains and manacles designed for humanoid and non-humanoid restraint alike. The south door opens on to a tiny reading room with a table and chair. There is a shelf above the table that contains books. They appear to be spell books so Sanna comes in and detects magic, which shows that the ring, and crown are but the books are not. The books go into the portable hole and Sanna puts on the head band. We move to the hallway that leads to the odd shaped room. Each alcove in this room contains a pair of manacles. Beltin moves in to the room and around the corner but nothing happens. Sanna is able to determine that some of the runes are to either keep out or keep in evil, others eliminate the need for food/water. Obregon uses his tracking ability and can see that there are some small bare hand and foot prints around this room but whatever it is hasn’t appeared to leave in quite some time. It appears that whatever made them has moved to the exit but can’t seem to leave. We search the room and in the first alcove Pike enters, he hears something move. Suddenly he feels dazed and activates his blink ring. Sanna notices and asks what’s wrong. Pike says something did something to him from a different alcove. Obregon tosses a thunderstone where Pike indicated the attack came from. But nothing seems to happen. Gonoan moves to that corner and peers in hard but doesn’t see anything. Beltin spits acid in to the corner as Sanna calls a flame sphere in to existence at the same spot. Obregon shoots 6 arrows in to the corner but with no apparent effect. Vexia moves and checks on Pike. Gonoan swings blindly, hitting nothing and Beltin does the same. Sanna tosses an ice knife in the corner which may have hit something. Suddenly, there is a small creature that looks like a brain with legs in the alcove with pike, which gets shot by Obregon immediately. It appears to be trying to crawl in to Pike but is baffled by the blinking. Sanna and Gonoan are hit by confusion. Vexia attempts to shoot at the creature but misses. Gonoan hits Beltin while his back is turned who turns and attacks the creature next to Pike. Sanna babbles incoherently while Vexia hits one with an arrow. Obregon starts filling the same one with arrows, finally killing it. Gonoan attacks Sanna while she attempts to attack the remaining creature but misses. Vexia attempts to shoot the hidden one but fails. Obregon moves back and attempts to spot the remaining creature but fails. Gonoan kills Sanna with a massive blow. Beltin spits acid again. Obregon manages to hit it with a couple of arrows while Gonoan hits it once as well. Beltin moves up and takes a defensive stance. The creature seems to be focusing on Gonoan. Vexia tries to send a magic missile at it but can’t seem to penetrate its defenses. Obregon hits with another 3 arrows, finally killing it. Gonoan manages to shake off the confusion and we try to regroup. We put Sanna’s body in the portable hole until we can get her back to Riann.

November 1st, 2016

This room stretches on and the creek ends in another pool under a balcony 50’ off the ground. Obregon begins tracking as we head to check the waterfall. A number of creatures including drow and some type of reptilian creatures have been using this as a water source. We find the waterfall is just that and there doesn’t appear to be anything behind it. We move to the north pool and there is a wall built along the back with the balcony atop it. It appears to be similar to the promenade in construction. We spider climb up the cavern wall until we reach the balcony, which has a small lip around the edge. Pike sees 2 large armless creatures moving around the pool that appear to be looking for something but don’t seem to see us. Beyond the balcony is a long garden observatory with 4 alcoves containing statues of Boccob and ending in a passage that appears to turn to the east out of our view. We search the room but find nothing of interest. The passage turns south again and ends at a locked door which Pike picks handily. It opens to reveal a stone paved plaza. On the left is a long banquet table with delectable food and water gushes from a fountain carved as a trio of dolphins holding a nymph on the right. Immediately to our right is an 8’ bird cage containing some exotic looking birds. There is balcony overlooking a cityscape with the smells of cooking food and sounds of yet more exotic birds. There is a door on the other side of the bird cage as well as doors in the east and west walls. As we enter, behind us appears a plaza overlooking a cityscape instead of the doors we saw originally. Sanna determines there are multiple overlapping illusions in this room. We attempt to disbelieve the illusions, Beltin manages to disbelieve the cityscape behind us and Sanna disbelieves the buffet table. However, when Beltin approaches the table, he is overcome with a compulsion to eat the food and begins taking wisdom damage from it but can’t seem to stop. Sanna attempts to knock the food out of his hand but fails. She calls Gonoan over to pull him away but he is overcome by the compulsion as well and begins to eat. Pike puts 2 flaming bolts in to the table causing it to begin to burn. Obregon puts 4 arrows in to it and it collapses after which the boys manage to stop eating. Sanna pulls them both back and ends up near the fountain and has to resist the urge to drink and warns the rest of us against approaching it. Pike is checking the bird cage, finds it locked, picks it and the door swings open on to reveal a torture device with a gagged and bound skeleton with bits of flesh still clinging to its bones in place of the birds. He decides to not investigate any closer. He and Beltin go to check the other doors in this room as they are the only ones who can see them. Pike picks the lock on and opens the eastern door behind which is a small hallway with doors along in it which we suspect leads to rooms along the promenade. We close it and move to the other south door, pick it and it opens to a hallway which leads to an odd shaped room. This room has alcoves in the walls, and arcane runes which are giving off a faint blue light. We close that door and move to the western door. It is locked but opens easily to Pike’s nimble fingers revealing a room which reeks of raw meat, vinegar and decaying flesh. Spattered on the walls and floor are thick congealing puddles of translucent slime and tacky swathes of what appears to be greenish leather and glass jars of pale liquid are hanging from chains descending from the ceiling. In each of the 4 corners is a circular stone platform just over 3’ high piled with heaps of flesh, enormous fins and coils of entrails. There are doors in both the north and south walls. To the west is a long marble table upon which lies a partially dissected fish like head with 3 eyes and 4 long tentacles protruding from below and a glowing brain inside. Pike takes 2 shots at the brain, hitting once. The head cries out to leave its lair and it will allow us to live or else feel its wrath. Beltin steps up and sprays the room with acid while Sanna moves in and throws lightning around. A huge ghostly body that appears to be match the head rises in it’s spot. Beltin swings and hits it. Sanna steps away, throws a lightning bolt at it and then translocates out of the room. Pike begins to blink, shoots it once and then moves away. Gonoan is unable to figure out where we are going or what we are doing as the illusion still holds for him. Obregon puts 7 force arrows in to the fishly spectre and when that’s not enough to destroy it, he hastes himself and shoots 2 more arrows causing the ghostly apparition to dissipate. Beltin moves up and smashes the still glowing brain after which it ceases to glow. Sanna comes back up to the room and uses detect magic, and the whole room glows. Beltin leaves the room and heals some of Gonoan’s wisdom damage. Sanna can tell there are several magical auras near the ceiling in the area of the table. Pike moves up and shoots in to the area and thinks he may have hit something. Obregon moves in to the room and approaches one of the doors. Beltin asks after some more restoration and Vexia gives a potion to both Beltin and Gonoan who are then fully recovered. Sanna gets more information on the magic in the room while Pike puts 2 more bolts in the ceiling though they don’t seem to affect anything this time. Sanna gets hit by something, but is not sure what. At that point, Obregon starts shooting the ceiling as well and seems to hit something. A skeletal lich type creature falls to the floor and becomes visible in its torpidness. What other dangers await us in these rooms?

October 23rd, 2016

We finish searching the room and nests finding 39gp, 11pp, a jade ring with twisting vine band, bejeweled MW kukri (1200gp), scarab shaped as though it is impaled upon half a dozen pins (golembane, 2500gp). Pike tries on the ring but it doesn’t appear to be magical. There is also a secret door opposite where we entered. Pike manages to open it and we see a long, long, long hallway with openings along the right from time to time. Obregon can tell there is more than one redcap and that this is likely their lair and that they use the secret door regularly. Pike starts heading down the long hall, and when reaching the first passage sees there is a door recessed a few feet. The rest of us follow along, and see through the door an observation booth, with a pair of iron chairs overlooking the promenade. We spot a construct that looks like a bunch of gargoyles formed in to a juggernaut with 3 redcaps riding it and messing with its gears and levers. Down a ways is another that appears non-functional. We close the door and move down the hall, opening each door to make sure they are all the same, which they are. Until the end of the hall, there is a door around a corner which opens on to a high domed large plaza with grand staircases leading up to our location. There is a large cracked crystal in the ceiling and others in the walls. We hear someone moving in the hall opening the doors where we came from. We decide to become invisible and wait in one of the observation decks to see who it is. There is a redcap coming along the promenade, obviously looking for us. There is also another now on the opposite balcony, looking for us too. The one on our side calls out “warriors, come out and play”. We decide to reenter the hall and deal with the secret door. The red cap in the hall is leaving as we reenter. We follow it back through the door to the nest and to the door the first red cap came from. Pike hears what sound like a small creature singing on the other side and proceeds to open it. On the other side is a narrow room with a wooden table and 4 chairs in the center, a single arrow slit overlooking the promenade and a tall cabinet with its faced smashed in. There is a door that is ajar on the same wall we enter from and the singing is coming from that room. There is a redcap in this room as well as multiple types of weapons that appear for practice. The red cap is holding a sickle and smiles at us. Beltin runs forward and sprays it with acid while Pike puts a bolt in its belly. The redcap moves through the other door, saying you can’t take her and swinging at Beltin on the way by though it can’t connect. Obregon moves in and shoots it twice in the back, hurting it bad. Sanna blasts it with cold, killing it outright. In the next room is a light in a gilded cage but we can’t make out what it actually is. There are double bunk beds and a low table between them with the cage atop it. Gonoan looks at it but can’t tell what it is. Pike rushes in and opens the cage. Obregon knows this is some kind of outsider and possibly celestial. It appears to be an Eladrin to Sanna and likely good aligned. The light asks if we can help her, which we will gladly. She was captured by the red caps and transforms in to a leafy pixie. They are torturing her and trying to see how long it would take to starve her though she doesn’t need food. Her mistress, Shinda, sent her to find Ghaele Eladrin, who has gone missing. She isn’t powerful enough to battle the monsters here but has tracked her to the ruins. She has likely been captured as she hasn’t been sent to the afterlife. One clue she has is a cryptic verse “watched above by hawks of grey, and deep below old castles clay, guests of madness lost of kin, your mistress waits in zagigs den, under ziggurats crowned with fire, beyond the room of rainbows ire, lonely mistress filled with rage, caught within a pretty cage” The pixies name is Vexia and she believes the den is the tower of zagig. She offers to accompany us but doesn’t know how she can help. She offers us her ioun stone as payment but we don’t accept it. Obregon grabs the tooth left behind by the red cap and we toss the cage (600gp) in the portable hole. We head back through the waiting room, and in to the original hallway though Pike sits on the couch. All of a sudden, he feels something tug his circlet, and cap off and hangs them on the pegs. He grabs them and runs out. We approach the double doors at the end of the hallway and Pike opens them. The room behind them contains a circular table with a 2’ stone statue of a woman dressed in robes and wearing a featureless white mask, in her hand is a spindle from which dangles a single thread of gold. There is another set of double doors on one side which likely leads to the stage at the apex of the promenade. The statue is of Istus, goddess of fate. There is a door opposite where we entered. Sanna determines the statue is magical and believes if the string is pulled, you may get more information on your fate. Pike pulls the string and feels some dreadful fate awaits him soon. Sanna does it and feels excitement and anticipation as if some good luck was coming her way soon. Beltin feels luckier but gains 1 luck bonus on attack, saving throw and skill checks for 24 hours. Gonoan does it and feels lucky as Sanna did. We attempt to remove the statue but it resists our attempts. We move to the next room and the walls are a complicated mural decorated with details of the city of greyhawk as seen from above the river quarter and is very up to date. There is a secret door opposite where we entered and Pike manages to open it, revealing a 5’ space and another door which appears to be a secret door when entered on the other side. Pike can hear something is moving around on the other side and figures out how to open it. He pushes it open and there is an immense hall with short flights of stairs leading up with alcoves on each side holding statues of guardian warriors in each. On the second flight there are 2 gold cat like creatures loungin, (we believe they are Mr Henways missing pets). The octagonal room at the far end is lit with flickering light and a former gladiator which we suspect is Laurus Racknian. The cats look up and move to attack. Beltin moves forward and snarls at them to stand down, we know their master. Pike moves up between the cats, who miss with their claws, and tosses the fist of emirikol at Laurus to no effect. Sanna shapes a lightning bolt to hit both cats and Laurus. One cat launches itself at Sanna and hits her with a bite and and 5 of 8 claws. Obregon hits the other cat with 4 arrows, killing it. Gonoan runs up and kills the remaining cat. Beltin moves up and spits acid on Laurus while Pike runs up, draws his sword and swings at Laurus, though he manages to dodge. Sanna heals herself a little as Laurus begins to cast a spell. Pike hits him as he is casting, slicing open his abdomen and causing his entrails to spill across the floor. The look of surprise on his face as the Halfling steals his life is priceless. Sanna cuts off his head and puts it in the portable hole. Beltin attempts to stabilize the cats but only one is still alive. The dead one goes in to the portable hole while Gonoan carries the other. We search this room, and there are tapestries lining the walls depicting gladiatorial combat, a shelf of books and a table covered with parchment. The tapestries are of minor value, the statues appear to be real heroes not gods with plaques naming them: han-gra-dan, ganz yragerne, johydee, lyzandred, kelanen, slerotin. They appear to be hero-gods. The door leads to a modest bedchamber with nothing of interest, just a bed and chest. The parchments are fairly current newspapers from Grey hawk which begs the question how did they come to be here. Laurus has a champions belt(which Pike takes and puts on), breastplate of command(25400gp), bastard sword1 mighty cleaving(8300gp), potion of haste(750gp), buckler+2(4300gp), cloak of charisma +2(4000gp), and a ring of prot +2(8000gp). We ask Vexia why she went through the vortex but she doesn’t know what we are talking about, she tells us that she used alternate forms to move around and there is another way down here on the far end of the promenade where the grand stairs are. We move back to the double doors on to the stage, Pike becomes invisible and moves to the other door. He checks It, opens it and finds it leads to the map room. We head to the visitors room and Vexia offers to reconnoiter for us and discovers there is a way to get over the wall at the end of the promenade. We move through the dark hallway to the grand stair case and around to the top of the wall. Gonoan and Vexia move up and look over, seeing a ruinous battlefield marked with spattered blood and shattered stalactites. Purple tents lie smashed to the ground here and there. East and west are 2 passageways with the western lit with a faint yellow glow. We move to the top of the wall and spider climb down. We begin to move around towards the lighted cavern, checking the fallen tents, finding a larger command tent but it looks as though they have already been looted. The western passage has glowing clouds floating above the floor, smears of greasy yellow mold glowing dimly on the walls, large swathes of yellow fungus growing in beds along the floor, to the south is a waterfall from a cleft rock to a pool below and drains to the north from a narrow creek. A monstrous plant creature lumbers forward with vacant eyes, unerringly moving in our direction. Beltin steps forward and spits a line of acid at it while Obregon puts 6 force arrows in to it. Sanna puts a cloud around it and it moves forward a little. Pike puts a bolt in it and Gonoan charges it, accepting a hit and then missing with his swing. Suddenly, 2 undead bullits appear from underground and one attacks Obregon. Beltin attacks the bullit on Obregon, hitting once. Obregon puts 4 arrows in it and it falls in its tracks as Sanna blasts the other bullit and plant creature with cold. Pike moves up and puts another bolt in the plant. The plant sprays something at Gonoan which has no effect. It then hits him with 6 vine attacks. He responds by slashing it back 3 times. The bullit charges Pike but misses and Beltin charges it and hits. Obregon puts 6 arrows in the plant creature as Sanna drops a lightning ball on both creatures, killing both instantly. Let’s look around.

October 18th, 2016

We head back to the fountain and move to the next level down. This room has been pulverized; the walls and doors are gone and the area is filled with rubble and debris. There are no clear paths around here. Obregon can tell there is something like a enormous worm living down here. No other creatures have been moving around down here and nothing besides the fountain is magical. We begin to move around and explore, following the trail of the creature. We squeeze through a tunnel which seems to lead to its lair. This room is covered in stone that appears to have come from the walls and floors of this level. Gonoan can tell that but is unsure if it’s used to contain the creature or appease it. He steps forward and we hear a rumble, as the ground in front of us begins to rise and fall. We can now see a large serpent moving our way. Beltin drinks an enlarge person potion. Elaine casts mage armor on herself while Pike lines up his shot and begins to blink. Sanna casts disintegrate, seriously hurting it. Obregon speeds himself up and takes 12 shots, hitting with 11. It appears almost dead at this point so Gonoan charges it, taking a bite from it and putting his axe deep into its skull, standing triumphant over its twitching corpse. Obregon tracks the creature back to its lair. We begin to search this area and after about an hour, we find a locked iron box. After another hour, we find nothing else. Pike unlocks the box and finds a silver serving set (500gp) and after some other looking, there is a simple spoon made of horn in the bottom. Elaine casts detect magic and the horn spoon is magical. She uses the monocle and determines it is a myrluns spoon (5400gp). Unsatisfied with that treasure, Beltin suggests cutting the worm open and see if it has anything in its innards. Gonoan cuts it open and within its bowels, we find nothing but a gagging stench. We decide to move back out of the ruins and send Elaine and Justin home and then enter the tower of magic. As we are moving through the tower, Sanna is aware of a stronger magical aura in the tower that increases her spell penetration. We move through the floors until we get to the golem forge and find incomplete gingerbread men on the tables. Gonoan breaks a piece off of one and a squeaky voice from the darkness calls out “I wouldn’t do that, that was a friend of mine”. We see a cute little thing made of dough. He says to not touch the raisins on the incomplete baked goods. He works for the chefs who are away, attacking a city or so he thinks. The gingerbread men are for attacking the city and the chefs should be back in an hour. We decide to wait for them to return. Sanna used the detect magic wand and finds the icing is magical. The yellow si magic circle vs chaos, greater magic fang from the blue, and cure moderate wounds in the red. Then we hear something call out to the marshmallow boy. The 3 chefs come in and ask who we are. Mo has a spoon, Larry has a keyring and Curly Joe isn’t carrying anything, and they are all wearing different magical looking aprons. They say they have to get to work and ask what we want. Beltin says we are here to stop the attack on greyhawk and hear they are part of it. They say they are just making the soldiers, Tasha is in charge and she’s in the tower of zagig. Obregon tells them we have to stop their work and they can leave or die. They ask after his union card and he shoots an arrow right past Mo’s head. Beltin leans forward and growls “run” at them. Gonoan cuts the head off one of the gingerbread men. The chefs begin running but fight about who gets to go first though eventually make their way out. We break all of their equipment and head on our way. Obregon attempts to get poppin frosh to accompany us but it seems he will lose his magic outside this room. We make it to the teleportation room and notice on the way that the damage through here has been repaired. We drink our potions and enter the hole. Gonoan is first, followed by Beltin. The ride is disorienting and time is impossible to gauge. As we exit, we are on a raised dais. There are stairs leading down and there are alcoves to both sides with bas relief carvings of snarling vortexes with teeth and limbs. Sanna comes through and feels nauseated though Pike follows and feels fine. Obregon brings up the rear and is feeling ok as well. Sanna determines that there is a strong wind moving between the 2 alcoves. We hang out until the gaseous form ends and then head to the door. As we move past the wind, it intensifies to gale force levels, effectively trapping us on this side. Pike checks the doors out and Gonoan opens the door which reveals a hallway with a door a short way down and double doors at the end. We move to the first door which has a sign “visitor reception, please enter” and Pike checks it, declares it safe so Gonoan opens it. It opens on to a shockingly bright blue room with a strange human faced sun on the ceiling, and a dust covered couch facing a simple desk and chair. There is a line of wooden pegs above the couch and a door opposite where we are standing. As we enter, a soft chime rings out and the sun opens its mouth and says “master zagig will be with you shortly, please be seated”. We move to the next door and check it, hearing some strange movements behind it so Gonoan opens it and we see a vast long promenade below the walkway we are now on. There is a door at the end of the walkway. The large area has a stage with stairs to the floor with walkways around it. We can hear rhythmic crashes in the distance which stop suddenly when we cross the walkway to the next door. Gonoan opens it and we see a hall in front of us and one to the left. The one in front of us ends in a circular room and the left leads to a door. There are 5 stinky nests made of rags and bloody clothes around an iron cauldron filled with congealed blood. We find some baubles as we begin searching when we are beset upon by a goblin like thing with a red cap. Pike shoots twice at it, hitting once. Sanna hits it with ice knife. Obregon moves down by pike and hits it twice with arrows. Pike hits it with another bolt. Beltin runs up and smacks it with his morning star. Sanna misses with an orb and it turns to flee, accepting a hit from Beltin. It closes the door behind it.

October 4th, 2016

To the south is a door, to the east is a hall with lots of rubble and dead bodies, to the north the hall ends in an odd shaped room with more bodies, and to the west is a small room with moldy straw beds. Obregon heads down the eastern hall following the tracks of a large humanoid, around the rubble, until he comes to an open trap door where the passage turns to the south. He can see the glint of gold and gems at the bottom along with the scaly remains of some dead snakes. He gets the rest of us as it appears only Pike is actually small enough to reach in to get the treasure. Pike checks the trap and finds nothing to worry about so climbs down, while Obregon shoots an arrow in to the area to ensure nothing is still alive. Pike begins reaching in to grab the treasure and pulls out 25 gp, 38sp, a small purple amethyst (100gp), and a gold ring the size of a bracelet. He attempts to put the ring on and just before it goes around his hand, it shrinks and fits on his finger. Brother Justin asks to see the ring and says there are some sigils on it but none of us can read them. The hall continues and there are a couple of doors along it. The tracks continue on as well but don’t go through the doors. Pike checks the east door, finds no traps and Gonoan kicks it open. There are bodies on the floor which begin to stir and rise. Beltin steps in and spits acid on these wights as Sanna hits them each with a ray, and down they go. We search the room and find nothing but there is another door on the other side of the room. Pike checks it, finds nothing, so Gonoan kicks it but falls backwards instead. Beltin reaches over and attempts to pull it open but its stuck. We work together and force it open. We are now looking at another small room with 3 more wights who are waiting for us and another door. Beltin again steps forward and spits acid, but Sanna chooses to do nothing. Gonoan moves in and splits one in half with a mighty blow. One of the wights steps to the far door, bangs on it and calls out in an odd language. Obregon puts an arrow through its forehead. Pike puts a bolt in the neck of the remaining one. Pike listens at the next door and hears movement while Obregon can tell that there has been nothing moving in this room in a really long time. Gonoan kicks open the door, revealing 4 more wights. Beltin steps up and spits acid, killing 3 of them. Obregon turns the last one in to a pincushion. We search the rooms and find a chest. It is unlocked and untrapped. Elaine casts detect magic around the rooms but sees nothing. The chest contains 2300gp, 11500sp, 5gems (1000gp each). We put the chest in one of the portable holes. We head to the other door in the hall and hear a couple creatures behind it. Gonoan attemtps to kick it in but just opens it regularly after that doesn’t work. Behind it is a couple of wights on their feet, ready to rend our flesh. Obregon puts the first one down while Sanna hits the other with 3 rays, obliterating it. Gonoan opens the next door which is stuck, revealing another room which is empty. Sanna runs up to the door and attempts to punch the door open with her fist of stone but fails. Gonoan opens it and we see 6 wights awaiting us. Sanna blasts them with electricity, frying them all instantly. We search these rooms, and find some old musty books. They appear to be the notes and research of Shodei the illusionist. We put them in the portable hole. We continue to follow the tracks, explore as much as we can, without finding much of interest and eventually end up back at the fountain. We move to the door in the south wall which Pike checks, and deems safe. Gonoan opens the door, revealing an art gallery. There are multiple alcoves in this L shaped room, each holding a beautiful work of art. Pike warns against touching anything. Sanna casts detect magic around the room, and learns all of the art is magical and cursed. There are 3 that are particularly interesting, one shows a 3 dimensional image of Sanna’s childhood home as it should look now. She has Obregon look and he sees his hometown as well. Another is a jeweled statue of a noble woman dripping in jewels with an amulet around its neck. The 3rd are 2 exquisite elvish dancers in a faint ball of light that is floating around. We choose not to touch anything. Pike is looking for the secret door he knows is here, finds and opens it. There is a long set of stairs descending into a dim room which hasn’t been much disturbed except when Pike came through here previously. He tells us that this will eventually lead to the tower of magic. We decide to go back to the fountain and go down another level. We come out in another room, with a black pyramid in the room to the east illuminated by a magical point of light, to the west is a door, north is a passage the tees off, south is a long passage with rubble and doors. Obregon looks around and can tell the large tracks we were following appear here and go south but nothing else appears to be moving around. We move toward the pyramid room and see there is a door to the north and a passage to the east. Sanna detects magic and knows the pyramid is a gate to an outer plane of the abyss. We wisely choose to skirt it and move to the hall and begin exploring. This area contains Zagig’s idea of a hotel. With areas designed for many different types of creatures, old furnishings and even some of his old artifacts. There are some undead wandering around this place and we hear some other creatures moving around with either a hard shell or armor. We move towards them and come across 6 umber hulks. Pike hits one with a bolt. Beltin readies himself while Obregon starts shooting, putting 5 arrows in the first one, and it drops in its tracks. As the next one comes around the corner, it hits Beltiin and Gonoan with a gaze attack, confusing them. Sanna drops a cold ball on 3 of them, killing them all. Justin cast shield of faith on Sanna. In his confusion, Gonoan hits Sanna. Pike hits a hulk with 2 bolts, and then Beltin hits Sanna as well. Obregon finishes off the front one then using his belt of battle pours a potion of healing down Sanna’s throat. The last umber hulk flees. Sanna moves away and drinks a healing potion. The rest of the group moves out of range with Obregon melding in to the stone; leaving Gonoan and Beltin babbling incoherently. They alternate babbling and hitting each other for a short while longer until the confusion passes. The last hulk moves back up to which Gonoan charges and hits it. Obregon hits it with a couple of arrows and Beltin finishes it off with acid. Time to regroup.

September 20th 2016

An unseen servant delivers Vayn’s journal to the house with instructions to take it to a special reading room at the guild. Sanna and Elaine follow the directions and find themselves in a room with a multitude of different lamps, one of which has a permanent dispel magic on it. Reading by this light, they are able to see what Vayn wrote. Meanwhile, Pike meets Riann at the church who has a novice healer check him out. They question him as to why he feels something is wrong. He doesn’t have anything specific, he just worries. They have him disrobe and check him over, taking samples of saliva and hair and such. Riann tells him that he has a clean bill of health and they can’t find anything wrong. He asks about protection and she tells him that would take a number of different things. Sanna reads the journal and finds most of the entries are petty accounts of Vayne’s misfortunes, long lists of belongings taken from him as payment for multiple resurrections (which he would one day like to reclaim from the church of Iuz) and ravings against his superiors, in particular a wizard named Null whom Vayne particularly despises. He never mentions Iuz by name but it seems obvious that the Old One is in fact the subject of many of Vayne’s thinly veiled metaphors and satires. The most important information in the journal concerns the simulacrum of Iggwilv. In one entry, Vayne gloats about a great treasure he found while skulking about the depths of Iuz’s palace-a comb that had fallen behind a dresser. Caught in its times was a single dark strand of a woman’s hair –but not just any woman’s. This hair was from the mother of Iuz, the witch queen Iggwilv herself! The entry further describes how he used a scroll of simulacrum on the hair a few days after his arrival in Castle Greyhawk. Only 12 hours later, Vayne had a unique minion, a simulacrum of one of the most powerful wizards known to Greyhawk. A subsequent entry describes how Vayne knew from his studies that the real Iggwilv spent some time in the dungeons below the Tower of Zagig as the great wizards’s apprentice, or perhaps his lover. Another mentions that although the simulacrum retained none of the original Iggwilv’s memories, he knew that some of the defenses Zagig had left behind might well be fooled into thinking that the wizard’s’ ancient ally had returned to the tower. Other entries record how Vayne sent the simulacrum through the transportation device with orders to explore the region and gather resources for the coming army (and included details on how to use the transport) At the end is a single oblique reference to a true mission for the simulacrum but the journal entries do not elaborate further. She then researches the orb of opposition and learns that it is a unique item and must function differently than a mirror of opposition which causes you to fight your double to the death. We determine to use mage hand to grab the orb and get a box to store it in. Beltin meets with Eritae and tells her our adventure. She shares with him that there have been rumors from the mages guild that the church of boccob may be involved somehow with Iuz’s plan. Whether directly or by just not trying to stop it, this could be trouble. She asks for any information we may uncover about what they are planning next. Sanna walks the streets, attempting to recruit followers of Wee-Jas and finds a gullible priest to tag along. The party heads out to the ruins on the 26th of Ready’reat and Elaine and Brother Justin accompany us. We reach the tower without event and enter Zagyg’s tower through the front door. We hear what sounds like ogres in the distance but they don’t molest us. There are also newly fresh corpses as we reach the trapdoor to below. Pike checks it, and declares it safe. When we approach the portcullis trap, Pike finds and disables it. We head down a couple more landings when a dozen armored trolls attack our rear from behind an illusory wall. Obregon takes 2 shots and hits once. Beltin moves to the back while Justin moves away to the front. The front troll hits Beltin and takes acid splash in return. Elaine casts magic missile at the first troll as Pike hits it with a bolt. Sanna lights up the front 2 trolls, dropping the first one. Obregon puts 2 arrows in the 2nd, dropping it and then seriously injures the 3rd with 4 arrows. Beltin spits acid down the hall, killing one and injuring 3 others. The front one charges and attempts to hit Beltin but can’t connect. The second one moves next to Beltin and accepts a hit from him. Elaine casts a ray of frost at the front one while Gonoan rages and starts whaling on the front one, dropping it. Pike hits one with a bolt while Sanna smacks the one next to Beltin with a ray. Obregon finishes 2 more off. The next troll charges, taking a hit from Beltin and then swings a claw at him, missing badly. Gonoan swings and misses horribly but recovers and cuts it down anyway. Pike bounces 2 bolts off of the next one’s armor and Sanna puts a sculpted electric ball on top of the 5 remaining trolls. Obregon takes out the next 2 and Beltin hits them with acid again. The remaining 3 run away. We continue down the stairs until we hit a landing where the rest of the stairs are blocked by rubble so we relocate the secret door. We open it and are back where the Orogs and orcs were located. We use the book of teleporters and find a fountain that will take us lower in Zagygs tower. Beltin jumps in and as he sinks, he vanishes from sight. He spider climbs back up and is in a new chamber. It is round with 3 open halls and one door. The rest of the party follows and climbs out. Which do we choose?

September 6th, 2016

We head back to Greyhawk and manage to arrive in early evening with no violent encounters. We head home, find Elaine at the house and Beltin notices that a couple of his street kids are hanging around. Elaine feels that as people are learning where we live, they walk by to look. She notices the house has been watched but feels it is protective not malevolent. Pike makes some advances on Elaine but she politely rebuffs him. Beltin goes back out and meets with the boys. One of them does all the talking with the others keep their distance. They don’t have any new information. They receive a silver piece and are told to go to the back of the diner and they will be fed. He then goes to the diner and meets the owner who tells him that the church of Boccob seems to be upping security though the church of St Cuthbert and the other churches in town are not. Beltin tells him to keep his eyes open and gives him a gold. Meanwhile, Obregon takes a bath, after whom Gonoan uses the same water to bathe. Sanna is trying to convince Elaine to become a cleric of Weejas so he doesn’t have to. Elaine looks at her strangely and excuses herself until “Sanna comes to her senses”. Beltin and Gonoan end up at the Green Dragon Inn, where Gonoan gets drunk and buys for the house. Beltin speaks with Rikard and shares a synopsis of our recent adventures. He tells him about the register and port book. Beltin notices that it’s a little slow still but sees at least 4 people that seem to recognize him. One of them is Kellick who is playing chess but takes a moment to nod a greeting before returning to the game. After a while Tenser shows up and they exchange greetings. They grab a table and Beltin shares more of the story especially about Vain and Iuz. Tenser is impressed by our accomplishment. He would like to know everything about Vain and Iuz and wants to know now. He asks us to bring what we found to the mages guild and he will be waiting in one of the lower libraries. Beltin goes home and gets Sanna, gathers up the books and such we found. Pike jumps on the train and comes along. As we go, we notice Tiira and kellick heading in the direction of our house and they attempt to act casual about it though Kellick is not a good actor. Tiira calls out to Pike who stops to chat for a moment. We leave them and head on to the mages guild. Upon arrival, we appear to be expected and are escorted to one of the libraires by a couple of dwarves who close and lock the doors behind us. Mordekainen and Tenser are waiting for us. They say it would not be wise to talk here and we are teleported to another area. Mordekainen and we are in the room with the multi-colored columns we found when seeking the key to tower of magic. Then, as before, we climb through one column to the room where we first me Mordekainen. He tells us that something celestial has happened if a god has been taken against his will. He reminds us that there were gods trapped in the ruins. Mordekainen and the 8 located the gods once and then he attempted to kill Iuz which led to the greyhawk wars. He says that we have what we need though we are wondering what that is. He says it’s our moxie but doesn’t want to tell us any more about the threat so we don’t make the same mistakes he did. He wants us to return to the ruins and continue to explore. Beltin asks if he can help us speed up our magic items so we can get back quicker but he repeats that we have what we need. Mordekainen suggests maybe we split up if some don’t want return and he seems to know how fate is following us. We give the items to Mordekainen who peruses them and thanks us for showing him the book and asks that the other items be returned to the library. He offers to buy them from us if our only goal was to sell them and he will return them to the library. He dispels the enchantment on the journal and recommends we take the time to study it. We agree to return the journal to him after we are finshed with it. He then returns us to where we came in and we head back home. The next day we sell our gear, and order some new. Pike and Obregon go to see Kellick and are ushered in to see him. He escorts us in to another room and Pike tells him about our adventures. Kellick offers to Pike to do some pilfering that may upset the thieves guild if he is looking for a new adventure. Pike is looking for stuff on white plume mountain and may do something for kellick and then draw a card from the deck of many things. Then they return to the house. Sanna apologizes to Elaine who acts cool. Then pike starts hitting on her again upon which Elaine asks him to walk with her. She then tells him that she is uninterested and he is not edgy enough for her. Then offers to set him up with someone who he may actually like better. That conversation goes nowhere. A couple of days later, Riann stops by and wants to talk. She tells us that the priests of Iuz can no longer cast their spells. She asks how we did it. We tell her what happened though we didn’t do it ourselves and then tell her more about our adventures. She seems impressed. We pass the next week or so quietly, collecting the gear we have ordered and attempt to decide our next move…

August 23rd, 2016

We move down the darkened hallway, and after a short ways, we notice that there is a spot of increased darkness on the left wall. It appears to be an opening radiating cold and/or negative energy. Gonoan steps up to the opening, hears something but can’t see anything through the darkness. We begin to move into the room, when there is a burst of cold energy that smacks Gonoan and Beltin as a trap goes off. They rush forward and come out of the darkness and into the midst of an old chapel, complete with rows of pews. At the head is a statue of Iuz with a hobgoblin in front of it, whose eyes are full of malice. Lining the walls are six skeletons which look to be cold and dark. The hobgoblin cries out and points toward the exit, causing the skeletons to begin to move. Obregon moves out of the darkness and attempts to shoot at the hobgoblin but can’t seem to target it so he shoots one skeleton twice. 2 skeletons step up to Beltin and one hits him with a claw. Gonoan turns and hits one of those 3 times. It begins to crumble and then explodes hurting Gonoan and Beltin while healing the other skeleton. Sanna steps up, ducks a claw attack and casts a lightning bolt around the room, hitting each of the creatures. Pike realizes that the other demon is still around and attempts to locate it but can’t find it in the darkness. A skeleton moves over and hits Obregon with a claw. Its partner hits Sanna with 2 claws but misses with a bite. The hobgoblin moves down from the dais and casts a spell with no apparent result. Beltin moves to the wall and sprays 2 skeletons and the hobgoblin with acid, destroying one skeleton and causing another explosion. The last 2 skeletons move up and each hit Gonoan with a claw. Obregon casts arrow storm and hits each remaining creature, killing the hobgoblin. He then activates his battle belt and hits them all again, causing 2 more to detonate. One skeleton hits Gonoan 3 times, taking acid damage and then explodes when it gets hit in return. Pike fires off 2 bolts at the last skeleton but they pass through the open ribcage. Gonoan finishes it off, accepting another explosion. Obregon finds the hobgoblins MW full plate, great sword in a scabbard, 3 black onyx, and some silver powder. We search the room and find nothing. Sanna casts fist of stone, punches the statue of Iuz in an attempt to destroy it but instead trips a trap which blasts her. Obregon finds the demons tracks and it has moved back and forth several time s but appears to have gone back the way we came. Pike believes the demons have been tasked with keeping us from leaving. We head further down the hallway until it begins to shrink smaller with a small hole in the end of the wall surrounded by runes. Beltin checks the book we found about teleporters but it doesn’t contain any info on this. Sanna believes you have to be gaseous or an elemental to pass through while Pike thinks the runes indicate this is intended for high level wizards only and leads to somewhere powerful. Sanna gets fed up with thinking and sticks her finger in the hole and just manages to pull it back out before it gets yanked off. We decide to hold off on further exploration of this phenomenon and head back to the teleporters. When we enter the teleportation room, Gonoan hears something moving. He can’t see it but it reaches out and touches Gonoan, casting darkness on him. Pike moves into the room invisibly while Beltin moves as well and breathes acid on the demon. Gonoan punches it futilely to which it responds by clawing him twice. Sanna casts 3 rays at it, hitting once. Pike hits it once from the corner while Beltin hits him once but doesn’t do any damage. Gonoan glares at it as it hits him with a claw. Obregon puts it out of its misery. Back through the teleporter…


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