Beltin Durkees

Human Male Dragon Shaman


Str-18, Dex-14, Con-14, Int-8, Wis-10, Cha-14
AC: 24, 14 touch, 22 flatfooted
HP: 84
Fort-9, Reflex-5, Will-7
1 Morningstar hit 14/9, dam 1d85, crit x2
w/crystal of fire assault, greater +1d6 fire +1d6 fire on round 2
w/demolition crystal lesser +1d6 vs constructs, treated as adamantine

Mithral chain shirt +2
Steel shield +2
Amulet of natural armor +1
Ring of protection +1
Hewards hand haversack
Everburning torch
Dragon spirit cincture
Ring of feather falling
Caduceus bracers
Gauntlets of ogre power


Hometown: Lower Eery, situated in the Cairn Hills between High Eery and Blackwall Keep. A mining town whose chief exports were copper, slate and a little timber until 5 years ago when a strong vein of silver was discovered in an old copper shaft. The wall in front of the vein mysteriously collapsed and exposed the silver. It is suspected that the middle aged copper Dragon Axonfiliacasta, known to live further in the Hills had something to do with it. Since then the town has grown to a population of 1100 as miners, smelters, and others interested in getting their money out of this new discovery have poured in. Parlax Durkees is the Chieftain of the clan Axfall and the defacto mayor of this growing town. He is a Dragon Shaman 7. The clan still controls most of the resources in town and has managed to keep things under control. A year ago, Parlax sent his eldest son, Beltin, then 19, out to Greyhawk to learn the ways of the city, develop contacts and be prepared to return home to govern the growing town someday. Being raised in a small tight knit community has taught him that all people are the same. Watching the town grow so quickly taught him that people need rule or will tend toward anarchy. His current goals are to learn, meet people, gain influence and experience to aid his home. He tends towards good with a healthy cynicism towards law. He enjoys life, whether hunting orcs, tumbling a whore, or drinking with his friends. Beltin is fairly laid back but has a furious temper when roused

Beltin Durkees

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