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Who is who?

April 4th, 2017

We return home and chill out. Pike uses his knock feature to unlock the steel box we found in the demons library. Inside is a dark rock which appears to be its only contents. Pike reaches in and grabs it, finding that it feels very heavy. Sanna casts detect magic and learns this is a lodestone, a cursed item that slows down the bearer. Brunj can remove the curse in the morning so no running for Pike until then. Brunj does just that the next morning and then he casts speak with dead on the female mage we found in the timeless room. He asks her name and she say Ahsat. We ask how she came to the timeless room and she says she was pulled through a portal and immediately attacked by her evil doppleganger. We ask if she touched an orb or anything before arriving here and she says no she was attacked and then appeared here. After this answer, she stops responding. We sell our loot and order our items then decide to head to the mage’s guild with Ahsat and the dracolisk. The dwarven porters lead us through a back way to a waiting room and then Tenser shows up. We tell him that she is the doppleganger of Tasha. He asks where we found her and we relay the story. He says the orb of opposition has other names and then “um, Nolzur, Quaal, Keoughtum, Heward, Tasha, Zagig and Myrlund were the company of 7 who were there that day. Excuse me, wait here and touch nothing”. He returns and says “Mordekainen has not made himself available to me to answer any questions”. He says the body needs to be destroyed as having the opposites on the same plane can have disastrous results. We tell him to do what he needs to do. He tells us that Robilar betrayed them back at the signing but that may have been Bilaro. He asks that we don’t discuss these details with others. He gives us 30,000 gp for the dracolisk body. Sanna remembers that Tenser was different after he was killed and came back. And that when we first encountered him at the green dragon inn he looked at Rikard for a moment and then stared at Galanz. He pulled out a dragon chess piece and set it in front of Galanz who then tips it over. Tenser stalks out and Galanz tucks it in to his belt. We now know Galanz is really Bilaro so this is very odd in retrospect. Pike and Brunj go to the thieves guild and report in. On the way, Brunj asks how much he will be getting for his services and Pike offers 5k gp now and around 12% of his take each time we adventure out plus raise him from the dead if needed. Agreement struck. They meet Tiira and she acts a little disdainful towards Pike. Pike shares the tale and she nods. She asks how Pike is going to enrich her and he responds by saying he pays his dues, is there something else she wants him to do. She says to keep doing what he is doing and they will be watching. He donates 3k gold to the guild. He then goes to Kellick and shares our adventures with him. Kellick says he doesn’t have to come by to check in, just to keep up his journal. He asks if Pike has anything new or interesting to share and specifically asks about the octych. He offers to trade something for it and would like to talk with us about some of the things we found. Pike asks about the deck of many things and Kellick allows him to pull from it. He chooses 2 cards and gets the rogue and Vizier cards. Pike and Brunj return and say that Kellick would like to see Sanna about the octych she is carrying.


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