grey hawk

Violence and Violet

June 27th, 2017

Riann casts a spell that appears to heal her and then another while pointing at Sanna and saying “you need to go to the chapel and clean up”. She then flies towards Obregon. Beltin flies right above her and attempts to hit her but misses. Pike begins to aim while Sanna moves off and begins cleaning the door to the chapel which she can’t open. Obregon shoots at her 12 times, hitting once. Gonoan moves over under Riann but doesn’t attack; just looks up menacingly. Brunj moves out and casts spiritual weapon, hitting her once. Elaine moves to Sanna and pulls out the dispel magic wand. Riann pulls the shield from her back which begins to float around her while she hits Beltin with one of her stingers. Beltin swings and misses, and then pulls out a potion. Pike shoots twice but misses as well. Obregon shoots her 8 times, hitting twice. Gonoan stands, cursing Beltin as a coward. Brunj’s spiritual weapon misses and he casts flame strike hitting her plus Gonoan and Beltin. She takes no damage but both party members do. Elaine attempts to dispel the magic on Sanna but fails. Riann attacks Beltin with all 4 stingers, causing him to fall unconscious and drift to the floor. Obregon shoots 8 more times, hitting thrice. Pike becomes invisible and moves next to her. Gonoan looks at Beltin’s fallen body and mumbles about needing to kill him but takes no actions. Brunj casts break enchantment, freeing Sanna and Gonoan from Riann’s influence. Elaine casts magic missile from the wand, hitting with 4. Riann pulls out her spiked chains and says she will kill Beltin if anyone attacks her and then starts casting a spell. Gonoan smacks her once and then Pike reaches on to his tiptoes and slides his longsword in to her groin, releasing the magic missiles stored therein. The shocked look on her face lasts only a moment before her corporeal form vanishes. Brunj restores Beltin and heals Gonoan. We move back down to the chapel and resume our search. We put the remains in the portable hole and find one body is of Riann. We find nothing else of interest so head up the other staircase. It ends at a door which pike opens with Zagig’s key revealing a medium sized room with doors lining the walls. Each door contains a bronze plaque emblazoned with a simple rune indicating the different schools of magic. A hardback chair next to a table heaped with books and papers is on our left. The majority of the room appears to be a laboratory set up with alchemical tools and vials. In the back right corner is a bed surrounded by gauzy curtains. We search the room carefully, and find lots of spell components, items to help create magical items and books for doing the same. Nothing is magical as Sanna uses the wand. Pike checks the door with Evocation engraved on it and finds nothing so opens it on to a small room with spell components and apparatuses for use in Evocation. This trend holds true for the rest of the doors and we collect all of the items from the closets and the rest of the room in to our portable hole. We search these rooms and find a secret door in the 3rd one up on the left. Pike checks it and is able to open it, which reveals a hallway that’s about 20’ long with an alcove opening on the right. We move down and pause while Pike checks the other end. The alcove contains a pair of pale violet metal doors, 10’tall, with a carving of catstle greyhawk in its prime with a large human coming out of the clouds above it to a cheering crowd. Pike finds a secret door and after a few tries is able to open it. He opens it to reveal a passage that turns around a corner. We walk down and look around the corner and see a statue of Zagig. There is a set of foot prints moving from the statue to the double doors, identical to those Obregon found leading to the statue in the other hallway which vanished. So we move back and Pike checks the violet doors, finds no trap or lock but they won’t open even to Zagig’s key. Sanna says prayers to boccob and zagig but nothing happens. Detect magic reveals an overwhelmingly strong aura of unreadable school. Zagig likely created these doors so sanna pulls out the octych and while nothing happens, he notices the octych is a orangeish metal while this is violet. Sanna tries the other key of Zagig she has and….


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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