grey hawk

Shadow Phoenix in Wonderland

July 11th, 2017

Pike attempts to blindly use the doors as a magic item but nothing happens. Elaine suggests we may need to assemble something from the shards. Gonoan believes it is a super hard metal that was forged or magically created all at one time. Sanna and Elaine sit down and begin reviewing all of the notes we have accumulated. We learn that most of what Iggwilv has comes from the level below where Shinda is imprisoned. She is trying to become more powerful but cannot grow as adventurers do. She also has a plant called obliviax which can steal memories. Sanna believes we are still on our home plane. We decide we need to rest and obtain new fire crystals before proceeding further. Then we will go back to the level below Shinda and finish exploring. We begin to make our way out and teleport back in to the nexus chamber, and then head up to the chamber with Shinda. We rest there for the evening. We go back up through the ziggurat and get the new fire crystals. We head back down and Pike takes another chance at opening Shinda’s cage which somehow works; she appears outside and becomes full size. She is ecstatic and hugs Pike. She tells us that despite the urgent situation her priority is her estate but will use any of her spells and spell-like abilities on our behalf. We ask if she will translate the runes tables so we head down and she says they indicate the vault of creation, tower of zagig, zagigs prison, and crypts of the forgotten. As she is leaving, she says that we will see her again when all of this is settled.We then head towards the hallway that said “do not enter”. We pass by the display cases and each take our dolls out, then feeling the sense of completeness and foreboding. Pike puts his in his pouch without touching it. Gonoan opens the door that says Go Back and sees “It’s not too late” on the northern wall. This hall seems to go on forever but after about 20’ the walls seem to become tree trunks instead of stone. Along the ground are what appear to be a couple of playing cards kind of twirling as if in a light wind. We move down the hall and as we get closer the playing cards start to move away. We are able to tell that they are actually little creatures shaped like playing cards. Obregon notices that there are no natural sounds and suddenly the hall is gone behind us. We are physically unable to move backwards and our gear is growing larger as we move ahead. Obregon moves up ahead of the party until he is the same size as his doll, takes the gear off of it and puts it on. All of what he had is there and functional so the rest of us follow suit. We move further on and the forest starts to sound more normal and the card creatures are gone. Obregon notices that the sounds aren’t quite right. Sanna digs deep in her knowledge to determine we are on another plane and knows that it has normal gravity, a finite size, and impeded travel so we should stay on the path. A flower says good morning to Sanna who replies. Obregon asks it where the exit is and it responds that there is no exit. In the distance it appears the path becomes a maze. There are some odd creatures as well which look a little familiar but not quite right. Zagigs key begins pulling Pike and we decide to follow its suggestion. After a while we come to a clearing with a 3 story white marble palace made with alternating white and red slabs. The card creatures are peaking from the palace doors and disappear inside when they see us. Off to the side is a strange looking snake creature wearing spectacles which has obviously eaten something as it is thick in the middle. It asks if we have a spell book, as it needs spells to escape. It claims to have eaten a pepper shaker. It says we haven’t been here long enough but wonders what we will turn in to. It then slithers off and the key pulls us towards to the palace doors. The cards are beginning to close the doors and Beltin and Gonoan charge the doors causing them to flee. When we get in, we see a large room with alternating rose and white blocks. To the north and south are double doors emblazoned with red hearts. The west has two sets of stairs going up and between is a set of stairs going down to double doors which stand ajar. Through the doors can be heard a shrill voice arguing with others. “My husband is not here, he is out hunting the bandysnitch and won’t be back for a while. You are supposed to protect us, sweetie”. We head to the open doors and this is obviously a royal court. On the far end are red thrones, one of which is occupied by a striking noble woman. In front of here are 6 square shaped humanoids. Beltin calls out “Greetings your highness”. She points her rod at us and asks “Are these the ones that vex you so, Lindurm”. A male voice comes from the air beside her saying yes. She cries out, “very well, Guards! Off with their heads”. Beltin runs up and sprays them all with acid, though the queen seems unaffected. Obregon begins firing off arrows at the guards, killing 2. Gonoan charges one and cuts it in half. Sanna drops a fireball on them, killing 2 more leaving just one. The queen appears to take no damage from this either. Pike takes a shot at the queen but it appears to pass through her. Elaine shoots the last card guard, killing it. We hear a clicking noise followed by an explosion and something goes whipping by Obregon but doesn’t hit him. Beltin moves towards the dais and is stopped by an invisible barrier. He attempts to teleport through it but it seems the very plane resists him. How do we get through this?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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