grey hawk

Set up!

May 2nd, 2017

We make our way to the connecting hallways beneath the towers and go in to the tower of Zagig. We find no evidence of Iggwilv immediately so we move down the through the fountains but still find nothing. We move back up through the tower of magic and go around to talk to the priests of Boccob. We ask if they have seen Iggwilv or know where she might be. They believe it is of no importance to Boccob but think she would be in the tower of Zagig. They don’t know what the shards are and don’t know about the demoness. We let them see the octych and they believe this must be important to Zagig for some reason. They surmise Iggwilv has likely shut herself away at the God trap. The shards are probably the only way in at this point. Pike attempts to use the octych without success. Elaine looks over the octych and believes it is of seul construction. We decide to talk to Kellick after all. We make the trek back to Greyhawk and show him the octych and ask what he knows. Kellick offers to call in a fellow seeker that knows more about them. He arrives and is a Seul. He and Sanna exchange pleasantries. He then approaches Sanna and takes the octych while assuring her that he will not claim it. He agrees it is an octych and stresses how important it is. Eli Tumerast is someone who would love to get their hands on it and has a heritage for using them but we should keep it away from him. Mordekainen would probably know more. He then takes Kellick in to another room. They return a few moments later and ask if there is anything else we need. Kellick also asks if we have found anything else of interest. We tell him about the items from the cases off the rainbow room. He says if we leave them there, he will take a look at them so we do. We head home and find a scroll on the table. It says I need to talk to you about Riann, meet me at the church. We send back “when” and get back “now, its important”. We head out with Pike and Obregon scouting ahead. They see Riann waiting for us and immediately hide. Pike comes back to the rest of us and we decide to come at her from several directions. She is startled and tells us that she didn’t call for us. Her high priest told her to be here and look for us. We notice that the top of one tower is lit up and someone is moving around. She says there have been some strange incidents, from the demon attempting to breach the walls and now the high priest is acting not like himself. Beltin turns and begins climbing the tower. Sanna moves to the base of the tower looking for a way in . Beltin looks in the window and sees an older man in his night clothes. He does not seem surprised to see Beltin at his window. Beltin asks if we can help him and he says that is a strange question after climbing up the wall. He invites Beltin in and asks why he’s here. Beltin tells him that someone summoned us to talk about Riann and sent Riann to meet us, and it was probably him. So what did he need? He says it will be quick and closes the window. Beltin opens the window and hollers out “this seems hinky”. The rest of the party starts running up the stairs inside the tower. The priest says you should not have opened that window. His form changes and he grows bone like wings with stingers and now appears to be a female succubus. It seems this is the demon that has been terrorizing the church. Beltin gets in a hit as she changes though it doesn’t seem to hurt as much as it should. He then spits acid in her face and jumps out the window. The party is at the chamber door and Pike picks the lock. Sanna opens the door and immediately shoots the succubus with a disintegrate. She is pretty messed up but isn’t dead yet. Gonoan runs up and hits her with his axe while Elaine hits her with some magic missiles from the wand. Pike shoots at her with his crossbow but misses. Obregon begins shooting her with arrow after arrow until it crumbles. As it falls, it turns back in to the priest. People outside are beginning to yell and congregate towards the tower. Beltin climbs back up and tells the rest of the party to come out the window and bring the priest. We make a beeline toward the outer wall and climb over it. At least one person spots us and hollers out as we are going. Shit, we have been set up.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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