grey hawk

September 9th, 2015

We see a handful of orogs and a lot of orcs approaching from the next couple of rooms. Pike leads off by putting a bolt through an orcs neck and Beltin melts the remaining 5 in the first room. Obregon kills 2 more after climbing the barricade. Sanna climbs over and kills 2 with magic missiles while Gonoan climbs over and moves in to the first room. The remaining 3 orogs move up and throw javelins at Sanna but can’t seem to hit her. The orcs move out of view while Nat climbs over to our side. Pike puts a bolt in one of the orogs while Beltin runs up and hits another. Obregon finishes off the 2 damaged orogs and injures the last one. Sanna moves up behind Beltin, pats Gonoan and tells him to have fun and proceeds to do nothing. The orcs start retreating but 4 of them do stop to toss javelins at Gonoan though only 2 hit. He shrugs it off as if it ain’t nothing but a thing. Natauru warns us in an ominous voice that there are a LOT more orcs. Pike hits another orc with a bolt while Beltin runs up into their midst. They have no weapons in hand so don’t try to hit him on the way by. Obregon moves up to where he can see and Sanna kills another one with an ice knife. Gonoan charges and kills another and the rest attempt to flee while drawing their weapons though 2 fall to Beltin as they try to pass him. We are now faced with a closed door and the hall that the remaining couple of orcs flee down. Pike moves up to join the group while Beltin catches up to the running orcs, taunting them as he goes. Everyone else moves up and the orcs try to hit Beltin but fail so he kills them each with a single blow. We go back to the door we saw previously which Pike proclaims is safe. It opens on to a medium sized room containing straw pallets and the remains of partially eaten animals. It smells overwhelmingly of orc and refuse but contains nothing of obvious interest. Gonoan and Beltin move to keep watch as Pike and Obregon begin searching the room but very quickly we hear hordes of creatures moving at us from both directions. Pike moves up next to Beltin who moves up and breathes acid on the oncoming horde, killing 7 orcs and injuring 3 orogs. Sanna moves towards the other group and casts a blade barrier around herself though she is now in the dark. Nat yells no and runs up behind her. Some of the orcs move up and throw javelins at Sanna but can’t seem to hit her even though she can’t see. The orcs from the other side try to swarm Beltin though he manages to kill 4 of them as they do so. One he hits so hard, his morning star gets caught in its spine and he uses that corpse to crush the head in of another. Obregon uses his arrow storm to kill 5 orcs and injure 2 orogs. The orogs move up but don’t get any attacks off. Gonoan charges an orog and attempts to knock it back but actually bounces off of it. Pike hits an orc with a bolt, Sanna blasts 11 with electricity and Beltin kills 5 with acid breath. The last 3 on beltin’s side swing at him but miss and then try to run away but fall as he hits each of them. There was one still at the barricade, who looks scared and runs away. We finish searching the room but find nothing so we keep going even though we can hear orc noises somewhere off in the distance the way we came. As we move down, the hall opens into a large room with a couple of doors and a passageway. This appears to be their lair. It is deserted but it seems they just left down the passageway. We check both doors, one of them is a largish empty room with a barricaded exit across from us. The second door leads to another hallway with a couple of doors that open into family living areas. We go down the passageway in to another room with a door and a hallway. Behind the door is a slightly nicer bed room with nothing of interest but there is a secret door. Pike gets it open and it is empty for which he wails his frustration. We continue to follow the orcs and begin to see evidence of rust monsters on the floor. We come across a door that appears to pivot on its center. Pike checks the door and pivots it open revealing a room with nothing but wood and cloth and rust and revolving doors in the center of each wall. Booted foot prints have passed through here somewhat recently as well as rust monsters. We begin searching the room and begin to hear insect like chittering in the distance. We begin readying for battle, Pike hides and Beltin climbs on to the ceiling. The door opposite us opens and 4 rust monsters begin coming through. Sanna hits one with a ray while Obregon finishes it off. He then puts 2 arrows in another. The monsters come in and gang up on Obregon. They manage to dissolve his armor and mace. What will they eat before we stop them?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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