grey hawk

September 6th, 2016

We head back to Greyhawk and manage to arrive in early evening with no violent encounters. We head home, find Elaine at the house and Beltin notices that a couple of his street kids are hanging around. Elaine feels that as people are learning where we live, they walk by to look. She notices the house has been watched but feels it is protective not malevolent. Pike makes some advances on Elaine but she politely rebuffs him. Beltin goes back out and meets with the boys. One of them does all the talking with the others keep their distance. They don’t have any new information. They receive a silver piece and are told to go to the back of the diner and they will be fed. He then goes to the diner and meets the owner who tells him that the church of Boccob seems to be upping security though the church of St Cuthbert and the other churches in town are not. Beltin tells him to keep his eyes open and gives him a gold. Meanwhile, Obregon takes a bath, after whom Gonoan uses the same water to bathe. Sanna is trying to convince Elaine to become a cleric of Weejas so he doesn’t have to. Elaine looks at her strangely and excuses herself until “Sanna comes to her senses”. Beltin and Gonoan end up at the Green Dragon Inn, where Gonoan gets drunk and buys for the house. Beltin speaks with Rikard and shares a synopsis of our recent adventures. He tells him about the register and port book. Beltin notices that it’s a little slow still but sees at least 4 people that seem to recognize him. One of them is Kellick who is playing chess but takes a moment to nod a greeting before returning to the game. After a while Tenser shows up and they exchange greetings. They grab a table and Beltin shares more of the story especially about Vain and Iuz. Tenser is impressed by our accomplishment. He would like to know everything about Vain and Iuz and wants to know now. He asks us to bring what we found to the mages guild and he will be waiting in one of the lower libraries. Beltin goes home and gets Sanna, gathers up the books and such we found. Pike jumps on the train and comes along. As we go, we notice Tiira and kellick heading in the direction of our house and they attempt to act casual about it though Kellick is not a good actor. Tiira calls out to Pike who stops to chat for a moment. We leave them and head on to the mages guild. Upon arrival, we appear to be expected and are escorted to one of the libraires by a couple of dwarves who close and lock the doors behind us. Mordekainen and Tenser are waiting for us. They say it would not be wise to talk here and we are teleported to another area. Mordekainen and we are in the room with the multi-colored columns we found when seeking the key to tower of magic. Then, as before, we climb through one column to the room where we first me Mordekainen. He tells us that something celestial has happened if a god has been taken against his will. He reminds us that there were gods trapped in the ruins. Mordekainen and the 8 located the gods once and then he attempted to kill Iuz which led to the greyhawk wars. He says that we have what we need though we are wondering what that is. He says it’s our moxie but doesn’t want to tell us any more about the threat so we don’t make the same mistakes he did. He wants us to return to the ruins and continue to explore. Beltin asks if he can help us speed up our magic items so we can get back quicker but he repeats that we have what we need. Mordekainen suggests maybe we split up if some don’t want return and he seems to know how fate is following us. We give the items to Mordekainen who peruses them and thanks us for showing him the book and asks that the other items be returned to the library. He offers to buy them from us if our only goal was to sell them and he will return them to the library. He dispels the enchantment on the journal and recommends we take the time to study it. We agree to return the journal to him after we are finshed with it. He then returns us to where we came in and we head back home. The next day we sell our gear, and order some new. Pike and Obregon go to see Kellick and are ushered in to see him. He escorts us in to another room and Pike tells him about our adventures. Kellick offers to Pike to do some pilfering that may upset the thieves guild if he is looking for a new adventure. Pike is looking for stuff on white plume mountain and may do something for kellick and then draw a card from the deck of many things. Then they return to the house. Sanna apologizes to Elaine who acts cool. Then pike starts hitting on her again upon which Elaine asks him to walk with her. She then tells him that she is uninterested and he is not edgy enough for her. Then offers to set him up with someone who he may actually like better. That conversation goes nowhere. A couple of days later, Riann stops by and wants to talk. She tells us that the priests of Iuz can no longer cast their spells. She asks how we did it. We tell her what happened though we didn’t do it ourselves and then tell her more about our adventures. She seems impressed. We pass the next week or so quietly, collecting the gear we have ordered and attempt to decide our next move…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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