grey hawk

September 23rd, 2015

Sanna moves up and hits the remaining 3 rust monsters with a lightning bolt, killing them all. We hear more of them coming from the door behind Sanna. We ready ourselves for them to enter. As the door swings open, Obregon hurts one, Pike misses another, and Beltin hits them all including Sanna with acid. They attempt to attack sanna’s armor but miss. Sanna then blows them up with a lighnting ball. We finish searching the room and find 5 gems(1000gp, 10gp, 2×50gp, 100gp). We peek out the 3 other revolving doors and see short passageways, 2 of which end at revolving doors and the other goes to a t junction. We head towards the t junction and see both directions run 20’ to revolving doors. We peek through the east door and see a room filled with detritus from adventurers and monsters of no value that was likely thrown here by the orcs to appease the rust monsters. There is a revolving door in the far corner which likely leads back in to the orc warren. We go back the other direction, open the door and see a similar room with less debris but no exit. We find nothing of interest in this room so return to the main room again. We take the next door and find another room much the same; again with nothing of interest. We return and go east and find a slightly larger room with a broken chest and an intact table. There is a door in the east wall and passageway to the west. The passageway goes into another room which does contain humanoid remains. The door opens to a passage that ends at a barricade. The other room is mostly empty with a passageway to the north. After 10’, there is a passage to the east that opens to a room. We go in there and see another passageway which quickly ends at a barricade. We go back to the main passage and continue north until we enter the room from which we started this area. We end up back at the original barricade and head away from it down the other passageway. We come to a door we have not gone through, but hear noises from the off the previous room. Gonoan thinks it some version of giant. While we decide to check it out, Pike opens the door in front of us and there is a magnificent glowing sword embraced by a giant snake. Sanna attempts to hit it with an orb but misses while Beltin kills it with acid. This room has another door and several decomposing bodies near it. The glow from the sword is fading leaving a +1 longsword (small) that glows when held. We search the room and find nothing of value but hear something large is trying to move towards us quietly. We move back to the previous room and move to the door concealing the noises and Gonoan opens the door. There is a giant with one eye in this large room and we can sense there are others around the corner. Sanna drops a lightning ball in the room. Beltin hits it with acid while Obregon puts an arrow in its eye, dropping it to the ground. Pike moves forward and hides. Three Cyclops move up and look down the hall at us. Gonoan charges the closest, accepting a glancing blow from its club on the way but getting in a vicious chop of his own. Sanna drops another lightning ball, killing one. Beltin runs up, accepting a glancing club blow, but hitting him back. Obregon puts arrows in the same one while Pike puts a bolt square in its chest. Both Cyclops attempt to hit Beltin twice but fail to connect. Gonoan hits the other with his axe twice. Sanna finishes them both off with magic missiles. This room has another door recessed in the far wall. There is a small fire going and straw pallets, 46 gp and a gem worth 7gp. We check the door and it appears to be better made than most and it is stuck. Gonoan and Beltin manage to force it open. This room is a large, round and magically lit room with a large statue of a Cyclops-kin in the center whose eye is a large gem. There are many bones scattered around this room. Sanna finds magic auras all around this room, including the statue and walls. Pike walks up to the statue and walks around it, looking closely but finds nothing hinky. Sanna moves in and examines the statue, and discovers it is a stone golem but it has not activated. Pike searches the base of the statue and believes it is sculpted and not petrified. He is eyeing the gem in the statue with obvious greed…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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