grey hawk

September 20th 2016

An unseen servant delivers Vayn’s journal to the house with instructions to take it to a special reading room at the guild. Sanna and Elaine follow the directions and find themselves in a room with a multitude of different lamps, one of which has a permanent dispel magic on it. Reading by this light, they are able to see what Vayn wrote. Meanwhile, Pike meets Riann at the church who has a novice healer check him out. They question him as to why he feels something is wrong. He doesn’t have anything specific, he just worries. They have him disrobe and check him over, taking samples of saliva and hair and such. Riann tells him that he has a clean bill of health and they can’t find anything wrong. He asks about protection and she tells him that would take a number of different things. Sanna reads the journal and finds most of the entries are petty accounts of Vayne’s misfortunes, long lists of belongings taken from him as payment for multiple resurrections (which he would one day like to reclaim from the church of Iuz) and ravings against his superiors, in particular a wizard named Null whom Vayne particularly despises. He never mentions Iuz by name but it seems obvious that the Old One is in fact the subject of many of Vayne’s thinly veiled metaphors and satires. The most important information in the journal concerns the simulacrum of Iggwilv. In one entry, Vayne gloats about a great treasure he found while skulking about the depths of Iuz’s palace-a comb that had fallen behind a dresser. Caught in its times was a single dark strand of a woman’s hair –but not just any woman’s. This hair was from the mother of Iuz, the witch queen Iggwilv herself! The entry further describes how he used a scroll of simulacrum on the hair a few days after his arrival in Castle Greyhawk. Only 12 hours later, Vayne had a unique minion, a simulacrum of one of the most powerful wizards known to Greyhawk. A subsequent entry describes how Vayne knew from his studies that the real Iggwilv spent some time in the dungeons below the Tower of Zagig as the great wizards’s apprentice, or perhaps his lover. Another mentions that although the simulacrum retained none of the original Iggwilv’s memories, he knew that some of the defenses Zagig had left behind might well be fooled into thinking that the wizard’s’ ancient ally had returned to the tower. Other entries record how Vayne sent the simulacrum through the transportation device with orders to explore the region and gather resources for the coming army (and included details on how to use the transport) At the end is a single oblique reference to a true mission for the simulacrum but the journal entries do not elaborate further. She then researches the orb of opposition and learns that it is a unique item and must function differently than a mirror of opposition which causes you to fight your double to the death. We determine to use mage hand to grab the orb and get a box to store it in. Beltin meets with Eritae and tells her our adventure. She shares with him that there have been rumors from the mages guild that the church of boccob may be involved somehow with Iuz’s plan. Whether directly or by just not trying to stop it, this could be trouble. She asks for any information we may uncover about what they are planning next. Sanna walks the streets, attempting to recruit followers of Wee-Jas and finds a gullible priest to tag along. The party heads out to the ruins on the 26th of Ready’reat and Elaine and Brother Justin accompany us. We reach the tower without event and enter Zagyg’s tower through the front door. We hear what sounds like ogres in the distance but they don’t molest us. There are also newly fresh corpses as we reach the trapdoor to below. Pike checks it, and declares it safe. When we approach the portcullis trap, Pike finds and disables it. We head down a couple more landings when a dozen armored trolls attack our rear from behind an illusory wall. Obregon takes 2 shots and hits once. Beltin moves to the back while Justin moves away to the front. The front troll hits Beltin and takes acid splash in return. Elaine casts magic missile at the first troll as Pike hits it with a bolt. Sanna lights up the front 2 trolls, dropping the first one. Obregon puts 2 arrows in the 2nd, dropping it and then seriously injures the 3rd with 4 arrows. Beltin spits acid down the hall, killing one and injuring 3 others. The front one charges and attempts to hit Beltin but can’t connect. The second one moves next to Beltin and accepts a hit from him. Elaine casts a ray of frost at the front one while Gonoan rages and starts whaling on the front one, dropping it. Pike hits one with a bolt while Sanna smacks the one next to Beltin with a ray. Obregon finishes 2 more off. The next troll charges, taking a hit from Beltin and then swings a claw at him, missing badly. Gonoan swings and misses horribly but recovers and cuts it down anyway. Pike bounces 2 bolts off of the next one’s armor and Sanna puts a sculpted electric ball on top of the 5 remaining trolls. Obregon takes out the next 2 and Beltin hits them with acid again. The remaining 3 run away. We continue down the stairs until we hit a landing where the rest of the stairs are blocked by rubble so we relocate the secret door. We open it and are back where the Orogs and orcs were located. We use the book of teleporters and find a fountain that will take us lower in Zagygs tower. Beltin jumps in and as he sinks, he vanishes from sight. He spider climbs back up and is in a new chamber. It is round with 3 open halls and one door. The rest of the party follows and climbs out. Which do we choose?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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