grey hawk

Prison or Trap

May 30th, 2017

Pike is able to discern that the draconic runes indicate praise. After comparing notes, it appears that these are a teleporter of some sort. We break out the teleporter handbook but this room isn’t listed. Gonoan knows 2 of them and believes one set says Vault of creation, and one says crypts of the forgotten. Since we can only decipher half of the symbols and all of the symbols are required to make real sense, Obregon copies the runes on to a parchment and we go up to Shinda to see if she can translate for us. She tells us that one of the shards are probably wherever the brightly glowing rune set leads. The room we were in is called the nexus chamber and the last person to teleport went to Zagigs prison. However, we are unable to figure out how to activate it. Our next step is to return to the nexus chamber and let Pike attempt to activate it with his special rogueness. We are transported to another area. There are 3 alcoves overlooking this ocatagonal room with a blue pyramid in the center of the floor. There is electricity arcing and sparking around it. There are a set of black metal double doors as the only exit. The doors are marked with a glowing zig zag, which is Zagigs symbol. We appear in the alcove across from the doors and there are markings that indicate that each alcove accesses a teleporter to a different location. We move to the double doors, taking care to avoid the electrified pyramid. Pike checks the door, doesn’t find any traps and as he goes to pick the lock, it unlocks itself. He pushes the door open. This small hall has another set of black adamantine doors opposite the ones we came through. Pike listens at the door and can hear several large creatures on the other side. He finds no traps and again as he begins to pick the lock, it unlocks itself. We do some healing and preparing before Gonoan pushes the door open on to a large arena type chamber. The room descends by 3 5’steps into an octagonal room. In the north and south walls are black metal doors identical to the ones we are standing in and to the west is an alcove with a stone bench. There are observation booths around the perimeter and 3 demons on the lowest step in front of the bench. They leer malevolently at us and mutter guttural sounds which Gonoan knows is them talking about being ready for us and that we are entertainment. One asks who is watching? Beltin immediately spits acid at the middle one while Pike shoots the same one with 2 bolts, hitting once. Sanna tosses a ball of cold, hitting all three but it fizzles as gets to them. Gonoan charges the one in the center, taking damage with every level he passes so he turns around and comes back to the hall. Obregon opens fire at the center one, hitting 5 times, 3 of them in his right eye. Brunj casts a spell on his arrows. A demon charges Gonoan but misses. Another charges Beltin and hits him once. The third stands in place and glares from across the room. Beltin smacks the one in front of him while Pike tosses the fist of Emirikol at it, turning it in to a toad. BAM! Sanna and Pike succumb to the demons stench and begin to retch and gag. Gonoan slashes his demon twice while Obregon hits the one that didn’t move 5 times, killing it. Brunj is nauseated as well. The remaining demon attacks Gonoan, hitting 3 times and attempting to grab him but Gonoan slips free. The one in the shape of a toad disappears. Two down, one to go.


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