grey hawk

Of legends and dolls

February 21st, 2017

The portrait breaks and reveals another hole similar to Tasha’s with the same fun house mirror effect. Sanna has heard of a mirror dimension but doesn’t have a lot of information. Pike decides to smash the remaining portraits with the same result. As he is doing this, we hear music coming from down the hall. Beltin and Gonoan move down the hall and see the north door is now slightly ajar and the music is coming from behind it. Pike leaves the timeless room and turns invisible. The music sounds like a 4 piece band and the melody is very aggressive. We move out of the tunnel just slightly and prepare for whatever may come. The music changes to a song as Heward steps out from behind the door and Obregon, Gonoan and Brunj are fascinated by the magical tune. Pike moves up and takes a shot, hitting center mass. Heward staggers but continues to sing. Beltin runs up and spits acid in his face and Brunj suddenly shakes himself awake. Sanna and Elaine move up towards the group. Heward steps back through the door and closes it. We move up and Beltin opens the door behind which Heward has run down the hallway. We chase him down and around a corner where he drops while trying to open the double doors in front of him. Gonoan hears him begin casting a spell as he lies on the ground and decapitates him with one blow from his axe. We loot the body and find +1 merciful whip(8,301gp), wand of grease 43 charges(700gp), chain shirt +1(1,250gp), amulet of natural armor +1(2,000gp), cloak of charisma +2(4,000gp), and a scroll of mass suggestion(1,650gp). Pike checks the double doors and opens them to reveal a dark square room, empty except for the carving of a grotesque humanoid with bat wings and a gorilla shaped posture in the western wall through which the space extends as far as we can see. Brunj says this was some sort of demon and is obviously a warning and likely a gateway to hell. Sanna uses the detect magic wand and there is no magic in this room. We head back to the main room and go down the NW corridor. As we walk along, there are panes of glass in front of alcoves on either side. In each are several dozen doll sized but life like figurines in various adventuring gear. Just beyond are double doors with Turn Back painted on them. When Gonoan looks in one of the alcoves, he sees a doll that looks just like himself, down to his weapons and belongings. Looking closer, it appears there is also a doll missing. When Beltin looks in, he sees one of himself but not of Gonoan and it appears to be in the same spot. Beltin steps over to the other alcove and doesn’t see any of the group in it and it seems to be a completely different set of figures. Sanna casts detect magic again but there is no magic present. Gonoan opens the glass but still no magic is detected. Pike reaches in and grabs the doll that looks like himself and feels a strange sense of completeness and foreboding. There is now another doll in its place which Gonoan grabs as it looks like him. He feels the same as Pike did. Sanna grabs her doll and feels the same though she knows the foreboding is directly related to the double doors. Gonoan attempts to open the backpack on his doll but has trouble working with it because of its small size. Beltin opens the glass to the other alcove but nothing happens. Pike takes his doll and hides it in the main chamber. He no longer feels complete but still feels the foreboding. He checks the door and then opens it, revealing a hallway that turns to the west. Half way down is “go back, it’s not too late” in 9’ tall red letters. The passage seems to continue forever. We move to the NE passage as Pike retrieves his doll. When he puts it in his haversack, he no longer feels complete. He goes to take it out and it’s gone. The hall bends to the north and comes to a walkway around a huge seemingly bottomless pit with a platform that extends over the center.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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