grey hawk

October 7th, 2015

Pike climbs the statue while Nat counsels that at least some of us should move outside the room and shut the door. Pike examines the head and gem but finds nothing odd so tries to remove the gem and a burst of magical energy surges through the room but there is no perceivable effect. The statue begins to move so Nat casts prayer on the room, and Beltin scoots over and hits it with acid. Pike tumbles off its back while Sanna teleports a few feet away and hits it with an electrical orb. Obregon hits it with 4 arrows and Gonoan moves up to hit it but misses. The stone golem swings twice at Pike, hitting once. Beltin breathes acid at it again, Pike misses with a bolt and Sanna finishes it off with some more electrical orbs. It crumbles to rubble but we are able to recover the somewhat damaged large emerald eye (500gp). We shut the door and search the room. Pike discovers a secret door in the wall behind the golem. He manages to get it open and it reveals a small room with a chest opposite the door. We search the room and find nothing else. Pike checks the chest and opens it, revealing coins, gems, and an exquisitely crafted sword +1, neutral alignment with “enchanted by Bigby for elvish prince, Elibriel”. Beltin picks up the sword and feels a wave of weakness flow over him and immediately drops the sword. Pike picks it up and feels nothing. Sanna feels its probably about 30 years old. Beltin continues to dig through the chest and finds a scroll in a case. There is 1000pp, 3000sp, and 3 gems. We move back to the room the snake was in and go through the other door and find a small storeroom with several clubs and other rusted weapons. We search the room and find a secret door. Pike is able to open it and finds a small passageway with no other obvious exits. He finds another secret door and it opens on to the room with the dead Cyclops. We head back toward the fountain and go north. This passageway has a door to the right a short ways down and one on the left near the end. The first door opens onto an empty room with a passage that leads to a stairway and another door. The door opens on to an odd shape room with some stairs going down and a passageway. The stairs lead down towards an area we have already explored. Obregon looks around and can tell trolls and a human have been through here. The door leads to an empty room with another passage that dead ends. We find a secret door which appears to have not been opened in a really long time. Pike figures out how to open it and see evidence of an epic struggle between a human and a giant unidentifiable creature whose hands are wrapped around each other’s throats. There is something about the room that seems off so Sanna detects magic and senses a strong aura of illusion. Sanna steps in and the battle comes to life as this huge magical creature appears hale and hearty. The door has vanished and the rest of us seem to be gone. She is able to see through the illusion but not before an involuntary stream of urine runs down her leg. She warns the rest of us to stay out, takes Pike’s goggles of minute seeing and searches the room but finds nothing of interest. We return to the hall from the fountain and go to the door at the end, behind which is a room with a door and passageway which leads back to the room with the stairs going up. We open the door, smell smoke from an old fire and see 4 straw mats belonging to some hobgoblins. There is a door across the room that appears to be frequently used behind which is a crude stone altar with a crude wolf head above and it is covered in blood. The items of value have been removed. We decide this is enough humanoid movement that should be reported so we go to the room with the stairs. There used to be stairs down but they have been filled with boulders and rubble. There are caltrops scattered around this room but nothing else of interest. We head up the stairs until we are in familiar terrain as these are the stairs we used to first come down in to the tower. The portcullises are still down so we use the blink ring to bypass them. After we get through the first, we come across a ghost that appears to have been a fighter with a bastard sword and short bow. Gonoan sets himself on the landing as Sanna casts a flame strike at it which it ignores. Beltin steps up and breathes acid at it which does appear to hit. The ghost moves up to merge itself with Gonoan whose attack goes off but passes through. He gets another swing but still cannot connect. The ghost merges itself with Gonoan and asks if we shall continue our way out of the dungeon. Natauru manages to cast it back out and it flees up the stairs. Let’s get out of here…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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