grey hawk

October 23rd, 2016

We finish searching the room and nests finding 39gp, 11pp, a jade ring with twisting vine band, bejeweled MW kukri (1200gp), scarab shaped as though it is impaled upon half a dozen pins (golembane, 2500gp). Pike tries on the ring but it doesn’t appear to be magical. There is also a secret door opposite where we entered. Pike manages to open it and we see a long, long, long hallway with openings along the right from time to time. Obregon can tell there is more than one redcap and that this is likely their lair and that they use the secret door regularly. Pike starts heading down the long hall, and when reaching the first passage sees there is a door recessed a few feet. The rest of us follow along, and see through the door an observation booth, with a pair of iron chairs overlooking the promenade. We spot a construct that looks like a bunch of gargoyles formed in to a juggernaut with 3 redcaps riding it and messing with its gears and levers. Down a ways is another that appears non-functional. We close the door and move down the hall, opening each door to make sure they are all the same, which they are. Until the end of the hall, there is a door around a corner which opens on to a high domed large plaza with grand staircases leading up to our location. There is a large cracked crystal in the ceiling and others in the walls. We hear someone moving in the hall opening the doors where we came from. We decide to become invisible and wait in one of the observation decks to see who it is. There is a redcap coming along the promenade, obviously looking for us. There is also another now on the opposite balcony, looking for us too. The one on our side calls out “warriors, come out and play”. We decide to reenter the hall and deal with the secret door. The red cap in the hall is leaving as we reenter. We follow it back through the door to the nest and to the door the first red cap came from. Pike hears what sound like a small creature singing on the other side and proceeds to open it. On the other side is a narrow room with a wooden table and 4 chairs in the center, a single arrow slit overlooking the promenade and a tall cabinet with its faced smashed in. There is a door that is ajar on the same wall we enter from and the singing is coming from that room. There is a redcap in this room as well as multiple types of weapons that appear for practice. The red cap is holding a sickle and smiles at us. Beltin runs forward and sprays it with acid while Pike puts a bolt in its belly. The redcap moves through the other door, saying you can’t take her and swinging at Beltin on the way by though it can’t connect. Obregon moves in and shoots it twice in the back, hurting it bad. Sanna blasts it with cold, killing it outright. In the next room is a light in a gilded cage but we can’t make out what it actually is. There are double bunk beds and a low table between them with the cage atop it. Gonoan looks at it but can’t tell what it is. Pike rushes in and opens the cage. Obregon knows this is some kind of outsider and possibly celestial. It appears to be an Eladrin to Sanna and likely good aligned. The light asks if we can help her, which we will gladly. She was captured by the red caps and transforms in to a leafy pixie. They are torturing her and trying to see how long it would take to starve her though she doesn’t need food. Her mistress, Shinda, sent her to find Ghaele Eladrin, who has gone missing. She isn’t powerful enough to battle the monsters here but has tracked her to the ruins. She has likely been captured as she hasn’t been sent to the afterlife. One clue she has is a cryptic verse “watched above by hawks of grey, and deep below old castles clay, guests of madness lost of kin, your mistress waits in zagigs den, under ziggurats crowned with fire, beyond the room of rainbows ire, lonely mistress filled with rage, caught within a pretty cage” The pixies name is Vexia and she believes the den is the tower of zagig. She offers to accompany us but doesn’t know how she can help. She offers us her ioun stone as payment but we don’t accept it. Obregon grabs the tooth left behind by the red cap and we toss the cage (600gp) in the portable hole. We head back through the waiting room, and in to the original hallway though Pike sits on the couch. All of a sudden, he feels something tug his circlet, and cap off and hangs them on the pegs. He grabs them and runs out. We approach the double doors at the end of the hallway and Pike opens them. The room behind them contains a circular table with a 2’ stone statue of a woman dressed in robes and wearing a featureless white mask, in her hand is a spindle from which dangles a single thread of gold. There is another set of double doors on one side which likely leads to the stage at the apex of the promenade. The statue is of Istus, goddess of fate. There is a door opposite where we entered. Sanna determines the statue is magical and believes if the string is pulled, you may get more information on your fate. Pike pulls the string and feels some dreadful fate awaits him soon. Sanna does it and feels excitement and anticipation as if some good luck was coming her way soon. Beltin feels luckier but gains 1 luck bonus on attack, saving throw and skill checks for 24 hours. Gonoan does it and feels lucky as Sanna did. We attempt to remove the statue but it resists our attempts. We move to the next room and the walls are a complicated mural decorated with details of the city of greyhawk as seen from above the river quarter and is very up to date. There is a secret door opposite where we entered and Pike manages to open it, revealing a 5’ space and another door which appears to be a secret door when entered on the other side. Pike can hear something is moving around on the other side and figures out how to open it. He pushes it open and there is an immense hall with short flights of stairs leading up with alcoves on each side holding statues of guardian warriors in each. On the second flight there are 2 gold cat like creatures loungin, (we believe they are Mr Henways missing pets). The octagonal room at the far end is lit with flickering light and a former gladiator which we suspect is Laurus Racknian. The cats look up and move to attack. Beltin moves forward and snarls at them to stand down, we know their master. Pike moves up between the cats, who miss with their claws, and tosses the fist of emirikol at Laurus to no effect. Sanna shapes a lightning bolt to hit both cats and Laurus. One cat launches itself at Sanna and hits her with a bite and and 5 of 8 claws. Obregon hits the other cat with 4 arrows, killing it. Gonoan runs up and kills the remaining cat. Beltin moves up and spits acid on Laurus while Pike runs up, draws his sword and swings at Laurus, though he manages to dodge. Sanna heals herself a little as Laurus begins to cast a spell. Pike hits him as he is casting, slicing open his abdomen and causing his entrails to spill across the floor. The look of surprise on his face as the Halfling steals his life is priceless. Sanna cuts off his head and puts it in the portable hole. Beltin attempts to stabilize the cats but only one is still alive. The dead one goes in to the portable hole while Gonoan carries the other. We search this room, and there are tapestries lining the walls depicting gladiatorial combat, a shelf of books and a table covered with parchment. The tapestries are of minor value, the statues appear to be real heroes not gods with plaques naming them: han-gra-dan, ganz yragerne, johydee, lyzandred, kelanen, slerotin. They appear to be hero-gods. The door leads to a modest bedchamber with nothing of interest, just a bed and chest. The parchments are fairly current newspapers from Grey hawk which begs the question how did they come to be here. Laurus has a champions belt(which Pike takes and puts on), breastplate of command(25400gp), bastard sword1 mighty cleaving(8300gp), potion of haste(750gp), buckler+2(4300gp), cloak of charisma +2(4000gp), and a ring of prot +2(8000gp). We ask Vexia why she went through the vortex but she doesn’t know what we are talking about, she tells us that she used alternate forms to move around and there is another way down here on the far end of the promenade where the grand stairs are. We move back to the double doors on to the stage, Pike becomes invisible and moves to the other door. He checks It, opens it and finds it leads to the map room. We head to the visitors room and Vexia offers to reconnoiter for us and discovers there is a way to get over the wall at the end of the promenade. We move through the dark hallway to the grand stair case and around to the top of the wall. Gonoan and Vexia move up and look over, seeing a ruinous battlefield marked with spattered blood and shattered stalactites. Purple tents lie smashed to the ground here and there. East and west are 2 passageways with the western lit with a faint yellow glow. We move to the top of the wall and spider climb down. We begin to move around towards the lighted cavern, checking the fallen tents, finding a larger command tent but it looks as though they have already been looted. The western passage has glowing clouds floating above the floor, smears of greasy yellow mold glowing dimly on the walls, large swathes of yellow fungus growing in beds along the floor, to the south is a waterfall from a cleft rock to a pool below and drains to the north from a narrow creek. A monstrous plant creature lumbers forward with vacant eyes, unerringly moving in our direction. Beltin steps forward and spits a line of acid at it while Obregon puts 6 force arrows in to it. Sanna puts a cloud around it and it moves forward a little. Pike puts a bolt in it and Gonoan charges it, accepting a hit and then missing with his swing. Suddenly, 2 undead bullits appear from underground and one attacks Obregon. Beltin attacks the bullit on Obregon, hitting once. Obregon puts 4 arrows in it and it falls in its tracks as Sanna blasts the other bullit and plant creature with cold. Pike moves up and puts another bolt in the plant. The plant sprays something at Gonoan which has no effect. It then hits him with 6 vine attacks. He responds by slashing it back 3 times. The bullit charges Pike but misses and Beltin charges it and hits. Obregon puts 6 arrows in the plant creature as Sanna drops a lightning ball on both creatures, killing both instantly. Let’s look around.


Vexia is searching for Shenda, who is a ghaele eladrin. Shenda did not send anyone on a mission. Shenda simple left in an angry abrupt hury.

October 23rd, 2016
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