grey hawk

October 21st, 2015

We get through the other portcullis with the blink ring and make our way to Greyhawk unmolested. We arrive around midafternoon and head home. We split up the loot and Gonoan and Beltin move out to sell it. Sanna goes to the Mage’s Guild with Elaine and Natauru and has them look at the sword. They recommend taking it directly to Bigby for the best answers but he is not in at the moment. The dwarves keep it and study it for a few hours. In the meantime, she does some reading in their library, practices skills with other warmages and chats with an air elemental. Pike and Obregon head to the Thieves Guild to meet with Tiira. She arrives after a while and greets Obregon warmly. They relate what we found in the tower and ask what the city is saying about the impending attack. There doesn’t seem to be any immediate signs of it happening. She appreciates the information and tells them she has things to handle. Kellick has a task for Pike if he is willing. She then requests that he stay away from the church of boccob and the funeral of rigby as he is disruptive. So they split up, Obregon heads home and Pike goes towards Kellicks tower. After disposing of our treasure, Beltin and Gonoan proceed to the church of St. Cuthbert. There are a lot fewer people around now. Eritae sees us and greets us warmly, providing food and drink. We share our adventures and she questions us to her satisfaction. She shares that they have not discovered any new cultist cells and that church of boccob is being very secretive about the funeral plans. She thanks us and we go home. Pike arrives at Kellick’s tower and is escorted in to the sitting room by Arodotus. He looks around and see 3 domes under glass. One has a sack with something in it, another has a globe with mystical symbols and the third is a spiky evil looking cube. Kellick arrives after a short while and comments on the newer items Pike has acquired. Kellick wants a favor and asks him to dispose of something that is very dangerous. He wants Pike to lose it without getting lost himself. It is a cursed item that needs to be left where it will be hopelessly lost. It is called the demon box that once opened will allow unlimited demons to enter the world. There is a room in the ruins called the lost room where everything lost in the dungeon eventually ends up at. He needs to get lost in the tower to discover this room and then leave the box there. Kellick says lost a gold cloak clasp some years ago that may be in there and would appreciate having it back. He offers one of the other 2 objects as a prize, a deck of many things and the fist of Emirikol. Pike agrees and immediately leaves the city for the ruins. As he leaves, he makes a scene at the gate on his way out. Sanna returns to the guild and learns that a number of major figures went to the tomb of Halmadar the Cruel and were all killed. The big players were brought back to life but the sword likely belonged to one of their cohorts. She meets the rest of us at the Green Dragon Inn. As we approach the bar, Gonoan tells them to give a free drink to everyone in the bar which earns him some huzzahs and thanks. Sanna looks around, sees Tenser and finally finds Bigby talking to Kellick which raises our eyebrows. Sanna approaches and shows the sword to Bigby who asks to look at it. He says it belongs to a friend of his and he would like it back. Sanna would like a reward, actually a favor, and requests access to the secret room in the mage guild. Bigby says that if the room existed it is not in the building she is thinking of. Bigby offers to see what he can do to help and asks what she would like in exchange for the sword. She wants to ask the rest of us. Kellick leans in and asks where Pike is. She responds that he was last talking to him so he should know. Kellick says he asked him to do a task but didn’t expect him to go so soon. He then excuses himself. Pike is walking through woods and hears someone following him. He hides and hears some rustling. He believes it is someone of small stature like himself and has a general idea of where it is currently but can’t see anyone despite feeling that he should. It climbs a tree and Pike determines that it must be invisible or something similar. All of a sudden, he hears it take off down the road at a run. Pike continues on, moving silently. At the Green Dragon Inn, we talk to Rikard while Sanna talks to Tenser, both sharing our adventures. Sanna attempts to convince Tenser to tell us about the secret room and give us access. He says that it is not in his abilities to access. He will try and see what he can do and then leaves. sAnna does give the sword to Bigby without asking for any more reward. The bar begins to lean towards dead drunk so we go home. On the door is a note with a door symbol outlined in silver, a purplish column beneath it and Zagig written below that. Gonoan opens the door and closes it, suddenly there is a shimmering door shape hanging right in front of him. He sticks his hand through and Beltin pushes him in, and follows behind. There is a bed, dresser, table with 2 chairs, a few books and another door. We all enter and Sanna says it looks like a study room from the wizard’s guild. Nat says he doesn’t like it here and runs out. We look around and have Elaine hold the door open. Gonoan opens the other door and there is a hallway with other doors identical to this one as well as a couple of double doors. Is Zagig’s key behind one of these doors?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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