grey hawk

November 18th, 2015

Pike moves in to a narrowing area that curves around and exits in to a room littered with bones scattered amongst a number of boulders. He is 2/3 up the wall in a hole and there is a ledge above him. He can hear a humanoid sized creature is moving around up there. He secures a grappling hook at his feet and then climbs up to the ledge. He peeks over the edge and sees 2 odd looking humanoid creatures that resemble winged kobolds. There are 2 small boxes on either side of the ledge and a large boom like apparatus with manacles attached. He drinks a reduce potion and attempts to sneak past them successfully. As he moves in to the next cavernous area, it y’s and one ends at a door so he approaches it. He can hear more small humanoids on the other side and as he moves away, notices the creatures on the ledge have been startled and it appears something else has come through and is moving through the bones. He keeps moving and the surroundings become more man made. As he moves, he notices there is a door ahead. As he approaches he can see the passage opens on to a large room with 5 verbeegs, armed and dangerous. He immediately hides and moves to the door, through which he hears more verbeegs on the other side. He decides to attempt to sneak past the verbeeg he can see. He continues on and a short ways down, there is an odd looking door. He puts up a light to check it out and he hears the verbeeg begin to move his way. He immediately moves to the odd door and as he opens it, it almost feels diaphanous. He moves through and closes it behind him. This chamber is filled with oddities and misplaced items, including Kellicks lost cloak clasp. He has found the Lost Room! He hides the Demon cube and searches through the other items. He finds an unusual looking short sword (of throwing+1), a scroll(locate object), a vial(universal solvent), assorted keys, assorted jewelry, random coinage. After packing all of the stuff in his haversack, he notices the curtain door keeps moving. He moves the curtain aside and there is only wall behind. He follows the curtain around the room but seems unable to locate the exit. Meanwhile, Beltin spits acid at the demon and moves around to its other side. Obregon steps back and puts 4 force arrows in it. Sanna moves away but is nauseated as is Gonoan who stands fast. The demon steps aside and attempts to use an ability but we are not affected. Beltin hits it twice as Obregon puts 2 more arrows in it, and it vanishes. We immediately leave and shut the door behind us. Pike continues to look for an exit, and after an hour or so, pulls the curtain and finds himself back near the verbeeg. He sneaks past them and makes his way past the Urd, down the wall and back through the hole. The carrion crawlers are amongst the bones. He retraces his steps, eventually rejoining the monk. They hear a cough from behind and Pike turns, shooting twice but not hitting anything. He orders the invisible creature to show itself or the next one goes in its eye. Nothing happens so Pike tries to convince the monk to attack it for him but fails to convince him. The monk leads him back to where they met up and Pike moves up to the exit. He makes it back to Greyhawk without incident and proceeds straight to Kellicks tower. He returns the clasp and accuses Kellick of having him followed. Kellick denies it and casts a spell but nothing appears. It is in the room but he doesn’t wish to reveal it to Pike. Kellick advises him to stop worrying about every little thing and asks him which reward he chooses. Pike ultimately chooses the Fist of Emirikol and its ability to cause harm to an enemy. He gets Kellick to identify the vial for him and it is universal solvent. Pike thanks him and leaves. At the house, Natauru finally reappears the following dawn and seems to be exhausted. Nat wants a nap and a snack. Pike arrives shortly thereafter and immediately seeks out Nat who promptly shuts the door in his face. Elaine grabs Pike and pulls him away and they go out for breakfast. He puts the sword, the scroll, half the coin(250 gp), the jewelry (500 gp) and the books on the table and leaves with her. Beltin looks through the books but they don’t seem to be interesting. Elaine attempts to find out what Pike was up to and he is very vague. Later that morning, Beltin, Obregon and Sanna go shopping, ordering a number of new magic items. Eventually, Nat gets up and is puttering around the kitchen, glaring at Pike when he comes through. Sanna checks the items on the table for magic. Pike starts some shit with Natauru, and yelling commences. Pike accuses him of spying for Kellick though Nat says he was there in case he got in over his head or was betraying the party. Pike starts calling him names while Nat insists Pike is untrustworthy. Should we book them on Jerry Springer?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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