grey hawk

May 19th, 2015

There is a long hallway with 3 doors on the left, one on the far end of the right wall and an archway in to a dining room. Sanna rushes in, sees 2 cultists in the dining room and hits both with scorching rays. Beltin drinks a potion of bulls strength and moves to the dining room as well. Gonoan runs in and hits the nearest cultist with his axe. That one begins casting a spell and Beltin recognizes him as Galamog. Gonoan hits him and splits him down the middle before the spell can go off. The other cultist casts a spell at Gonoan, causing him to go blind. Obregon steps in and puts an arrow in him. Nat moves in next to Sanna while Pike runs up and stabs the caster through the kidneys. His lifeblood gushes and he falls. Beltin heals Gonoans blindness and then we head down the stairs. This large underground chamber has a round platform in the middle and a raised dais on the far end with a sarcophagus emblazoned with the bloody skull of Iuz. There is a lone cleric muttering while inscribing symbols on the platform. He finishes speaking as we enter and the sarcophagus begins to open. Pike moves up and puts a bolt in the cleric’s abdomen. A skeletal hand is rising from the coffin and we see it is a skeleton but it has internal organs and a grotesquely long tongue. Beltin and Gonoan move up and hack the cleric to pieces. Sanna casts a blast of electricity at the skeleton. Natauru attempts to turn the skeleton but fails and exclaims that is tough to turn in this room. Obregon moves in and hits it with 2 arrows. The creature rushes Gonoan and smacks him with his hideous tongue to no obvious effect. Beltin hits it with acid breath and moves around behind it. Gonoan chops it like a tree 4 times and it falls to pieces. Obregon and Pike begin searching the room. Nat checks the fallen so we can take captives while Sanna uses detect magic around the house. Gonoan keeps watch and Beltin goes outside to let the Arachnians know we have secured the building and thank them for their assistance. The center platform tests as magical and has several effects emanating from it; unhallow, circle against good and zone of truth. The cultist has splint mail+2(4500gp), heavy mace, scrollM, and a silver unholy symbol of Iuz. We go upstairs and find Vokos and an unknown female equipped the same as the one below. We also find assorted coins worth 134 gp, and a mummified hand on a leather cord (hand of glory, 8000gp). The 2 on the first floor are equipped the same as the others and we don’t find anything else of interest. Galamog is the only one left alive and Nat stabilizes him. We take him in to the basement within the zone of truth . We wake him, Beltin intimidates him and we interrogate him about why he wanted to silence Fid. They feared Fid knew they had killed Bluto since he had his boots. They are an independent cell and don’t know anyone else. There were 7 members of the cell. Galamog spied on merchants and nobles. Zirelle was in charge of the household itself and had a list of cell members. Asher spied on boccob and the city guards. Sarunsen was a carriage driver. Vokos threw the acid at Rigby and is a priest of Iuz. Garavent (not in the house) works in the Able Carter Coach company and all of their info was funneled through him. They were looking for Bluto Sanspite to turn him in to an undead creature which we then killed. Fid appears to have no connection to this group. They don’t know any other cells. Garavent would likely be able to add more information on Fid and his activities. We contact the nightwatch and turn Galamog and the others over to them. We warn them about the spells on the basement and turn over the notes and unholy symbols. Obregon, Pike and Beltin go to the Able Carter Coaching company looking for Garavent but he wont be in until morning. He is in for a bad day!


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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