grey hawk

June 2nd, 2015

We go home to rest. Sanna reads over the ledger we took from the cultists and finds a hand written receipt for the bones of Bluto from Ladav Idnorsea. It was delivered just days ago from the Bandit Kingdoms. Upon waking the next morning, we get ourselves ready and head back to the coaching company. On the way we hear about a commotion at the market. Someone’s head and fingers were put on displa but were quickly removed, it was supposedly Fids. We check out the area around the coaching company and decide to send Sanna and Beltin inside with Sanna doing the asking. Pike, Gonoan and Obregon take up places around the perimeter. Sanna walks in and asks for Garvent and Beltin comes in behind her. He is not in quite yet but they invite her to wait. Beltin begins asking about shipping products to various areas as a cover. A group of adventurers comes out of the inn and begin looking around. Gonoan and Pike hide themselves to keep from being noticed. The adventurers look at a coach pretty carefully before boarding, though there is no driver yet. Inside, we hear that Garvent is late which is unusual. After a half hour of waiting, the clerk tells Sanna that it doesn’t appear he is coming in. Sanna leans in close, kisses her and passes her a platinum piece and asks for his address. The clerk is unable to give that information but says that it takes him about a half hour to walk to work and he comes from near the green dragon inn. This is also near where the cultist house was. Meanwhile, the driver arrives at the coach and checks it out before climbing to his seat. They ride off. Beltin approaches the clerk and asks if she knows who he is. She thinks she may know and he assures her that he is who she thinks. That she should know he works with church of st Cuthbert and the night watch. He wants to know where Garvent lives and it is vitally important that we find him. She asks if she can verify his identity with the watch and he assents. She sends a page who returns and gives her the ok. She gets someone who can lead us there as a couple of the city watch show up to talk to Beltin. They ask about Fid and he tells them we followed the bounty posted. We follow the guide to the cultist’s house which has obviously been vandalized since last night. We begin canvassing the neighborhood but learn nothing new. We go to question Galamog again and ask where Garvent was sent. Beltin gives him the stare and he says that he is the go between to the forces in the ruins and will likely be heading to warn them somehow. He doesn’t know where he would go or how he would get there. We decide to see Tenser later in the day and tell him we discovered who desecrated Rigby’s body. In the meantime, we do some shopping. Obregon goes to the magic store and orders a couple of items. He notices a green ring which the shopkeeper says has a symbol of Zagyg on it. He believes it is an apprentice of Zagyg’s ring and might have some other powers(+2 vs saves, traps in ruins, knock 1/day). Obregon buys it, suspecting it may be the green ring we are looking for. Beltin gets a couple of potions from the mages guild to restock. That afternoon, we try putting the green ring on the statue we found in the ruins. Gonoan approaches the statue which grows large enough to hold the ring as he gets closer. When the ring is placed on it, it recedes into the wall and a hole with a ladder appears where it had been sitting. The ladder goes down 20’ and opens in to a 20×20 room. This room is lined with bookshelves full of very old arcane books. There is a pedestal in the center of the room with a book on it. There is a cloth book mark running through it with a ring tied to the end of the book mark. The book appears to be of Boccob. Sanna pulls off a random book and reads through it. She then detects magic in the room and the pedestal(strong permanency, baleful polymorph), book(Blessed book of boccob, locked, 12500gp) and ring(of sustenance 2500gp) are magical. She determines that knowledge checks in this room are easier than normal. She also tries to unlock the book with Zagygs key to no avail. We leave the room and remove the key which causes the room to close. We go to the mage’s guild to meet with Tenser. Sanna and Beltin go in to meet with him. We share what we learned about Vokos and Rigby and the other cultists. He is grateful that we accomplished that task for him. After leaving, we wait around town anticipating the attack. Rigby will be buried on the 8th of patchwall. Beltin meets with Eritae the next day and shares our adventures with her. She has people watching the ruins and there is some activity going on. They appear to be getting supplies somehow but they can’t find how. The war tower has contained only standard creatures. Ogres have been seen around the tower of power and she suspects an ogre mage is involved. She offers a free raise dead if we investigate. The iron golem is still around and seems to be healed by an imp of some sort. She doesn’t believe there is an imminent attack anymore since we defeated the general. She feels we are good at gathering information and blocking the cults plans. She suggests that destroying the ruins would be beneficial to the region. She also believes we are strong enough for the tower of power and would like us to be the heroes of the city. Sanna takes Narebos hand to the mages guild to have it identified. It is +3, intelligent, and chaotic neutral. They are unable to determine anything else about it other than it has other powers and won’t activate until certain things happen. We gear up for the tower and to face the iron golem. Off to the tower of power we go.


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