grey hawk

June 16th, 2015

We gather up our gear, and on the 12th of Patchwall, we make our way to the ruins. Upon arrival, we begin drinking our potions; Gonoan and Beltin grow to large size with impressive muscles and Sanna can now see invisible. The plan works flawlessly, the golem manages to breathe its poison gas on Gonoan and Beltin but manages to do nothing else before being beat down. As we catch our breath, Sanna notices the ogre mage standing on top of the tower watching. She immediately throws 3 scorching rays at it and it falls. Beltin spider climbs the tower, sees the ogre mage laying on the ground and notices another ogre at the rear of the tower. He calls out ogre and the team moves to climb up. This level has debris everywhere and large holes in the floor. Everyone makes the climb easily except Sanna who falls on her pretty little ass. Beltin breathes acid on it and in return, it throws a javelin at him but misses. It calls out in a strange language and moves at us. Gonoan charges it and cuts it down. Pike begins searching the mage and notices its eyes opening and shocks the crap out of it with his lightning gauntlets. Then we hear large creatures moving around below us. Gonoan peaks down one of the holes in the floor and sees 5 ogres moving up a makeshift staircase towards us. Sanna moves up to the the doors on the lower level and throws a lightning ball at the group moving up the stairs. They all die instantly. Beltin moves up to the hole and yells at Sanna for killing them all. Pike finishes searching the ogre mage and finds a greatsword, and chain shirt. Obregon moves in to the door and looks around, spotting another group back a ways and another couple of ogres even farther back. Gonoan jumps down and runs in their direction. Sanna throws another lightning ball, killing the closer group again which irritates Gonoan. The last 2 run away. We search the area, finding their lair and a large stone chest. It is not trapped and Gonoan manages to open it. It is filled with assorted coins. As we begin to tally it up, we hear something moving our direction. Gonoan runs at it, shouting “Sanna, you won’t get it this time!” It appears to be a half-fiend or half-dragon. Beltin moves up and breathes acid at it. Obregon puts 3 arrows in it while Sanna tries to figure out what it is but can’t quite get it. Gonoan chops its legs out from under it and then takes off its head. After searching it, we find a breastplate+2, heavy shield+1, and a Morningstar+1. The chest contained 2300 cp, 1700 sp, 300 gp, 4 gems, 2 bottles. We search the rest of this level and eventually find a large trapdoor in the floor. We pause and take stock before opening it. It’s extremely heavy but we work together and manage to pull it open. A worn stair case descends in to the darkness. It circles down and down and down; we pause at the first landing and Sanna activates the detect secret doors wand. Approaching the second landing, we spot a gate recessed into the ceiling that will likely drop behind us. There is also an illusion on the far wall. We grab some stone from above and place it under where the gate would drop to hopefully keep it from sealing closed. Will this work?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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