grey hawk

July 27th, 2016

We begin to look around; suspecting someone else must be present. Pike moves over to the fireplace and searches it, finding a crystal encased scorpion, 2 potions(bears endurance), and an oversized leather bound book. Gonoan keeps watch outside the room and is able to see the 2 demons that ran away watching from down the hall while Sanna pulls out the wand of detect secret doors. She finds one on the right hand wall. Suddenly, a cube of energy covers the room and Pike takes a little damage from it. Then the secret door opens and a spike covered demon is standing there. Obregon casts a spell and Pike tosses the fist of emirikol at it. It hits and lights the demon up like a Christmas tree. Gonoan charges it and gets in a decent hit that doesn’t hurt it quite as much as expected and he takes some damage in return. Sanna hits it with an orb of electricity doing some good damage and temporarily entangling it. Beltin breathes acid on it and catches Gonoan and Obregon as well though none of them seem to be very hurt by it. The demon attempts to hit Beltin but is thwarted by his impressive armor. Obregon hits it with 4 arrows, one of which goes through its throat causing it to start choking and then disappear. Pike grabs up the valuables on the mantle while Obregon moves in to the hallway to keep an eye on the other demons. Pike opens the book and there are many names listed but most recently Mallard-plikt, Igwilv, Arac, Alluvia Mauer, Thessalar, Robillar, Eli Tumerast, Mordekainen, Tenser, Bigby, Rigby, Warness Starcoat, and Vain. Pike signs all of our names followed by our company name. Pike then goes to the secret door, figures out its fastening and opens it. Inside this medium sized room is a single long shelf with 5 books, a metal box, 3 bone scroll tubes(vision, freedom, analyze dweomer), and a large green leafM in a wooden and glass display case. There are also the tattered remains of an easy chair. He checks out the box which is steel and is locked. He attempts to pick the lock but fails, even after several attempts. He then checks out the leaf which appears to be crafted and not natural. He opens it and picks up the leaf which he notices has a strange texture. Three of the books are spell books, one is ornate, metal and locked(boccobs blessed book) and the other is black leather. He picks the locked book, opens it and it appears to contain blank pages. He concentrates real hard and thinks it may have some hidden spells. The leather book contains notes on magical portals in the tower. These all go in to the portable hole. We move out and see a large landing with wide staircase going down with walkways on both sides. Both walkways have 3 doors. We know the first door comes from the library so we check the second door which we open and this chamber is thickly carpeted with a bed and dresser. Pike and Obregon search the bed chamber and find nothing of interest. The other 4 doors contain identical rooms. We move to the staircase which goes down in to a corridor which turns left. Beltin calls to the demons that we gave them time to flee so their deaths are not our fault. Gonoan can tell they are speaking to someone down the hall and telling them that we are coming. Sanna jumps out front, throws a cold lightning bolt and has it bend around the corner. Something screams in pain and Beltin and Gonoan step forward and prepare to meet them. The demons are confused about how the lightning came around the corner and warn someone that we could turn invisible. Sanna tosses a ball of cold at the turn while Beltin and Gonoan move a little closer. Gonoan can hear them moving further down the hallway. Pike moves to the corner, peeks around and sees more magical darkness. The demons move back our way as Sanna moves up but she is unable to locate any of them. Beltin moves up and spits acid down the hallway. Gonoan moves next to Beltin and Obregon moves next to Pike and casts barkskin on himself. One demon attacks Beltin with 2 claws, hitting once. Another attacks Gonoan twice as well, hitting once. The other waits on room to attack. Pike takes 2 shots, hitting once but it did no damage. Sanna tosses an orb but misses. Gonoan swings 3 times, hitting twice. Obregon puts 2 in each of the 3, killing 2. The last one runs away, further in to the darkness…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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