grey hawk

January 27th, 2016

We search the alcove and find nothing of interest. Pike checks the east door and it opens easily to reveal stairs that go down. The west door opens onto an identical set of stairs. We decide to go back to a couple of areas that we skipped earlier. As we begin to leave, Sanna goes down the stairs and looks around the corner to find there are yet more stairs. The door we go back to opens on to a storeroom full of dust covered crates and boxes. There is another door on the opposite wall, a collapsed passage to the east and a hallway back the way we came on the same wall we just entered through. We check the crates and find they contain old, dried up food. Obregon can tell that there has been an orc through here within the last week. Suddenly we hear a loud alarm like noise and it appears to be coming from a rock near the other door. Sanna knows it’s an alarm spell so Gonoan smashes the rock which stops the piercing noise. We open the other door and find a large cavern. There is a 10’ ledge across the back and a pool of dark green sludge to one side in this high ceilinged room. It doesn’t appear that the orc ever left this room and there are no obvious exits. Beltin spider climbs up the wall and over to the ledge. Sanna steps in to the doorway and uses detect magic which finds an aura near Beltin. She can tell it is moving up the wall above him and he moves around trying to see it. Beltin sprays the area with acid and then jumps off the ledge. Obregon shoots an alchemist arrow in to the same area. Gonoan moves in to the room and readies himself for an attack. Gonoan and Sanna all of a sudden begin reeling as if they have been stunned. Pike moves in, closes the door and hides. Obregon casts entangle on the ceiling. Beltin unstuns Sanna and then he hears a voice in his head “Oh, you really need to recover all of our abilities so you should take a nice bath in the green pool over there”. Beltin disparages its suggestion. Pike picks out its shape and shoots a couple of bolts at it but doesn’t seem to connect. Obregon begins shooting arrows, seeming to hit 3 times. Sanna throws a lightning ball, covering the ceiling. It reappears, dead and entangled, and looks to be a mind flayer. After the entangle ends and it falls to the ground, we put the body in the PH. We search the room and find 2 studded leather armor, and a wand of greater invisibility w/26 charges on the creature. We head back to the t junction past the pillar room. To the east is a door a short ways down and to the west is another t junction a few feet down. There is an alcove here with a statue of boccob. Pike hears something behind the door. Sanna looks at the statue and notices it is hollow and has Zjarcon written on its palm. Gonoan kicks in the door and we see a large cave stretching in front of us. Stalagmites and stalactites dot this room as iridescent colors stream along the walls and fungus and mushrooms cover the floor. There is a flying creature attempting to hide behind a stalactite. Beltin calls out “Kalystys, come down here”. She claims to not be Kalystys but a priestess forced to wear her form whose name is Rhiani. She has been here for 184 years and suffers from a planar binding. She tells us her tale: After Zagig abandoned his apprentices, one of them , Telvaeran Pash wanted to use eldritch magic. He is using her form to attempt to fool adventurers. He had fallen under the influence of Fraz-Urb’luu, a demon prince. Kalystys used her magic to swap forms and killed the wizard. She is a dark elf princess and trapped here. She recognizes the name of Rian but can’t be sure of where. She asks us to set her free with Mordekainens injunction or anti-magic field. She offers us her cloak of resistance2 in exchange for getting the spell she needs. Pike walks up to her and gets the cloak, noticing runes tattooed on her body. We ask if she has heard of Robilar or Bilaro? She remembers Robillar from decades ago when he came with Mordekainen and more recently, Billarro was near here as there was an alarm because of him. She believes he would be in the tower of zagig not here but points us in the direction of the warroom where there is a map for going between the towers. There is also a teleporter somewhere. She warns us that there are some fierbolg, and efreeti and a high level commander set up in the Golem Forge. We follow her directions towards the warroom and …..


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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