grey hawk

February 24th, 2016

We decide to start checking out the bowl shaped room with the wizard pillars. Obregon can tell that a few things have been through this room; a slow moving giant and some humanoid wizards/clerics. We begin to search the room and suddenly Sanna, Gonoan and Obregon collapse to the ground. Beltin checks Gonoan and determines he appears to be sleeping but doesn’t wake up to a gentle slapping. Pike looks around and then moves out of the hall in to the cavernous passage beyond. Beltin attempts to heal Gonoan of 1 point of damage but this doesn’t’ accomplish anything either. Pike sees this passage opens to a large cavern with stalactites/stalagmites competing for floor space. There are carts full of rock near holes in the floor. Beltin begins dragging the others from the hallway while Pike keeps watch. As Beltin drags Obregon out, he notices he has started to turn blue and isn’t breathing. He attempts to heal him but to no effect. Suddenly, Obregon begins breathing in great big gasps of breath but is still unconscious. Beltin turns on his fast healing aura and Pike forces a neutralize poison potion down Obregons throat. He looks a little better. Beltin then removes the poisoned condition from Gonoan and Sanna and everyone recovers within a few minutes. Pike hears a noise of something large moving in the cavern and immediately hides. Then we move along the ledge, when suddenly an axe appears flying through the air at Gonoan from a previously invisible fomorian. Gonoan charges him, accepting a hit from another axe, and hits him hard. Pike puts 2 bolts in it while Obregon fills it with 3 arrows. It yells Mashface is ready for you, speaks to its ring and turns invisible. Beltin sprays the cavern with acid as Sanna covers the area with electricity. Pike shoots at it twice and appears to hit with both. Obregon manages to sink one arrow into its invisible ass as well. Mashface appears to be running away so Beltin and Gonoan jump off the ledge and begin chasing after him. Obregon and Pike run along the ledge though Sanna jumps off the ledge and follows the others. We continue to chase him until Beltin is able to hit him with acid. He drops and turns visible. We loot the body and find a ring of invisiblity. We believe the passage continues on to a lower level of the tower of war. We end up in a small chamber that houses a spiral staircase going down. This goes down 2 levels to a passage which leads to another spiral staircase going down another level. This opens to large cavern with a crumbling pyramid in the center. There is a broken statue of Nerull along the ground and there is flickering torchlight coming from the opening in its base. We are 20’ up but there is a sloping walkway down. Sanna lights up the detect magic wand and the broken statue glows strongly. So we move off to the side and climb down the slope instead in an attempt to not disturb what we suspect is an animated statue. We climb up the other pyramid and look down inside where we see another spiral staircase which goes deeper in to the earth. It appears they are attempting to support it with wooden beams. Obregon can tell a number of orcs have been moving through here. We decide to explore around the area before dealing with the stairs. The first room contains a black altar split by the large fissure through the pyramid. The next rooms wall is broken down and appears to be filled with garbage and corpses. The bodies are ogre mages wearing robes of Nerull and some sort of fungoid creatures which Obregon believes are violet fungi. Pike and Sanna search the pile and find a potion bottle and adamantine dagger. The next room’s door opens to reveal 2 barrels of arrows which Beltin melts. The next door opens and we see 4 sets of artisans tools, wooden beams, healers kit and a crate of 50 torches. We take the tools and kit while Beltin melts the torches. The last door has crates of rations, 2 barrels of water, a barrel of ale(6gp), a box with 4 bottles of ilimurth wine from highfolk, and a large wheel of fine fyrondian cheese (5gp). We keep the barrel of ale, some rations, the wine and cheese while destroying the rest. Sanna checks for secret doors but finds nothing. Across the way is another door that we manage to knock down. As the dust settles, we see a room that is collapsed and the skeletal hand of an ogre mage is extending from the rubble. We hear something coming from the spiral staircase. There are 4 demonlike creatures and a redheaded woman with full armor coming up. Death stalks us…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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