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Dodge the frame

May 16th, 2017

We get off the wall and head towards the church of st Cuthbert, using only side streets. Sanna notices someone walking ahead of us who doesn’t appear to have noticed us. Obregon notices a nightwatchmen in a stand but they make no alarm. We arrive at the church and ask to see Eritae. Several priests take us to a room where they normally check bodies and do healing. We put the priest’s body on a table and the priests ask what help we need. We tell them to check the body to see if he is truly dead and to wake Eritae. When they pull the vestments back, the body is now that of a doppleganger. Its eyes flutter open and Beltin yells out to restrain it and he and Gonoan each grab an arm. Beltin orders the priests to find shackles. About 10 minutes later, Eritae arrives in full armor. She asks what is going on and Beltin apologizes for waking her and relates our tale. She asks the creature how long it has been impersonating Dasinder but it says nothing. She says we will put this creature away in a place it can’t get out of and asks what our next move is. We say that we aren’t sure as we are worried about issues with the church of Boccob. She offers us asylum for the night. She warns us that any of the factions we share info with could be manipulating us or this could be something from Bronwyn and her ilk. Sanna decides to go back to the church of boccob and Pike decides to accompany her. He goes invisible and when they get within site of the walls, so does Sanna. She walks close to the wall and can see a stone golem and a number of guards and priests moving around as well as more of a presence at the entrances and towers. She doesn’t hear anything helpful so she begins to head towards the mages guild. There now appear to be at least one person always in view. Pike thinks this is just normal patrolling. When she arrives at the guild, Pike returns to St Cuthbert. Sanna researches dopplegangers and finds they tend to kill their prey before impersonating them. She does meet with her old contact and she gives him a quick rundown on what happened in the ruins. Her contact said the octych is a part of an artifact. She then rests there and returns to the rest of the party in the morning. After she returns, we go down to question the doppleganger. When the door is opened, the chamber is empty. Eritae feels the floor and declares it has been gone for a while. We suggest maybe there is a traitor in the church and she responds with it could be some other creature. What else could have escaped from a sealed room? Then Beltin goes to the privy after which he leaves the church and heads to the church of boccob. When he arrives, the gate guard recognizes him and he asks for the high priest or the highest ranking member available. They take him inside to a waiting room. After a short while, a few low ranking priests come in accompanied by Dasinder the high priest. Dasinder explains that he was prepared for an attack and used the doppleganger to represent himself. He was occupying the creature when the attack came and he departed to remain safe. The church bears no ill will towards the Shadow Phoenix. After leaving, Beltin returns to the church of St Cuthbert to find that the rest of the party has gone on to the Green Dragon Inn. Obregon questions Rikard about Captain Gallanz, who has not been seen in several weeks but apparently that’s not unusual. Pike is talking to the other patrons, seeking information on Gallanz. He has left the city and has residences in other places but he isn’t one to talk about his comings and goings so no one knows where he actually is. He does like to hear about others adventures and likes to be where the drama is. We decide to head home and attempt to use the octych. Pike attempts to use it and even though he feels like he did it right, nothing happens. We know it may activate gates or open a portal but it isn’t working here. Brunj believes it is not religiously affiliated. Sanna feels that it may be only operated by power magic which would be why it is not working. We continue discussing our next step and decide to head back down below the rainbow room and finish exploring those areas. We leave on the 10th of Sunsebb and return to the ruins. We arrive to the octagonal room below the rainbow room and head down the southeast corridor which shortly turns to the south and ends in a T junction. We go left which ends at a door. Pike checks it, finds nothing and opens it. Behind it the hallway continues with several alcoves on each side and one at the far end. We enter and each alcove is decorated with an oversized landscape painting with amazing detail. They are as varied as they are beautiful. In the lower right corner of each, Nolzur has signed them. They each are of areas of great danger and adventure, including White Plume mountain, tomb of horrors, sea of dush, and the land of black ice. Sanna pulls out the octych but nothing happens here either. Sanna detects magic while Pike and Obregon search the room. One of the paintings is of Castle Greyhawk and there is actually a secret door behind it. Pike knows something will happened to the painting if it is moved. He isn’t sure he wants to try moving it but Gonoan reaches in and grabs it, causing it to crumble to dust. Pike figures out that the door is magically sealed so Sanna dispels the magic and Gonoan opens it. There is a hallway behind here which clearly connects to the opposite hallway. Pike finds the secret door at the other end which is also arcane locked. Sanna dispels it and Gonoan opens it too. Here are more alcoves and paintings which Gonoan begins pulling from the walls. They crumble as he pulls them down. We go back and search the secret hallway and find a secret door in the south wall. Sanna opens the door and there are 2 identical C shaped tables built in to the east and west walls. There are glowing runes in the top of each and one set is glowing brightly. They are written in abyssal, celestial, draconic and infernal. If one knows each language the message can be decoded.


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