grey hawk

December 30th, 2015

Nat heals up Gonoan with the healing belt. We choose the far passage and while checking this well locked door, we hear several verbeeg on the other side. Pike manages to pick this complicated lock after a few tries though we can hear that they know we are coming. Gonoan heaves the door open though there was a cot shoved in front of it. There are 3 verbeeg in this room and another door with a cot in front of it. Sanna sends lightning arcing between each of them and they begin to smoke. Gonoan moves in and mows one down while Pike shoots at another, which somehow knocks his bolt out of the air. Beltin moves in and melts them both with acid. We loot the bodies and take glaives+1, breastplates+1, and composite longbows from each. Pike spots a peep hole in the wall when suddenly Beltin is stunned, and hit by a dark beam of energy. Pike rushes to the hole and shoots a crossbow bolt through it but there is no evidence that it hit anything. Beltin heals himself of his conditions. Obregon attempts to discover where the entrance to this hidden chamber is. Sanna uses the detect secret doors wand and finds the entrance right next to the door we came in. Gonoan manages to find the door as well. Then Pike is stunned, exhausted and hit with fire. Beltin steps up and blocks the peep hole with his shield. The shield is attacked by fire but it fails to do any damage. Pike becomes unstunned and Beltin heals his exhaustion. The creature attacks the shield with fire again to no effect. Pike gets the door unlatched and Beltin pushes it open. In this room is a bloated sphere with a group of tentacles and a large central eye. There is an archway out of this room and the skeletal remains of a verbeeg as the foul stench of decay flows towards us. Sanna fires 2 scorching rays at it but misses. Gonoan charges it with his eyes closed and scores a good hit. The creature moves away and hits Gonoan with paralysis and exhaustion, but only the exhaustion sticks. Pike throws his orb at it, hits it but it resists the effects. Beltin heals Gonoan’s exhaustion while Obregon puts 2 arrows in it. Sanna moves up and casts a blast of flame on it. Gonoan hits it once, bringing it near death. It shoots a ray of paralysis at Sanna but she shrugs it off. And then it hits her with a scorching ray but her scarab absorbs most of the damage. Pike kills it with a well placed bolt. We put its carcass in the PH and begin to look around this beholder-kins lair and find a metal ring set in the floor. Sanna tries to pull this stone trap door open but fails miserably. Gonoan struggles as well but Beltin manages to get it open. As we begin to look inside, Gonoan and Obregon hear something coming and move to intercept. This skeletal creature with tattered wizard robes and glowing red eyes moves in to view to take 2 arrows from Obregon. The creature sends out a cone of cold; catching most of the party. Elaine and Natauru are killed outright, Obregon dodges out of the way and Gonoan and Sanna get whomped. Beltin runs out of the room and spits acid at the skeleton. Obregon kills it with 2 more arrows. The skeleton has bracers of armor+4, cloak of resistance 1, potion of gaseous form, scroll of summon monster IV 8th lvl, wand of magic missiles 9th lvl, ring of prot1. Our dead companions go in to the PH. We go back and find that this small hollow contains some treasure: 1600cp, 980sp, 640gp, 3pp, 5 moonstones, bejeweled short sword scabbard, scroll expeditious retreat, scroll delay poison, scroll vampiric touch, wand cure light 32 charges, wand scorching ray 12 charges. We head to the other door blocked by a cot, move the cot and open the door, revealing a set of stairs going down. At the bottom is a cavernous room being used for storage which contains some stacked barrels. Some of the barrels contain the mark of Iuz and the others have local merchant marks. They contain water and foodstuffs. We destroy them all to deny them to the enemy. To the right is a passageway with a door a few feet down which then turns a corner and goes down quite a ways to a t junction. We open the door on to a long, wide hallway with green pillars along it. There a doors to the right and left at the far end and an alcove at the end. Obregon checks for tracks and finds that verbeeg have been coming in here regularly. In the alcove is mural of a wizard holding aloft a glowing staff and a spell book with the heavens opening above him. Sanna believes this is where worshipers of Zagig left offerings to him but none have done so in ages. Lets look around…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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