grey hawk

December 16th, 2015

It appears the kobolds have kept the first four levels (Zagig’s gauntlet, Ogre crypts, apprentices walk, and another that seems to be class and study rooms) cleared so we keep moving down. The next level is the vaults of creation, where golems and other constructs were made. Sanna begins scanning for magic and discovers a secret door that leads to a wide staircase going down. These steep stairs lead in to large chamber with a flickering orange light and a pungent acrid smell coming from within. There are 3 balconies with pillars supporting them, and 4 doors. At the rear of the northern balcony is a thin line of fire beyond which is a cavernous area. The ground underneath that one has been dug out and is filled with water which has what appears to be an oil slick on it. As we move closer, the stench is very acidic as if someone had been urinating or disposing of garbage here. Obregon moves up and dips the tip of his arrow in the pool which causes a wave and the arrow is damaged and smoking. Pike shoots 2 bolts in to it, causing it to reshape in to a couple of spheres. Obregon hits one with 6 force arrows and it gets smaller and smaller until it is only a quarter of its original size. Beltin climbs on to a balcony and sprays the creatures with acid. Sanna hits the larger one with a couple of ice blasts. Pike hits the smaller one with 2 bolts but nothing seems to happen. Obregon finishes them both off with his force arrows. Pike begins checking around the perimeter of the water as Beltin notices a couple of verbeeg beyond the flames. Pike checks out the doors and they are locked and all look the same. We hear nothing from behind the doors as Beltin calls out about the verbeeg. The creatures run up, jump through the flames (catching on fire in the process) and aim bows at Beltin. Obregon takes his 6 shots, almost killing one. Beltin hits them with acid, killing the first one. Pike hits the other one with a bolt. Gonoan climbs on to the balcony with it and kills it when it attempts to extinguish itself. He can see there are 6 more coming. 2 of them shoot Gonoan with arrows. One of the others calls out in giant “there is a party down below, somehow they bypassed the pudding. Let them come to us”. Sanna attempts to climb up to the balcony but can’t seem to get a purchase. Obregon climbs up the nearest balcony and jumps across to join Gonoan. Beltin spider climbs across the ceiling and jumps through the flames. Pike attempts to open the lock of the door in front of him but fails. Gonoan moves through the fire and hits the closest verbeeg. 2 of the verbeeg move up and hit Gonoan, one pretty badly causing him to go into a rage. The other 4 shoot at Beltin but his shield deflects the arrows out of the air. Obregon kills one of the creatures attacking Gonoan, while Beltin and Gonoan kill the other. The remaining four send one off to sound the alarm and the others move up and shoot at Beltin again, though he still blocks their arrows. They look pissed. Pike gives Sanna his grappling hook and rope and then uses his ring to magically open the door. It swings open to reveal a brick wall, and he screams in frustration. Sanna tosses the grappling hook and manages to catch it on something. Obregon kills one of the remaining three and injures another. Beltin hits both of the others with acid while Pike climbs up to the balcony and takes a shot but misses. Sanna climbs up as Obregon finishes off another. Beltin moves up the ledge and hits the last one. Pike moves through the flames and puts a bolt in it, and it collapses. We loot the bodies and get glaives+1, composite longbows, and breastplates+1 from each of the 8 which we put in the PH. There are 2 doors off the lower area and an extensive cavern above the ledge. Pike checks the furthest door and opens it to reveal a large room with a number of barrels piled haphazardly as well as a door, a cavernous area and a passage that appears to lead to the other door from the last room. He taps on one of the barrels and it sounds empty. Sanna comes in and checks one, finding it full of tar. We move in and go through the next door, finding an empty alcove with another door. Nat says he senses evil ahead and that door opens to a rectangular chamber with 3 doors, decorated with murals featuring lumbering large humanoids pillaging a village. There is blood splattered on the walls and paint scraped away in places. There is rubble that could have been a statue and a rotting corpse. Pike moves near the body and can see it was a humanoid but not human. He checks the far door and it opens on to a passage with a door at the end. He then checks the other door in this room which reveals another passageway that turns to the right down a ways. Which way do we go?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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