grey hawk

Damned demons

August 22nd, 2017

Pike pulls his sword and attacks Obregon, hitting him once. Sanna hauls back and punches Elaine with her spiked gauntlet. Obregon shoots Pike twice. Beltin teleports next to Obregon and bull rushes him but is unable to knock him over. Pike swings at Obregon 2 more times but only hits once. Sanna hits once on Elaine again. Gonoan grabs Sanna and keeps her from attacking anymore. Obregon shoots Pike 3 times. Elaine gets out of the way and attempts to charm Sanna while Brunj attempts to dispel the magic on Obregon. Neither attempt is successful. Beltin fails to grapple Obregon a second time but Pike manages to hit him with his sword. Sanna shakes off the rage, teleports next to Pike, and then pulls out and uses the wand of greater invisibility on him. Gonoan runs up to Obregon and grabs him. Obregon tries to eye gouge Gonoan but fails. Elaine waits and Brunj looks for an opening. Pike and Obregon manage to come out of it and we heal up. We head back towards the violet metal doors. Along the way we have to stop and re-open the locked door behind the landscape portraits which takes a couple of tries. We make it to the teleporter room and Pike is able to operate it again. As we move in to the arena like chamber, there are 3 demons present again. Beltin steps in and hits one of them with acid and Pike begins to blink. Gonoan moves around toward xenomorph. Sanna casts a cold burst on 4 arms and Xenomorph, though only 4 arms is affected. 4 arms begins casting a spell, though nothing happens. Xenomorph attempts to cast a spell as well with the same effect. Brunj hits all 3 with a flame strike. Obregon shoots at 4 arms, hitting 4 times. Elaine attempts to use the magic missile wand on 4 arms but it fizzles. Gator begins casting and another demon appears. Beltin moves up and smacks the new one with his Morningstar. Gonaon goes after Xenomorph, taking a bite on the way, but hitting it hard. Pike hits it with a bolt while its distracted followed by Sanna casting arc lighting on 4 arms and gator. 4 arms moves towards Beltin and casts a spell on him which looks frightening but has no apparent effect. Xenomorph attacks Gonoan with 2 claws and a bite, hitting with all 3 but fails to grab him. Obregon hits 4 arms 2 times, causing him to disappear and then Xenomorph 3 times. Elaine casts magic missile and hits Gator with 4 missiles. Gator comes around and tries to hit Beltin but it glances of his shield. Beltin sprays New guy and gator with acid, then moves back to the doors. Pike tosses the fist of emirikol at new guy but nothing happens. Gonoan succumbs to the stench of Xenomorph and begins to retch. Sanna casts another arc lightning on new guy and gator. Xenomorph attacks Gonoan again, hitting 3 times. Brunj moves towards xenomorph and casts spiritual weapon which dissipates when it hits. Obregon hits gator twice and it disappears and then puts 3 more in to xenomorph. New guy casts unholy blight around the doors. Damn demons!


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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