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Books, books and more books

March 21st, 2017

Sanna reads through the books on the table and notices notes in the margins. These notes concern life, creatures, undead and anything considered alive and what constitutes being alive. Pike looks mostly at maps and more fanciful titles. There are a number of maps, mostly of areas that Zagig adventured in many years ago. A lot of these we now know by different names and have been explored numerous times. We discuss ways to bypass the rainbow room and our best option seems to be an antimagic field spell. We would need to return to town to obtain this spell but decide we shall check out the remaining 2 passages downstairs before returning. Vexia does not love this plan as she wants Shinda out now but has no better ideas. Sanna pores over the books on life and it appears that someone has been trying to create a simulacrum that could be truly alive. Maybe that was how Quaal and Heward’s semblances came to be. We sort the rest of the books and put them in Gonoan’s portable hole. After resting for the night, we head back downstairs to the eastern passage which is blocked by double doors. Pike checks and then opens the doors to reveal a narrow white sand beach along a seemingly endless ocean bordered by a blue cloudless sky. There are 2 outrigger boats beached nearby. Sanna looks around and believes it is a portal to another area or dimension. We decide to take a quick look around. Obregon ties a rope around his waist, then anchored by Gonoan and Beltin, walks through the doors and onto the beach. Behind there are palm trees and such but no signs of normal life as in no seaweed or debris on the beach and no animals or birds. While the sea appears to go on forever, behind the doorway, the view becomes hazy and indistinct as if a created extradimensional space. He returns and we close the doors. Brunj points out that the fire crystals are dimming and Sanna believes they will only last about a day so it is time to go so we don’t get stuck down here. We make our way out of the ziggurat and up the wall, and see the juggernaut in the main promenade. Beltin and Pike run towards the secret door while Sanna drops an acid fog over the juggernaut and moves as well. Gonoan, Brunj, Elaine and Obregon join the rest of the party. We can hear the juggernaut moving and a redcap comes jumping out of the fog, landing poorly and falling on his face. Pike finds and opens the door while Beltin takes up a guard position. Sanna joins the group and throws a fireball at the juggernaut. The front end of the juggernaut moves out of the cloud and another redcap climbs down. The fallen one gets up and looks around. We finish moving through the door and close it behind us. We move dwon the hall, across the bridge and in to the reception room and then back to the teleportation room. Pike deactivates the wind trap, we drink our potions and go through. We get through the rest of the tower without being molested and head back to town. Time for a quick re-equip and back to rescue Shinda.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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