grey hawk

Banging heads against walls

April 18th, 2017

We decide to not see Kellick. One of the street kids reports in to Beltin that Riann is leaving Greyhawk and wanted us to know that she was leaving. She also sent a potion of resurrection for us which Beltin puts in his haversack. We pick up Gonoan’s magic item the next morning , the 6th of Sunsebb, and then head back to the ruins. We make our way back to the ziggurat without molestation. We stop in the side cave and get new fire crystals before entering through the fire pillar. Sanna is suspicious of the crystals and figures out that the crystals are illusory and that the real ones have been removed. We decide to wait until the crystals regrow and fortunately nothing happens while we wait. We harvest the new ones and proceed to the ziggurat and go down through the fire pillar. Beltin leads the way and we enter the main room again. Vexia is waiting for us and tells us that for the last couple of days a pile of the fire crystals have come falling down the opening. She kept expecting us to show up but was getting frustrated when we didn’t. We put our plan in motion and take all of Elaine’s magic items and high tail it down the stairs. She attempts casting Mordekainen’s disjunction but it fizzles. Pike joins her and she tries the anti-magic field spell which also fails. She tries a second time but is still unsuccessful. We are out of ideas so decide to head back to town and buy more. After we leave the tower, Obregon notices that some moss has been planted along the route between towers. He can tell there have been a couple of human females digging in the ground here. He is pretty sure one set of tracks are the same as those in the secret library. He pokes the ground with his spear and nothing happens. Sanna looks it over but can’t come up with what it could be. Obregon puts his nature skills to the test and realizes that whoever planted this moss knew what they were doing. Pike is pretty sure this is a trap of some sort. As a precaution, Beltin breathes acid on the moss, killing it. As we cross the courtyard in front of the tower of power, Obregon notices some strange marks in the ground as if someone was stepping a large piece of furniture along. It leads to the bridge and then turns around and comes back in to the tower of power. We also notice several dead bodies in the crevasse below the bridge. We keep going until we get to town and buy twice as many scrolls and more gaseous form potions. We turn around immediately and head back to the tower again. We arrive at the tower of magic and ask the kobolds if they saw the women plant the moss. They did see 2 human women there and they have been wandering around the ruins every now and again for the last week or so. We warn them about potential traps, and ask them about something moving around the center tower. They did see 2 huge monoliths moving around. We move down in to the tower, through the teleport and on the way to the pit, Obregon notices that something human sized has moved down one of the other holes that leads to the underdark. We move on to the ziggurat and down the flame pillar. We set Elaine up in the library and have her cast Mordekainens disjunction which goes off successfully. The long room looks exactly the same as it was even without its illusions. The rainbow room is disjoined and the 2 doors look the same as any other doors now. Sanna opens the door to the room with shinda’s cage. Shinda looks worse than the last time and calls for Vexia. She says she has to tell us something before “she” returns. You must stop Iggwilv, she is my enemy. She is the witch queen and only she can let me out. She looked and sounded like the witch queen but seemed off. She was sometimes accompanied by a beautiful women with horns and broken wings who was a demon of some sort. Last time she bragged she had captured her son, Iuz. She then told the demoness to tell the company of the 7 that they must hide the shards in the demiplanes. The shards must not fall in to Boccobs hands. I suggest contacting one of the deposed rajahs; they have no love Fraz Erbluh. They need to be hidden for a few more weeks and after that they can longer bother me. One of them is likely in the 176th layer of the abyss, Fraz’s realm. Shinda suggests finding them if we can. “Go if you must, I’m not sure if you can save me”. Pike looks over the cage and finds no traps. He attempts to unlock the cage door but fails twice and then uses the knock from his ring, which also fails. Obregon opens the other door and there are 9 glass display cases around this room which contains weapons, jewelry, clothing and other items. In the center is an ornate gaming table with a white rune in the center covered with shards of glass and playing cards. He sees a rod, a bag, and a crystal ball at first glance around the room. Sanna detects magic on Shinda’s cage and concentrates, discovering that the cage is a powerful artifact. She then walks across to the other room and sprays the detect magic around. Each item in the cases have a plaque underneath them. There is a rod of lesser metamagic quicken (for use only in real emergencies), bag of holding IV, crystal ball (do not observe), headband of intellect +6 (what’s the point), periapt of good health(peril), book(do not read this), pink lace belt giant strength +4(has its uses), sword(not to be used among friends), spear(not to be trusted), and a deck of many things on the table. Pike uses his mage hand to pick up the items and put them in to the portable hole. We then place the hole on the floor and tip the table inside. Beltin takes Shinda’s cage and puts it in his haversack but it immediately reappears in the room. We try blinking, bending and disintegrating but nothing works. There’s nothing for it but to hunt down Iggwilv if we hope to save Shinda.


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