grey hawk

August 11th, 2015

Sanna drops another lightning ball over the back half of the room while Beltin jumps across and trades hits with a troll. Gonoan hears some chanting from where the wizard ran away and then kills the troll in front of him. 2 of the trolls move after the wizard. Beltin gets hit once and Gonoan gets missed and the others move up closer. Obregon uses arrow storm and hits 4 of the remaining 7. Sanna jumps across, accepting a claw to the face in order to cast shout, killing 3. Beltin breathes acid again killing another. Gonoan chops down the one in front of him and then takes off after the wizard. One troll charges Gonoan and hits him while the other hits Beltin twice. Pike hits the one on Beltin, square in the chest. Obregon finishes off both of those remaining. We all move towards the passage that the wizard escaped down. It turns out to be a large room with doors on the east and west walls. The one to the west has a mechanism near it. Pike finds nothing hink so Gonoan opens the western door. It opens onto another large room with a door to the south which is just closing. Beltin spikes open the first door while the rest of the party moves up and opens the other door. This leads us back in to the room with the dissolved trolls. Tracking leads us through the south door. Gonoan goes through first and gets slimed. We try to remove it from him as it begins to sap his life force and using a combination of hand weapons as scrapers and Pikes mage hand, we are able to remove the slime. Nat and Beltin team up to cure the damage it caused while Pike listens at the door. He doesn’t hear anything and Gonoan opens it. Obregon sees that the wizard and trolls are heading back to where they started so we retrace our steps and as we get to the door with the mechanism, we see a troll arm closing the door. Suddenly, the floor tilts and we are sliding toward a wall of spikes. Everyone but Beltin and Obregon slam in to it as they manage to find hand holds. The door reopens and one of the trolls appears in the doorway. Pike climbs back up the slope and hits it with a bolt. Beltin moves back up and spits acid, hitting both trolls and the wizard. Sanna tosses a lightning ball in to the room, dropping all of them. We climb back in to the room and loot the bodies. The wizard has 2 rings(regeneration, prot +3) and each of the trolls has a ring(fire resistance). We search this room and find the other door is not trapped but has been heavily traveled by trolls. We then check the room with the pit and find this door not locked either but has only been traveled by the wizard and a 2-legged hooved creature. The room through here has another door opposite and open doorways north and south. Gonoan hears people moving up towards the door on the other side of the pit and we can see some flickering torchlight coming closer. Obregon finds some tracks which just lead to a wall in the south room and then stops. Pike finds a secret door and figures out how to open it. The approaching people appear to have gone a different direction as the light vanishes. Through the secret door there are stairs going down. We go back and open the door to the east and see 2 plush chair and several tablets. Sanna read the tablets and they are from someone named Jhinjahr and details what he is doing (watching adventurers die in a trap, needing to get more gold from the idol). Obregon finds a secret door in the south wall. Pike finds the mechanism to open it and we hear some sort of noise coming from the other side. Gonoan opens the door and we see 2 minotaurs growling at us from down a long hallway. Obregon fills the first with arrows, killing it outright. Beltin spits at the second one with acid while Sanna hits it with an orb. Gonoan charges it and kills it with his axe. Was that too easy?


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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