grey hawk

April 6th, 2016

Beltin heads down the spiral staircase. About 50’ down, there is a room off of the stairs whose door is ajar. He heads back up and gets Pike and Sanna to come down and check it out while he continues to descend. Pike opens the door the rest of the way and there is a golden brazier alight in the corner. This small room is clean with an oversize plush chair in one corner and a shelf with a few ledgers and a small chest opposite. Pike determines one of the keys we took off of the priestess fits the chest so he uses it and opens the chest. He and Sanna feel weakness roll over them but finds an explorers outfit, vestments, nobles outfit, golden necklace with iuz symbol 500gp, gold ring set w/ruby 200gp, 2 potions cure moderate, scroll planar ally 2400gp, and a jar keoghmans ointment 4000gp 5 applications. Meanwhile, Beltin keeps going and reaches the bottom. He sees caverns and passages indicative of the underdark. He begins ascending and spitting acid at joints on the way up. Pike looks at the ledgers and turns to the back where it appears she is talking about torturing someone whose name she doesn’t mention but does talk about someone named Bailik. Beltin appears at the door and asks why they are still there as he has been weakening the stairs on the way up. They tell him about the weakness so Beltin carries Pike up the stairs and then sends Gonoan down to fetch Sanna. After reaching the top, Beltin spits acid on the stairs until it begins to collapse loudly and at the same time there are sounds like a building collapsing off to the north. We begin heading out and have no new encounters on the way. As we exit, Sanna asks the kobolds if they have a healer as Natauru has fallen in battle. Their shaman wizard says he has no ability to raise the dead but if we leave his body, they will see it disposed of properly. Sanna tearfully says good bye and we leave him there. On our way back, Pike and Sanna’s strength returns. We reach Greyhawk in late afternoon as the sun is beginning to set. We head home, sort our treasure and read through the notes and ledgers we found. We learn that Bailik was the master of the golem makers, Shyrath was the priestess, there is someone over them whom they don’t name, Bailik has been swiping plush furniture from the tower of war to outfit his room, Shyrath has been noting weaknesses in the higher ups, including cowardice and negligence. The boss is apparently hiding in the halls of beckoning. She has been recently sent to the underdark. We take it easy for the evening and the next day, we sell our loot. Then we split up: Sanna and Pike go to the church of Boccob to resurrect Elaine, Beltin and Gonoan to the church of St Cuthbert to meet with Eritae. After moving through some lower level priests, Sanna and Pike get to meet with Rhiann. As Sanna begins to pull Elaines body out, Rhiann stops her and says we need to take her to the proper area for that. They move to another room and put her body on a table and then Sanna tells her story. Rhiann is unhappy with the way the Kalystys meeting went down. Pike explains why we didn’t kill her out of hand. Rhiann is disappointed with our actions and thinks we should have killed her anyway. Sanna tries to convince her to accompany us but she claims to be needed too much here. Sanna then asks for a recommendation for a healer. Rhiann says she can look for someone. They leave and head back home. Meanwhile, at the church of St Cuthbert, Beltin and Gonoan go in to see Eritae whose first action is to give us some healing. We share our story and she is unhappy with our choice to not kill Kalystys. We ask about the halls of beckoning but she has never heard of them. She supports our desire to hunt down the hidden boss. She asks if we will be going back in the next day or so but we won’t commit as we need to gear up. She asks what we need and we say we need items to fight fiends/demons. She is going to talk to others to see what other options we may have outside the church. We go out and order some new items. Now we wait.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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