grey hawk

April 14th, 2015

We make our way home and Elaine immediately heads to her room to take a bath. We pool our loot and sell it for 1,673 gp, 7 sp. We begin discussing what to do next. We talk about opening a storefront for the Order. We are leaning towards waiting in town for a bit, anticipating the attack on Greyhawk. The next day, Pike, Gonoan, Obregon and Beltin head out to the thieves guild safehouse where Pike last saw Tomas Radic. The signs have been changed and it has been boarded up and it’s pretty dilapidated on the inside. We look around, but don’t find anything interesting. Obregon can verify that a few people have been through here but no one is present now. We leave and Pike notices that we are being watched by a member of the beggar’s guild and a people’s constable (a wing of the thieves’ guild). The constable is hanging posters for Fid “Quickfingers” Dulamin, wanted for theft; 1000gp reward. He has pulled off several burglaries and robberies. We know Fid from when we rescued him at the underground arena. Pike is livid and determined to find Fid and bury him. We begin asking around and find that he has stolen some legendary items; warhammer(Whelm), sword(Black Razor), and possibly others. These are believed to be from White Plume Mountain. We try to track who has paid for the posters but no one wants to give names. We begin to move around town attempting to gather information on Fid. Meanwhile Sanna, Nat and Elaine head to the mage’s guild where Sanna talks to her contact and relays our most recent information up to the clay golems chamber. She also passes the vial of healing water to him. Then she researches the shield and the control panel. The shield is very old, from the Cairn Hills, unusual metal, could have been used as an actual shield, and the magic is likely older than the city itself. The healing water will likely have lost its magic by now. The rest of us are beating the streets looking for info on Fid. We learn he had been active quite a while ago, was arrested 3 times but escaped each time. We decide to attempt to have him scryed upon. We learn he is on a roof top at a table eating and his loot is near him. He is outfitted pretty well since we saw him last. He seems to be in a poor part of town, on a dead end alley, probably the River Quarter above where an old woman lives. Pike and Obregon go to meet with Tiira and the rest of us head out to the River Quarter immediately and begin canvassing for a 2 story building with a shack on the top. There is one person already talking to Tiira, a homely female rogue. She is being promised a better reward than advertised for being a member of the guild. We notice her looking at Pike. We step forward and Tiira is dismissive of Pike’s wanting to take a bounty. She does tell us that Fid has been a thorn in the guilds side for a while. She offers a magic item or gold for his capture, dead or alive. She has also not heard from Radic and doesn’t care. We are not allowed to keep the stolen items and she gives us a list. They head back to meet the rest of the party and on the way notice several people following them so attempt to hide. Obregon detects them trying to trick us into thinking they all walk on when one stays behind and tries to climb up a building but falls. We take a different route and lose them. We begin moving around the River Quarter looking for the building Fid is on. We find one that meets the description. It has the dead end alley, its’ 2 stories and has a shack on the roof. Obregon climbs a building across the street to be overwatch, Pike sneaks up the stairs and Beltin spider climbs up the opposite wall. Gonoan waits at the bottom for Pike’s signal while Sanna is off to one side of the building. Pike checks the stairs for traps and finds a tripwire at the top of the stairs. He moves over it without disturbing it and signals to Gonoan that it’s there. He sneaks over by the door but doesn’t hear any noise coming from inside. He signals Beltin to move up the wall and checks the door for traps but finds none. He moves to open the door and hits a tripwire and hears a bell tinkling inside. Pike steps in and sets off another trip wire and the ringing of another bell. There is a bed, table and chest in this room. Fid has his armor on and is carrying a rapier; he appears ready to bolt past Pike. He immediately tumbles past Pike and jumps across to the next building where Obregon is but takes a hit from Beltin on the way. Pike attempts to jump across but doesn’t quite make it and is dangling from the roof. Beltin moves down and back up the other side, spitting acid as he comes up. Gonoan charges up the stairs and jumps across also. Obregon hits him with 2 arrows while Sanna and her posse begin moving around the building. Fid runs and jumps over to the next building, booking it away. Beltin takes a fly potion. Pike follows Fid and Obregon puts another arrow in him, causing him to fall. Beltin flies to him while Gonoan jumps back to the shack. Fid is captured.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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