grey hawk

An Octych and a cleric

January 24th, 2017

We appear in a small stone chamber. In the center is floating an orange wedge no bigger than a human thumb, it is an octych. Sanna studies it without touching it. it looks a little bit beat up and like it was inserted in to something. Pike and Obregon search the room but don’t find anything to indicate anyone else has stepped foot in here in a long time. Sanna grabs the octych and the curtains and light beam vanish. The visions grow hazy in our minds as if we are suddenly forgetting those experiences. We head back down the hallway and find Elaine and Brunj sitting on the stairs with the gate closed and there is light coming from the western tunnel that wasn’t there previously. Brunj signals us to be quiet and we can hear there are people down the stairs. Pike goes invisible and creeps to the top of the stairs which go down 5’ and open onto a large room which looks like a museum. There is a catwalk around the room with several burly humans in studded leather. On the north end is a black dragon skeleton hung from chains while to the south is huge arm dangling from mithral chains. In the middle are several broken display cases. Pike comes back to fill us in while Brunj and Elaine tell us that we appeared to be gone a couple of hours. while we were gone, the room down the stairs lit up and then there were some arcane sounds. She suspects that something was summoned. Beltin and Gonoan move on to the stairs and the rest of the group comes along. Beltin yells to the barbarians to lay down their weapons and they will not be harmed and readies his Morningstar. Pike moves up invisibly and stabs one in the gut, releasing the stored magic missiles, doing some devastating damage but not quite killing him. Obregon moves up and finishes that one off. As it falls, the body disappears. Gonoan steps up and begins whaling on another, hacking him to pieces. Sanna prepares a spell but holds. Suddenly, we hear arcane chanting from above, after which the dragon skeleton and large arm break free of their chains. The arm moves up and attacks the nearest creature which happens to be one of the barbarians. It grabs him by the head and crushes him. The dragon takes a step forward and attacks Gonoan, slamming him. The remaining barbarian rushes Gonoan and attempts to bull rush him, fails and takes hits from Gonoan and Beltin, dropping him in his tracks. Beltin moves in to the room and breathes acid at the dragon, which takes it full in the face. Pike turns invisible and uses a healing potion. Obregon begins shooting at the skeleton, hitting 5 times causing it to crumble. Gonoan charges the arm and hits it. Sanna tosses a lightning bolt at it, and it looks bad off. A rock comes flying from where the skeleton originated, landing near Sanna and suddenly most of us can no longer hear anything. Gonoan gets hit by a blunt attack that he can’t see. The arm attacks Gonoan, hitting him and taking acid damage which destroys it. Beltin sprays acid along the back of the room where the rock came from. Pike picks up the rock and puts it in his haversack, causing sound to return. Obregon casts a spell searching for any of his favored enemies but doesn’t learn anything. Gonoan listens intently and believes whatever it is, is higher than us so he moves up the northern cat walk. Sanna casts detect magic and there is magic around the ceiling above Gonoan. We hear arcane casting but nothing immediately seems to happen. Beltin climbs the wall above Gonoan and swings wildly but hits nothing. Pike shoots twice and hits something once. Obregon begins babbling incoherently; apparently he is under the effect of confusion. Gonoan listens intently. Sanna casts a dispel magic, ending Obregon’s confusion, Beltin’s spider climb (he feather falls to the cat walk) and the male human cleric becomes visible standing upside down on the ceiling. The cleric does not look happy and decides to vent his ire upon poor Beltin by way of climbing down and swinging at him. Gonoan scores a wicked hit and the cleric misses. Beltin swings back, crushing his chest in. We loot his body and find Slippers of spider climbing, wand of hold person, gloves of dex +2, belt of giant strength +4, horn of Valhalla.


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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