grey hawk

A shard of enlightenment

July 25th, 2017

Sanna touches one of the large spheres and is pulled inside. She quiets her mind and sees a fist sized pyramid of obsidian sitting on top of an adamantine pedestal. She is expelled and grabs Elaine and Pike and says think up. Nothing happens. Small spheres try to attack Obregon, Gonoan and Brunj, only hitting Brunj. Gonoan attempts to hit one with his axe but it passes right through. Obregon shoots one with a force arrow but it also passes through. Beltin spits acid with the same result. Pike attempts to get a feeling from the key but gets nothing. From the corner of his eye, he spots an orb that appears to be filled with roiling paint and color but it quickly darts away. He thinks himself after it and calls follow me. As they zip along, Sanna realizes that her vision is of Zagigs key, though maybe a slighter older version. Brunj recommends interacting with a large orb and volunteers to try it. He attempts to talk to it with no visible result and then touches it and is pulled inside. He is expelled after a short while and says he saw letters of fire spelling “Zarn’s the way out”. Beltin yells out Zarn as if calling him and disappears. Obregon and Gonoan share a shocked glance and call out Zarn almost in unison, and also disappear. The other group loses sight of the painted orb and so Pike concentrates on the key again and once again it appears and then darts away. Pike continues concentrating eventually being able to keep it in sight and they follow it. As they get a little closer, they are able to see there are 6 smaller motes of light around the sphere. Suddenly, the motes move in to attack formation. Pike turns invisible, while Elaine and Sanna attempt to use wands but neither of them will activate. 3 small orbs attack each Elaine and Sanna, both getting hit twice. When an orb hits, it disappears. Pike tries to shoot the big orb with his crossbow but it passes right through. Elaine wills herself ahead and touches the painted orb and is pulled inside. Sanna also tries to touch it but can’t quite catch it. The 2 remaining motes attempt to hit Pike and Sanna but miss. Pike touches the globe and gets sucked in. Sanna attempts the touch it again and gets sucked in this time. Pike is facing a strange duplicate of himself made of running paint and colors; it is identical down to his gear and wounds. It immediately turns invisible and says “how will you look like me while I am invisible”. Pike hears him move around him, shoots him with a bolt and then turns invisible as well. Peki shoots him in return. Pike tosses the fist of emirikol, hitting Peki and causing him to be sickened. He notices the key is tugging towards Peki. Peki in return, shoots at him again, hitting once. Pike shoots him back twice. Peki then hits him with the fist, dazing him. Peki attempts to steal zagigs key but fails and Pike sees him. Pike shoots Peki again, killing him, and watches him melt away, revealing a shard. As he grabs it, the entire party appears on the beach together by the double doors. Meanwhile, the other part of the party had appeared 30’ from the base of the pyramid. As they wander closer, suddenly, 4 watery humanoid shapes come out of the pool and move to attack. Beltin spits acid at them. Obregon hits one 4 times and it explodes. He hits another twice while Gonoan charges a third and hits it. Number 2 attempts to envelop Gonoan, covering him and both disappear. Another does the same Beltin . The last attempts to hit Obregon but fails. Beltin and Gonoan find themselves floating in the nothingness again. Very shortly thereafter, we all appear on the beach. We move out of this area and back in to the octagonal room. Pike puts the new shard together with Zagigs key and they meld together. Sanna notices it now is almost identical to her vision. We find our fire crystals are almost depleted so we head out to the fire crystal cave and wait for the crystals to regenerate. We take all eleven new ones and go back down. We lock ourselves in to the library adjacent to the rainbow room and awaken on the 12th of Sunsebb. When we wake, Brunj cures the rest of everyone’s ability damage. We decide to head to the room with the demon shaped hole in the wall. This room feels filled with rage and Elaine succumbs, attacking Pike with magic missiles so we subdue her quickly before she can do any more damage. Pike feels the key pulling towards the hole in the wall and it’s likely entrance to hell. Crap!


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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