grey hawk

A portrait in time

February 7th, 2016

As Pike is looting the body, he notices the fingers moving. He calls out, plants a kick in the clerics ribs while Gonoan cuts his head off. We begin searching the room when suddenly Pike feels very weak. Brunj checks him out and determines that he has several curses on him. Brunj casts remove curse and then Pike drinks a couple of lesser restoration potions. Elaine casts detect magic but only the everburning torches in the room glow. Obregon finds a secret door in the south corner of the room which Pike figures out how to open. it opens on to a hallway which turns to the left and dead ends. A search reveals another secret door which opens on to the southwest corridor from the main room. To our right is a set of double doors. They are unlocked and open to reveal an octagonal room with stained glass portraits of adventurers on 6 of the 7 walls. the other wall used to have one but is now a gaping hole surrounded by tiny flames with broken glass on the floor. The portraits have brass plaques underneath them and are, clockwise, of a wild eyed man in robes with painters brush “Nolzur”, a thin man in a chain shirt with a rapier surrounded by floating feathers “Quaal”, a handsome man with a chain shirt wearing a belt w/many pouches in the midst of a large organ “Heward”, a Wild eyed man in gray robes with zigzag lines in his upturned palms “Zagig”, the plaque under the shattered picture says Tasha, a man with exotic leather armor and wide brimmed hat wielding a hand crossbow without the bow “Murlynd”, a lanky bare chested man in a marshal’s pose “Keoughtum”. In the center of the room is a polished metal sphere on a pedestal. Between the pedestal and the broken portrait lies the body of a woman in a form fitting leather gown. In the far corner are several copies of 2 of the men depicted, Quaal’s are floating and Heward’s is on the ground. Beltin goes to the woman, while Gonoan and Sanna step in. The woman is not breathing and though it doesn’t appear to have happened that long ago, Obregon is pretty sure it’s been quite a while. Pike searches the body and it appears to be warm though she is long dead. The hole in the wall appears to not be too deep but also seems to go on and on like a fun house mirror. Brunj inspects the body and declares she is recently deceased though that is impossible as he and Elaine have been just down the hall for the last several hours and would have heard a battle. Beltin looks at the copies, compares them to the originals and they appear to have all been made at the same time. Pike believes the copies are valuable. Obregon cracks a sun rod and tosses it in to the hole and it goes in farther than it seems it should. Sanna believes Tasha is a mage and a former apprentice to zagig. Elaine detects magic and says we shouldn’t stay in this room too long as there is something wrong or missing with time and space. The orb detects as strong necromancy. We begin hearing some singing from the hallway from a figure that looks like Heward and Quaal comes up behind him. Belitn rushes up and spits acid at them. Obregon shoots Elaine twice as he is under the influence of a spell as are Elaine, Pike and Gonoan. Sanna dispels magic and it works on Gonoan and Elaine. Quaal moves up to Beltin and attempts to stab him with the rapier but is deflected by his shield. Pike grabs the sphere and disappears, a stained glass portrait of him appears over the hole. Brunj moves to Elaine and stabilizes her. Gonoan charges and hits Quaal. Heward pulls out a wand and casts a slippery surface along the front of the room. Beltin smashes Quaal in the face, dropping him. Obregon shoots Sanna, hitting once. Sanna attempts to dispel the magic on Obregon again but it doesn’t work. Pike finds himself in a dark place. He can’t move or speak but can hear the sounds of combat. Brunj heals Elaine and Gonoan moves up and hits Heward once. Heward steps back and casts a spell, disappearing. Sanna dispels the spell on Obregon. She then says that breaking the portrait would release Pike. She and brunj break it and they pull Pike out from the hole. Beltin and Gonoan search Quaal and find a keen rapier +1, MW shortbow, wand of magic missile 9th level 44 charges, mithral chain shirt +1, ring of protection +1, amulet of natural armor +1, and gloves of dexterity +2. We put the portrait copies in the portable hole. We decide to smash the picture of Nolzur to see what happens. The glass shatters under Gonoan’s axe and…


holyblood6 jeff_depyper

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